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Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 6:00 PM

Boise Gun Club


Directors: Wayne Faude, Norman Foster, John Booth, Steven Eichenberger, Lahoma Dupuis,  John Keppinger, James Trujillo, Leonard Wieking, Dale Hurd

Club members Kent Harris and Charlie Woodruff were also present.



1) The meeting was called to Order at 1803 hrs by President John Keppinger.

2) September 6, 2011 Minutes Approved


    • Booth moved and Hurd seconded that minutes be approved.  Unanimously approved.



3) Treasurer’s Report-Wayne Faude

    • US Bank Balance:  $34,862.51
    • Perpetual’s Balance:  $2087.96
    • Steve Young Perpetuals: $2016.00
    • Debit Cards:  Wayne Faude, Abe Wilson and John Keppinger will be assigned Debit cards.  Dale Ham and Don Nicely will be removed from Debit card account on 10/5/2011.
    • Account Access:  Wayne Faude, John Keppinger and Lahoma Dupuis will meet at US Band on 10/5/2011 to sign signature cards for checking accounts.
    •  Booth moved and Hurd seconded that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as presented.  Unanimously approved.


4) Secretary Report-Kent

    •  Target Inventory:   67,837 targets were thrown to include the 10% breakage total in September.
    • Mailing Lists:  Lahoma will try emailing out flyers about 1-2 mo before shoots and 1-2 weeks before a shoot to see if the number of shooters increases.  This will be at no extra cost to the membership and we will have Brian do it from the website as a “no reply” email.
    • Booth moved/Dupuis seconded that 9/11 shoot be rescheduled to the first weekend in August and make it a two day shoot and move the August shoot to a one day shoot in September the date to be determined later.  Unanimously approved.
    • Faude moved/Foster seconded to have the secretary’s report approved.  Unanimously approved.


5) Directors Responsibilities

    •  John Booth was assigned as the purchasing agent for the club.
    • Dale Hurd will check the website and be the email contact for the club.


6) Club House Security

    • Due to the increasing amount of the public coming in and shooting illegal ammunition at the club while it was closed a sign was presented by Kent Harris to be put on the wall by the kitchen that states that this is shotgun only club.  Discussion presented that the gate be closed and that a sign be put on the gate to give directions to Blacks Creek and the gun club hours.  Someone will contact Blacks Creek to see if they will share the expense.
    • Hurd moved/Eichenberger seconded to have the signs and to close the gate each night.  Unanimously approved.


7) Shoot Report

    • ACEC shoot very successful.  Details not fully available.
    • Steve Young Shoot coming up in November.  Kent Harris working on programs.
    • Thanksgiving Turkeyshoot will be held on Wednesday, November 23, 3pm to midnight.  Beer prices will be raised to $2.00 for beer and $3.00 for premium beer.
    • Due to many complaints of the flip flop it was decided that if there are more than six squads in a shoot the flip flop will be abandoned and go to 50 targets then move.  Also that doubles either be first or last on the shoot schedule.
    • Eichenberger moved/Dupuis seconded that flip flop be used with less than 6 squads.  Unanimously approved.
    • Target prices for the state shoot were discussed.
      • Eichenberger moved/Booth seconded that we keep the target prices the same as last year.  Unanimously approved.


8) Coin Operated Traps

    • After much discussion it was decided to scrap the coin operated project at this time.  Taking jobs away from trap help, the fact that two coin operated machines would take money away from voice calls at this time.
    • Eichenberger moved/Dupuis seconded that the coin operated traps be scrapped at this time.  Vote was 6 Ayes/1 Abstain.


9) Voice Calls

    • There was discussion about the quality of the voice calls.  There are many calls that are pulling slowly or not pulling at all.
    • Foster moved/Faude seconded that 3 sets of cordless voice calls be purchased at this time.  Vote was 6 Ayes/ 1 Abstain


10) Building Insulation

    • Discussion ensued about the lack of insulation in the roof.
    • Eichenberger moved/Faude seconded that 3-4 bids be presented for insulation and a vote at next meeting on which vendor to choose.  Unanimously approved.


Duty rosters were passed around for volunteers for working the club.

Foster moved/Eichenberger seconded that meeting be adjourned. Unanimously approved.   Meeting adjourned at 1930.

Next meeting scheduled for November 1, 2011, at 1800 at the Boise Gun Club.

Respectfully Submitted by Lahoma Dupuis, Secretary Boise Gun Club