Tuesday, November 1, 2011, 6:00 PM
Boise Gun Club


Directors:            Wayne Faude, Norman Foster, John Booth, Lahoma Dupuis, John Keppinger, Dale Hurd

Absent:                 James Trujillo, Leonard Weiking, Steven Eichenberger

Club Members: Kent Harris

        1. The meeting was called to Order at 1810 hrs by President John Keppinger.
        2. Secretary Report-Lahoma
          1. Changes made to the October minutes.
          2. Vendor letter being drafted to have vendors for the state shoot.
          • Booth moved and Faude seconded that minutes be approved with changes. Unanimously approved.


        1. Treasurer’s Report-Wayne Faude
          1. US Bank Balance: $34,016.69
          2. Perpetual’s Balance: $2087.96
          3. Steve Young Perpetuals: $2016.00
          • Foster moved and Booth seconded that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as presented. Unanimously approved.


        1. Shoot/Target Report-Kent
          1. Target Inventory: 32,698 targets were thrown to include the 10% breakage total in October.
          2. Steve Young Shoot:
            • Norm Foster to Handicap
            • Directors here 7-7:30 for set up
            • John Booth and Chester Carter to rewire some speakers
          3. ACEC Shoot: Very successful, got a league team from it. Thanks to Dale Hurd for taking the contract.
          4. Registered Shoot checklist handed out to directors for future planning of registered shoots.


        1. Building Insulation
          1. 3 bids given to blow in insulation in the ceiling of the club. All bids discussed.
          2. It was suggested that the back doors be checked for leaks and recommended that new weather-stripping be placed.
          • Foster and Faude moved and seconded that G&G Insulation bid be accepted. Unanimously approved.


        1. Club Windows
          1. 1 bid was obtained for new windows.
          • Foster/Dupuis moved and seconded that at least two more bids be obtained before choosing a vendor. Unanimously approved.


        1. Thanksgiving Meat Shoot
          1. 250 turkeys and 250 hams ordered.
          2. The refrigerated semi will be here to store the meat
          3. Lahoma to make a sign up sheet for volunteers.
          4. Thanksgiving meat shoot information put on the event section of the online Idaho Statesman
          5. John K. to make sure there is wood for the burn barrels for the shoot.
          6. It was recommended that new speakers be purchased for the new cordless voice calls.
          • Hurd/Booth moved and seconded that new speakers be purchased from Steve Eichenberger. Unanimously approved.


        1. Skeet Safety Wall
          1. Jay Fraser is recommended that he spearhead the safety wall. Once he gets back from Alaska a director will approach him and ask.


        1. Vendors
          1. Bill Johnson is able to come to the state shoot as a vendor if we want him. It was discussed and thought that it would be a great idea to have him plus other vendors to attend the state shoot for variety of food and supplies. Lahoma will draft a letter for potential vendors to get a feel for who is interested.
          2. Target selection was discussed as an aside and it was highly recommended that we use regular targets to avoid an acid byproduct from getting on the new arms of the PAT trap.


        1. Kitchen
          1. It was brought up that the kitchen’s cleanliness is a concern for our membership’s health. It was suggested that we close the kitchen for the winter to assess the maintenance needs and consider a new vendor or find alternatives to the meals serve in the kitchen. More discussion at the next meeting.


        1. Exchange Server
          1. Dale Hurd suggested that we get an exchange server for the club. It was discussed that since Dale is the email contact that this was not needed.

Duty rosters were passed around for volunteers for working the club.

Dupuis moved/Booth seconded that meeting be adjourned. Unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 1943.

Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, December 6, 2011, at 1800 at the Boise Gun Club.

Respectfully Submitted by Lahoma Dupuis, Secretary Boise Gun Club