Winter Trap League Starts January 2, 2019.

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48th Annual Meeting (Election of Directors)
Club Championship Shoot

Note From the President – Leonard Wehking

Welcome shooters to our annual membership shoot! Come and enjoy the fun competition and the good food. We hope you have noticed the gradual improvements to the club. The skeet range looks fantastic and we have acquired a remote (cordless) skeet controller and hope to eventually have one on every skeet range. They save a lot of wear and tear on dragging a big chord around. We are also starting to host some official registered skeet shoots.

Soon you will notice some trap pads work (when the weather cools off). We acquired some grant monies for this improvement. It’ll mostly be re-tarring and sealing some of the cracks. We also turn over a couple of trap houses roofs that were beginning to sag. Hopefully they’ll last a while longer.

We continue to apply for grant dollars to improve the shooting range. As mentioned in an earlier letter, we can only use grant dollars on the shooting portion of the club (i.e., north of the sidewalk). Clubhouse facilities and parking lot improvements have to be done using club monies. We are getting some cost estimates for some various projects such as upgrading the RV area and other 5 year improvement plans. We’d love input on things that you think would be nice, such as AZ in the clubhouse or an actual gas furnace. There is a suggestion box on the front counter, or email us using our website contact form to submit your ideas.

Currently we are doing well in our bank account and will still be doing quite well after we order our next load of targets which runs about $15,000. My goal is to have at least $20,000 in reserve for our projects and buffer most of the time. We will have that much easily after the next target load is paid.

We have several more registered shoots coming up, along with some corporate shoots and the annual turkey shoots…. Ca-Ching Ca-Ching!!!

On another note, to encourage membership we have decided to allow members to buy bulk items (Shells by the Case, and reloading supplies) at our cost plus sales tax. Non-members will continue paying marked up prices. Just another incentive to be a member!

Last notes, we value volunteer help and continue to encourage others to participate. It doesn’t take much time, but it seems like it’s always the same ones helping out so others can shoot. Remember, if it wasn’t for the volunteers, you nor I would have Boise Gun Club to recreate at or enjoy. Please make it know if you have time to help or a desire to be on the Board of Directors.

See you at the club, Leonard Wehking.

Board of Director Candidates
Below you will find a list of Boise Gun Club members that would like to be on the Board. Please find a Ballot at the club, and vote for your fellow members. All ballots are due by NOON on August 20, 2017.

  • Ed Van Etten
  • Lonnie Eads
  • Leonard Wehking
  • Jon Whipple
  • Mike Rittenhouse
  • Dale Hurd
  • Steve Grabowski
  • Bill Goulding
  • Steve Duskertt (Current Trapper)
  • Bruce Drewes

Shoot Program

This is a non-registered shoot, open to the club members, their spouses and their children 18 and under. Memberships are available for purchase for $40 on the day of the shoot.

***Sign Up Begins at 8:00AM – August 20, 2017***

Event 1 – 50 Trap Singles Championship

  • Entry Fee = $15
  • Open Lewis Class Purse (Optional) = $5

Event 2 – 50 Trap Doubles Championship

  • Entry Fee = $15
  • Open Lewis Class Purse (Optional) = $5

Event 3 – 50 Trap Handicap Championship

  • Entry Fee = $15
  • Open Lewis Class Purse (Optional) = $5

Event 4 – 50 Continental Championship

  • Entry Fee = $15
  • Open Lewis Class Purse (Optional) = $5

Event 5 – 50 Skeet Championship

  • Entry Fee = $15
  • Open Lewis Class Purse (Optional) = $5

All Open Lewis Class Purses pay 1 in 6

2016 – 47th Annual Boise Gun Club Championship Shoot Winners

    HOA Club Champion

    • Richard Bell = 229

    Event 1 – 50 Trap Singles

    • Champion – David Poseley – 50
    • A Class – John Keppinger – 49
    • B Class – Dale Hurd – 49
    • C Class – Richard Bell – 49
    • D Class – Ric Thomas – 45

    Event 2 – 50 Trap Doubles

    • Champion – John Keppinger – 48
    • A Class – Spud Storey – 46
    • B Class – Shon Ashley – 46
    • C Class – Ron Stoltenberg – 44
    • D Class – Jim Gempler – 44

    Event 3 – 50 Trap Handicap

    • Champion – Dell Hartley – 49
    • 18 – 21.5 yrds – Renee James – 45
    • 22 – 24.5 yrds – Ron Phillips – 48
    • 25 – 27 yrds – Richard Bell – 47

    Event 4 – 50 Continental

    • Champion – Leonard Wehking – 48
    • A Class – Kent Harris – 47
    • B Class – Joe Turner – 44
    • C Class – Randy Nolan – 41
    • D Class – Bill Rowless – 37

    Event 5 – 50 Skeet

    • Champion – John Watts – 47
    • A Class – David Poseley – 47
    • B Class – Mike Rittenhouse – 43
    • C Class – Shon Ashley – 38
    • D Class – Randy Nolin – 33

    Special Category Winners

    • Lady – June Gempler – 132
    • Veteran – Spud Storey – 138
    • HAA Trap Champion – Chester Carter – 142
    • HAA Skeet/Continental – Bob Redman – 97

Club Shoot Trophy List

Event 1 – Trap Singles Championship

  • Champion
  • Class A Winner
  • Class B Winner
  • Class C Winner
  • Class D Winner

Event 2 – Trap Doubles Championship

  • Champion
  • Class A Winner
  • Class B Winner
  • Class C Winner
  • Class D Winner

Event 3 – Trap Handicap Championship

  • Champion
  • Short Yardage Winner
  • Mid Yardage Winner
  • Long Yardage Winner

Event 4 – Continental Championship

  • Champion
  • Class A Winner
  • Class B Winner
  • Class C Winner
  • Class D Winner

Event 5 – Skeet Championship
Note: Class Winners determined by Lewis Class

  • Champion
  • Class A Winner
  • Class B Winner
  • Class C Winner
  • Class D Winner

Special Class Trophies
Note: Based on best three events of the shooter

  • Lady
  • Veteran
  • Junior
  • Rookie
  • Class D Winner

HOA / HAA Trophies

  • HAA (High All Around) Trap Champion
    Highest total score when Event 1, 2, and 3 are combined.
  • HAA (High All Around) Skeet/Continental Champion
    Highest total score when Event 4 and 5 are combined.
  • HOA (High Over All) Club Champion
    Highest total score when Event 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are combined.

General Information

Registration and Classification – Starts at 8:30am on August 20, 2017. You will be handicapped and classified according to your ATA cards and/or known ability. Continental and skeet events will be Lewis Class.

Shells – Are available for purchase. Legal reloads are permitted. If you want you empties, catch them. No one will be allowed to pick up empty hulls.

Awards – No shooter may win more than One special category trophy. You must notify the handicapper if you are shooting Lady, Veteran, Junior, or Rookie class. No minimum number of shooters required for trophies.

Shoot-Offs – All ties for trophies will be shot off; be available or forfeit. All ties on option money will be split.

Lewis – Paid one per six entries on the singles and doubles events.

  • Trap Events – ATA Rules will apply
  • Skeet Events – NSSA Rules will apply


Steak Dinner provided by
Boise Gun Club
Served approximately at 3pm on August 20th, 2017

Conduct – The Boise Gun Club reserves the right to refuse entry or withdraw any contestant who in any way interferes with the harmony and enjoyment of the shoot. The Boise Gun Club reserves the right to change or alter any portion of this program at any time prior to or during this shoot.

BBQ – The club will provide dinner to members and their families. Dinner will be served at the conclusion of the shooting events hopefully around 3pm on August 2oth, 2017.

Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony – The annual meeting will be conducted at 9am August 20th, 2017 prior to the start of the shooting events. The results of the election will be announced at the conclusion of the shoot. Members are encouraged to arrive early and complete shooting by 3pm. All necessary shoot offs will be held at the conclusion of the shoot prior to the awards ceremony.

Election – Ballots will be counted at noon on August 20th, 2017

Waiver Release Form – All shooters will be give a waiver release form.

Club Shoot Signups – Registration begins at 8am, annual meeting at 9am and awards ceremony at conclusion of shoot.

General Shoot Information – New Shooters: Men will shoot from 22 yard line, Juniors from the 20 yard line, Ladies and Sub-Juniors from the 19 yard line in the trap handicap event. Shooters without established classes in trap singles and doubles will shoot B class.

Eligibility – Only paid members are eligible to shoot in this program. Shooters may join the club at this shoot and will be allowed to participate in the program. Annual membership fees are $40 per person or family, good through July 31, 2018.