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Camas Prairie 2018 – Week 7

Camas Prairie Trap Shoot – February, 25th 2018 – Week Seven Results

WALLACE-KELLOGG fires 75 to Capture LEAD!!!!

Of the 22 clubs that compete in the Camas Prairie Trap Shoot, 21 described windy conditions when they reported their scores to the organization Sunday.

The one exception seized the overall lead. Wallace-Kellogg fired a perfect 75 amid snowfall but apparently moderate wind, climbing from 4th place to 1st place in Week 7 of the 10-week competition at various gun clubs.

Boise also shot a 75 to jump from 6th place to second, just 75 hundredths of a point behind the Silver Valley club. Culdesac recorded a 72 to fall from 1st to 3rd in what’s shaping up as an extremely tight, unpredictable race.

Camas Prairie 2018 – Week 6

Camas Prairie Trap Shoot – February, 18th 2018 – Week Six Results

Culdesac Nabs Lead as Boise Descends to 6th

By week 6 in the annual Camas Prairie Trap Shoot, it’s generally rare to see clubs to make drastic moves up or down in the standings. But on a day when harsh weather conditions prevented any team from posting a perfect 75 on Sunday, front-runner Boise sputtered to a 70 and dropped all the way to sixth place overall. So Culdesac climbed from second to first with a 73.33 on week 6 of the 10-week competition at various gun clubs, pushing its overall score to 443.17. Grangeville stands second at 442.50 by tying for the best score of  the day, a 74, matched by Colton and Hermiston.

Camas Prairie 2018 – Week 5

Camas Prairie Trap Shoot
February, 11th 2018
Week Five Results

Only 2 teams with Perfect Scores

Culdesac and Grangeville applied some pressure, but first-place Boise held firm. Only 2 clubs fired perfect scores 75’s on Sunday to distance themselves from the rest of the field midway through the 10- week Camas Prairie Trap Shoot at various gun clubs in the Inland Northwest. Boise retained its overall lead with 370.25 points, followed by Culdesac at 369.84 and Grangeville at 368.50. No other teams shot 75’s in week 5.

Camas Prairie 2018 – Week 4

Camas Prairie Trap Shoot
February, 4th 2018
Week Four Results


On a day when five clubs shot a perfect score in the Camas Prairie Trap Shoot, Boise extended its overall lead with a mere 74.

With second – place Culdesac mustering just a 73 in inclement conditions, Boise capitalized on sunny weather in the Idaho State Capital to push its four week total to 296.25, tops by more than a point in the 10 week competition.

Orofino-Pierce and Wallace-Kellogg, tied for third place overall, moved close to the lead with perfect 75s, as did Malden-Pine, Spokane and defending champion Hermiston.