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Tuesday, September 06, 2011, 6:00 PM

Boise Gun Club


Directors: Stan Rushton, Wayne Faude, Norman Foster, John Booth, Steven Eichenberger, Lahoma Dupuis,  John Keppinger, James Trujillo, Dale Ham, Abe Wilson, Kent Harris.

Club members: Charlie Woodruff

 Absent: Dale Hurd, Leonard Weiking.

1 . The meeting was called to Order at 1800 hrs by VP John Keppinger.

    • Director Stan Rushton respectfully submitted his resignation.  Mr. Rushton suggested Mr. James Trujillo as an alternate and since he was one vote behind Wayne Faude the Board approved his appointment.  Mr. Trujillo accepted.

 2. Election of 2012 Officers:

    • Nomination were taken and voted on unanimously for the 2012 Officers.  All officers accepted their appointments and took on their respective duties immediately.
        • John Keppinger-President
        • Steve Eichenberger-1st Vice President
        • John Booth-2nd Vice President
        • Lahoma Dupuis-Secretary
        • Wayne Faude-Treasurer.

 3. 2012 ISTA State Shoot

    • Dupuis moved Eichenberger seconded that the ISTA State Shoot be held at the Boise Gun Club in 2012.  The vote passed with 5 votes and 2 directors abstaining.  Lahoma will draft an acceptance letter to be approved on Wednesday, September 7, by the BGC BOD president and will be emailed to Ron Sheets, ISTA President, with hardcopy to be sent at a later date.

 4. Treasurer’s Report-Wayne Faude

    •  US Bank Balance:  $41,546.11
    • Perpetual’s Balance:  Not reconciled at this time due to them being hit repeatedly the last few shoots.
    • Debit Cards:  Dale Ham turned in his Debit Card.  Abe continues to hold his, as does Wayne Faude.  Future card holders will be determined at a later date.
    • Account Access:  At this time Wayne has internet access to the bank account.  It was moved and seconded by Eichenberger and Booth respectively, to change the account access and check signature cards to John Keppinger, Lahoma Dupuis and Wayne Faude.  Wayne will coordinate with the bank to get this done.  It was unanimously approved.
    • Treasurer’s Report was accepted with the perpetual report to be added after reconciliation.  It was moved and seconded by Eichenberger and Foster, respectively.  It was unanimously approved.
    • Wayne will send Kent the perpetual money totals for the next shoot program once reconciled.

 5. Secretary Report-Kent Harris

    • Target Inventory:   60,245 targets were thrown plus 10% breakage for a total of 66,270 total targets used in August.  There was discussion that decreasing breakage such as education of new shooters and trap help could decrease the breakage number.  Keeping the traps in good repair and possibly reloading one of the lower skeet traps could decrease the breakage also.  Education to the trap kids that turning in the shoot tickets late is acceptable could also lead to a lower breakage percentage.  Directors will collectively work on those education issues.
    • Mailing Lists:  Currently there are three mailing lists to include Meat /Fun Shoot, Member List and Registered Shooters List.  These will be maintained by Lahoma once Kent gets her the information.
    • Newsletter:  Kent will work with Lahoma to develop the newsletter.  There are 4 put out each year.  Lahoma plans to have all directors input into the newsletter.
    • It was moved and seconded by Faude and Foster to accept the secretary’s report for both August 2 and August 21.

6. Directors Responsibilities

    • Dale Ham did leave a vendor list and keys and credit card.
    • Purchasing agent and responsibilities will be tabled until next meeting.

7. Club House Security

    • Security system keys and codes:  Call Steve Eichenberger to obtain the code to the vaults.  John Keppinger or Wayne Faude will be in charge of getting keys to all directors.
    • Vault Access:  All directors and Bobby will have access to the vault.  Booth and Dupuis moved and seconded this motion with unanimous approval by the membership.

8. Shoot Report

    • August 7 ATA Registered Shoot:   Of the late summer shoots, this was most successful.
    • August 21 Club Shoot:  Considered a successful shoot with most of the money going to the membership.
    • Summer PITA multiplex shoots:  Again, another successful shoot.
    • ACEC Shoot on September 22 was discussed.  Directors to volunteer for coverage and Wayne and Gerry to work on getting trap help.
    • Nov/Feb Registered shoot programs being worked on by Kent at this time.
    • Discussion of rescheduling the 9/11 shoot was brought up but tabled for next meeting.

9. Coin Operated Traps

    • Abe is going to call for pricing.  John Keppinger has information and Briley Choke Tubes has a system.   This issue was tabled so all information can be gathered and suggestions for two or four machines to be discussed and voted at a special September 22 meeting if enough directors are present.

 10. Painting the Trap Houses

    • Tabled until next meeting.

Duty rosters were passed around for volunteers for working the club.  It was moved and seconded to adjourn meeting by Foster and Booth and approved unanimously.   Meeting adjourned at 2000.  Next meeting scheduled for October 4 at 1800 at the Boise Gun Club.

Respectfully Submitted by Lahoma Dupuis, Secretary Boise Gun Club