Welcome to the Boise Gun Club website

This website is devoted to give you the latest information about the club and shooting events that take place at the club.

The website has been redesigned with the shotgun shooter in mind. The shotgun shooter is use to the point and pull the trigger, so using that mentality we have designed the site to be a point and click type of site. It is more user friendly and easier to use then some of the sites in the past. The site is still under development, and is being updated constantly, so please come back often.


  • News:
    • This will be where all recent club news will be presented and archived.
  • Leagues:
    • This section will have show the rules, teams, and scores for all the leagues
  • Shoots:
    • Here you will find all the results for the Registered shoots that the club hosts
  • Calendar:
    • This is where you can see any upcoming shoots (Registered, and Fun Shoots), League Dates, etc.
  • History:
    • This is where you can read the history of the club, and you will also find the “Last Post” section. In the Last Post you will find the articles about our fellow shooters that have passed on.
  • Photos
    • This is where you will find photos of shooters, events, and other activates going on at the club. So if you have any good photos please send them our way and we will add them.
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    • Here you will find questions that often get asked by members and general public of the club.
  • Contact Us
    • If you need to know where the club is located, or you need a phone number this is where you will find it. If you prefer we have set up an email form so you can ask your questions that way. This is all where you can send us your suggestions. We will take those suggestions and make this site even better.
  • Links
    • We want to help all our members with all their shooting needs, so we added a page called links to the site. We have tried to break this down to a few common areas: Accessories, Gun Clubs, Gun Manufactures, Reloading Supplies, Shooting Instruction, Shooting Organizations, Shooting Supply Stores.
  • Newsletter Sign-Up
    • Here you can sign up for an electronic copy of the newsletters the club will send out. You will also be notifed if any important information needs to be sent out to our members.

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