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After months of shooting in cold and windy weather, 102 shooters from Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Kansas, and Mississippi  fired at 59,500 registered PITA targets during the state shoot for the 84th year of PITA shooting in Idaho.  They were greeted with perhaps the hottest weather ever for a state shoot in Idaho with the temperature on Sunday setting an all-time Boise record for that date.

Most shooters handled the heat well and as the weekend got hotter so did the scores.  The only perfect score on Friday was fired by Kent Harris as he celebrated attending his 100th Idaho state shoot (both PITA and ATA) with his 100 straight.  Saturday there were three 100’s in the singles posted by Dave Poseley, Darryl Landwehr, and Stuart Welton and Sunday on the hottest day, there were 9.  Welton used his to have the only 200 of the shoot and the others were broken by Bernie Voyles, Dave Akins, Rick Erickson, Kody Klundt, Jim Gempler (his first), Jed Yore, Jim Fultz, and Spud Storey.

Handicaps were won on Friday and Saturday by Virgil Perry and Welton with 97’s. Jeff Wright took  the handicap championship on Sunday with a near-perfect 99 and earned the 27 yard line for the first time.

High scores in the doubles events were 98 by Yore on Friday and  Welton took another championship with his 99 on Saturday.

Welton added the H-A-A championship with a 397 score and Bernie Voyles took the H-O-A championship with 766 and was the singles R-U with his 199.

Shooters and their guests enjoyed a free Pizza Party on Friday compliments of Liz Harris. This was followed by a Texas Hold Em’ Tournament. There was  a BBQ chicken dinner and Special Event auctioned by Matt March on Saturday.

At the Honors Meeting on Sunday the state All-Star Team was introduced.  Members were:  Jim Fultz, Kent Harris, Levi Veatch, Richard Wehren, Dave Poseley, Sherm Mullins, Tara Ortman, Liz Harris, June Gempler, Thor Fin-Kelson, Gail Jones, and Virgil Perry.  Mullins and Fin-Kelson were being named to their first PITA All-Star team.

Fultz was also presented with his pin for making the National PITA All-Star team and with a special Idaho Double 27 Yard buckle.  Harris was recognized for shooting 250,000 PITA targets and also received his PITA AA-27-AA pin.

Several raffles were conducted with prizes including a rifle, gun rack, and shot.

Numerous shooters earned achievement pins during the shoot.  Joe Hollifield joined Wright in earning his 27 yard PITA pin.  Gempler earned his PITA 100 straight pin.  Idaho straight pins earned included:  Denise Davis – 25, Sheldon Schultz – 25 and 50, Robert Birch – 75, and Lynn Nelson – 75.

One of the highlights of the shoot was the $100 bill draw score miss-and-out shoot offs on each event.  There were eight different winners and there was a lot of interest in what score would be drawn next.

Special thanks go to the students from Bishop Kelly High School who provided the trap help. They  worked under very difficult conditions and did a great job.






Event 1.  Ken Siemens Memorial Singles.  68 Entries.


AA                          Kent Harris                       100

A                             Leonard Wehking            99

B                             Kody Klundt                       99

C                             Robert Birch                       97

Jerry Meyer                       97 (ff)

D                             June Gempler                   92 (won co – 23)

Ron Veatch                         92

Lady                       LaHoma Hooft                   95

Veteran                               Darryl Landwehr               99

Junior                    Derek Whipple                  94

Rookie                  David Schultz                     80

Non-Resident    Dan Prockish                      98 (won co – 24)

Art Fenton                          98


$100 bill draw score – miss and out shoot-off.  Score drawn – 91.


Travis Gibson                     Winner

Robert Leonard

Shara Hindman

Keith Brown

Maddie Stanger



Event 2.  Ken Ohlinger Memorial Handicap.   62 Entries.


Winner                 Virgil Perry                          97

R-U                        Jim Cahoon                         96

18-22.5                 Jerry Kaster                        95

23-25.5                 Leonard Wehking            95

26-27                     Joe Hollifield                      95

Lady                       Liz Harris                              96

Veteran                               Bernie Voyles                    94

Junior                    Derek Whipple                  93

Rookie                  None shooting

Non-Resident    John Lynch                          94 (won s.o.)

Cody Hindman                  94



Frank Borneman Memorial Miss-And-Out Veteran Winner          Richard Wehren.

Else Stoner Memorial Miss-And-Out Lady Winner                             Tina Wright.



Great Potato Shoot-Out. Non-Residents Only.


18-22.5                 Cody Hindman                  94

23-25.5                 Keith Brown                       85

26-27                     N.E. McCorkle                   92


$100 bill draw score – miss and out shoot-off.  Score drawn – 83


Tara Ortman                       Winner (only 83)




Event 3.  Charlie Woodruff Memorial Doubles.  58 Entries.


AA                          Jim Fultz                               96

A                             Jed Yore                               98

B                             Jon Whipple                       96

C                             Dan Prockish                      93

D                             Derek Whipple                  91

Rookie                  None shooting

Lady                       Shara Hindman                 86

Veteran                               Darryl Landwehr               95

Junior                    Travis Gibson                     89

Non-Resident    Art Fenton                          95


$100 bill draw score – miss and out shoot-off.  Score drawn – 77


Steve Kaufman                 Winner (only 77)



Event 4.  Idaho State Doubles Championship.  71 Entries.


Champion           Stuart Welton                    99

Champion R-U   David Poseley                    97

AA                          Jim Fultz                               95 (won s.o. 40)

R-U                        Spud Storey                       95

A                             Scott Abo                            94

R-U                        Randy Adams                    92 (won ct)

Wayne McCulley              92

B                             Bernie Voyles                    96

R-U                        Joe Hollifield                      93

Chester Carter                  93 (ff)

C                             Derek Whipple                  92

R-U                        John Fulghum                    92

D                             Jerry Kaster                        87 (won s.o.)

Wayne Faude                    87

Lady Champ       Shelby Birr                          91

Vet Champ         John Keppinger                                92

Senior Champ    Gail Jones                            93

Elder Champ      Robert Murphey              77

Junior Champ    James Davis                        91

Sub-Junior          Non shooting

Lady                       June Gempler                   78

Non-Resident    Travis Gibson                     97

Rookie                  David Schultz                     65


$100 bill draw score winner.  Miss and Out shoot-off.  Score drawn – 78


Ron Veatch                         Winner

Jerry Meyer

June Gempler



Event 5.  First Half singles championship.  86 Entries.


Rookie                  David Schultz                     71


$100 bill draw score winner.  Miss and Out shoot-off.  Score drawn – 97.


Gail Jones                            Winner

Robert Murphey

Ron Stolenberg

Shon Ashley

Thor Fin-Kelson

Bob Kennedy

Jim Gempler

Leonard Wehking

Jim Cahoon

Spud Storey



Event 6.  J.O. Cotant Memorial Handicap.  79 Entries.


Champion           Stuart Welton                    97

R-U                        Ron Veatch                         96

18-22.5                 Gene Hunt                          94

23-25.5                 Cal Kidney                           94

26-27                     Spud Storey                       95 (won s.o.)

Jim Cahoon                         95

Lady                       June Gempler                   93 (won s.o.)

LaHoma Hooft                   93

Veteran                               Darryl Landwehr               93 (won s.o.)

Sherm Mullins                   93

Junior                    James Davis                        94

Rookie                  None Shooting

Non-Resident    Keith Brown                       94


$100 Bill Drawn Score Miss and Out Shoot-Off.  Score Drawn – 84.


Tina Wright                         Winner

Dave Akins


Great Potato Shoot-Out.  Non-residents Only.


18-22.5                 Tamara Mariluch              92

23-25.5                 Jerry Meyer                       77

26-27                     John Lynch                          87



Events 5 and 7.  Singles Championship.  85 Entries.


Champion           Stuart Welton                    200

Champ R-U         Bernie Voyles                    199

AA                          Jed Yore                               198 (won s.o. 50)

R-U                        Dave Poseley                     198

A                             Wayne McCulley              197 (won ct)

R-U                        John Bertelson                  197

B                             Derek Whipple                  196

R-U                        Darel Holcomb                  194

C                             Jim Gempler                      197

R-U                        Ron Stolenberg                 192

D                             Ric Thomas                         183

R-U                        Jerry Kaster                        178

Lady                       LaHoma Hooft                   190

Veteran                               John Keppinger                                197

Sr. Vet                  Jim Fultz                               196 (won s.o.)

Gail Jones                            196

Elder                      Bob Murphey                    194

Junior                    James Davis                        190

Sub Junior           None shooting

Husband & Wife Jim & June Gempler     380




Champion           Daryl Landwehr                                199 (won ct)

AA                          Dave Akins                          199

A                             Bob Kennedy                     195 (won ct)

Todd Delong                      195

B                             John Lynch                          189


PITA State Shoot program below: