Winter Trap League Starts January 2, 2019.

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Hello Shooters!

I’d like to start out by introducing BGC Directors for 2017-2018.  We have a few new ones along with some returning ones.

Dale Hurd is with us again as Vice President.  Mike Rittenhouse is back as 2nd Vice President.  Jon Whipple is still our Treasurer and Steve Grabowski was gracious enough to remain as our Secretary.  Lonnie Eads joined us and is constantly running skeet shooting clinics and training.  He’s bringing more interest in that sport.  Bill Goulding joined us and is very prominent in the Youth Program.  Ed Van Etten Is with us and won the Club Champion High Overall trophy for 2017.  He’s not only a dead eye but he is very experienced in organizations such as ours.  Steve Duskett is a new director and brings advertising and publishing skills to the club.  Unfortunately you are stuck with me for one more year as President.

Here’s an update for what’s going on.  We are replacing the back kitchen door.  The base plate in the wall is rotted out and mice are coming in.  We’ll have to open the wall to fix this and then replace the door.  Mike Rittenhouse is very skilled in this type of work and time permitting I’ll be helping him.  We will also put up a rain gutter over this area to prevent future damage.  This project will cost us somewhere between five to seven hundred dollars.  We may have lost our time window to seal some of the trap pads.  We’ll be buying turkeys soon for the Thanksgiving shoot and will be looking for a lot of volunteer help putting on the shoot!!!

We’re getting ready to submit a grant application to Friends of the NRA requesting  money for some card readers on the skeet field (similar to coin op) and a new trap machine.

Other news of interest to our members:  We’d like to place a big shotshell and reloading component order for members. Currently we offer some shotshells and components at a discount price, but for true savings we’re offering members an opportunity to preorder shotshells and other reloading components.  In other words, you order shells and components  through us and pay our cost plus sales tax.  We want to avoid holding a big inventory in the off chance someone wants a few items.  (We will have some on hand  but not at the savings of a pre order). I’m hoping that we can do this twice a year. This may require members paying up front.  Here are some examples of prices  you can get by pre ordering various components:

Red Dot           8 lbs   $118.50  plus 6% sales tax          
Clays               8 lbs   $124.33  plus tax
Green Dot       8 lbs   $118.33           “         “          
Clay Dot          8 lbs   $110.40
Tite Wad         8 lbs   $108.80           “         “          
700 x               $8 lbs 115.48   

Winchester 209           1000 $22.20  plus tax           
Federal 209A 1000 $24.58  plus tax

Remington STS 12 gauge all types on Sale for $69.90/case (plus tax)
Winchester Super Target  1 oz              $49.00/Case           (plus tax)
Winchester Super Target  1 1/8oz         $49.90/Case           (plus tax)
Gun Club         All types?                      $54.90/case           (plus tax)
Top Gun and Estates   All types?        $56.30/case           (plus tax)

7/8 ounce 12 guage
Top Gun                                                   $56.30/case           (plus tax)
Clever                                                       $51.82/case           (plus tax)

410 shells  ½ ounce #9
Fiocchi                                                      $71.20/case           (plus tax)
Winchester AA                                        $88.70/case           (plus tax)
Estate                                                       $85.70/case           (plus tax)

These are examples and prices may change.  Again, these prices are wholesale to us and we will do it for you but we have to charge the sales tax.  If you are not interested in a preorder you may still purchase items out of our inventory but at a 10% increase in cost.  Again most of our inventory of shells we charge the public at much higher prices and by the box only.
We’d like to encourage members to take advantage of this.  As I mentioned, we will try to do this only twice a year to see how it works.  All the personal orders will go on one big shipping request.  So for now place you request to Bobbi or Gerry and we will see how this will work.  I’d like to do the first order by December 1.  Usually when the order goes in, we receive shipment in less than 10 days.

That’s all for now.

Leonard Wehking