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Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 6:00 PM

BoiseGun Club



Directors:            Wayne Faude, Norman Foster, John Booth, Lahoma Dupuis, John Keppinger, James Trujillo, Leonard Weiking, Dale Hurd, Steven Eichenberger

 Club members Kent Harris was also present.


1)      The meeting was called to Order at 1800 hrs by President John Keppinger.

2)      Secretary Report-Lahoma

Booth moved and Eichenberger seconded that January minutes be approved with no corrections.  Unanimously approved.


3)      Treasurer’s Report-Wayne Faude

a)      US Bank Balance:  $22,288.59

b)      Perpetual’s Balance:  $2434.21

c)       Steve Young Perpetuals: $2017.00


The liquor license needs to be renewed.  It may require that some of the board members get fingerprinted.  All members accepted.

 Eichenberger moved and Hurd seconded that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as presented.  Unanimously approved.


4)      Shoot/Target Report-Kent

a)      Target Inventory:   24,750 targets were thrown to include 10% breakage.

b)      Kent will teach Noah how to do the target count.


5)      Building Insulation

a)      We received a check for about $600 for our rebate for adding insulation to the ceiling. 

b)      Redoing the lights could bring another rebate when they are finished.


6)      Skeet Safety Wall

a)      Project will be started in the spring about April 2012


7)      Kitchen

a)      Under the Big Top sent information for box lunches to be delivered and sold by the cashier.

b)      Due to the expense of the box lunches, new kitchen tenants will continue to be approached by Lahoma and Steve and any of the other board members.  Options will continue to be explored.

c)       Vendors for State Shoot have been approached.  Pie Hole has committed to the shoot for at least two days.


8)      Liability Insurance

a)      Was chosen and paid.


9)  February 19, 2012 PITA Shoot follow up

a) Liz Harris offered to run the kitchen for the February 19 PITA shoot.

b) April 1 ATA Shoot will be discussed at the March meeting.


Eichenberger moved and Foster seconded that Liz run the kitchen for the February 19th shoot.


10)  April 1, 2012 ATA Shoot

a)  Lahoma and Leonard in charge of the trophies, $400-$600 budget.

          b)  John Booth in charge of program.

          c)  Steven Eichenberger will cashier.


Booth moved and Hurd seconded that Kay Poole cashier the PITA  shoots and Steve Eichenberger should do the ATA.  Unanimously approved.


Dupuis moved and Hurd seconded that this shoot be named the Sharps Shoot.  Unanimously approved.


11)  Tillery Foundation

a)  April 28, 2012 holding the first annual Clay Shoot at the BGC followed by a Cajun feed.

b)  It was discussed to charge $0.28/target and we will set the counters on the machine or take an estimate of targets thrown.

c)  Lahoma will send the meat shoot and membership list to the Tillery foundation so they can send out flyers so the members can participate.


Foster moved and Booth seconded that the charge will be $0.28/target.  Motion was passed 8:1.


12)   Ducks Unlimited approached us for gifts or donations for their banquet.


Eichenberger moved and Faude seconded that we donate a package of 1 membership and 4 shoot tickets and a single membership for a total of two gifts.  Unanimously approved.


13)  September Shoot


Booth moved and Hurd seconded that the one day September shoot be cancelled due to low attendance previously in September.  Unanimously approved.


14)  Premium Beer, Beer and Soda prices rising


Booth moved and Hurd seconded that the price of Premium Beer, Beer and Soda be raised to $3.00/$2.00/$1.00 respectively.  Unanimously approved.


15)  ISTA State Shoot contract


Foster moved and Hurd seconded that the contract be accepted.  Unanimously approved. 


 Keppinger and DuPuis signed the contract and sent it to the ISTA board.


16)  Board Meeting changes


Booth moved and Faude seconded that the board meetings be moved to the first Monday of the month and that they be help at Idaho Pizza Company in Meridian for the remainder of this board’s term.  Unanimously approved.


17)  Duty rosters passed around and filled out for the rest of February and first part of March.


Booth moved/Eichenberger seconded that meeting be adjourned. Unanimously approved.  

Meeting adjourned at 19:30.


Next meeting scheduled for Monday, March 5, 2012, at 1800 at the Meridian Idaho Pizza Company.



Respectfully Submitted by Lahoma Dupuis, Secretary Boise Gun Club