Winter Trap League Starts January 2, 2019.

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A good crowd of 60 shooters enjoyed nice temperatures and clear skies as they fired at 12,400 registered targets.

Dave Poseley and Thor Fin-Kelson topped the singles events with their 99’s.  Fin-Kelson won all three veterans trophies for the day.  Bob Kelly led doubles scoring with a fine 97 in the breeze and tied for the handicap championship but lost a shoot-off of 97’s to Nick Kraus who dropped three on his first trap in the event and then ran the last 75 straight.  Both Kelly and Krause hit several gun club perpetuals.

Shooters and their guests also enjoyed a free watermelon feed compliments of the club and chef Dale Ham.  It was served ice cold and really hit the spot on a warm summer day.


Winner’s List:

Event 1 – 100 Singles.  45 Entries.

AA          Dave Poseley                     99

A             Casey Dilley                        98

B             Esther Stapleton                96

C             Mike Stapleton                   93

D             Shelby Birr                          91

Lady       Helen Keppinger              86

Junior    Steven James                    69

Rookie  Trace Thamert                   49

Vet         Thor Fin-Kelson                99


Event 2 – 100 Doubles.  26 Entries.

AA          Bob Kelly                             97

A             Levi Veatch                         95

B             Brad Thomas                       92

C             Ric Thomas                          85

D             Wayne Faude                      85

Lady                         None

Junior    Colton Kelly                       76

Rookie                   None

Vet         Thor Fin-Kelson                93


Event 3 – 100 Handicap.  53 Entries.

Champion           Nick Kraus                           97 (won s.o 49)

18-21                     Lewt Greenfield                93

22-24                     Wayne Faude                    91

25-27                     Bob Kelly                            97 (s.o. 47)

Lady                       LaHoma DuPuis               87

Junior                    Shelby Birr                        86

Rookie                  Sharon Wiese                    44

Vet                         Thor Fin-Kelson               91