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Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 6:00 PM

BoiseGun Club




Directors:            Wayne Faude, Norman Foster, John Booth, Lahoma Dupuis, John Keppinger, James Trujillo, Leonard Weiking

Absent:                                Dale Hurd, Steven Eichenberger


Club members Kent Harris and Charlie Woodruff were also present.


1)      The meeting was called to Order at 1800 hrs by President John Keppinger.

2)      Secretary Report-Lahoma

a)      Changes made to the November minutes.

Booth moved and Faude seconded that minutes be approved with changes.  Unanimously approved.


3)      Treasurer’s Report-Wayne Faude

a)      US Bank Balance:  $47,397.23

b)      Perpetual’s Balance:  $2434.21

c)       Steve Young Perpetuals: $2017.00

 Booth moved and Weiking seconded that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as presented.  Unanimously approved.


4)      Shoot/Target Report-Kent

a)      Target Inventory:   36,288 targets were thrown to include the 8% breakage and 20% breakage for the Turkey Shoot in November.


5)      Building Insulation

a)      Wayne Faude to fill out paperwork for reimbursement on insulation.

b)      Doors and windows checked for leaks and weather stripped as needed


6)      Club Windows

a)      Replacing windows was tabled indefinitely to the increased insulation keeping the club house warmer. 

Foster motioned and Weiking seconded that new windows be tabled at this time.  Unanimously approved.


7)      Thanksgiving Meat Shoot

a)      624 meat prizes given out.

b)      Thanks to Mike Smith with SPI Transportation for donating the refrigerated truck.

c)       Beer/soda prices increased for this shoot.


8)      Christmas Meat Shoot

a)      100 Turkeys ordered and Charlie Woodruff will pick up.

b)      Beer/soda prices will be increased for this shoot as it was for the Thanksgiving shoot.


9)      Skeet Safety Wall

a)      Tabled until January.


10)   Fundraiser for the Tillery Foundation

a)      Bill Eigen and Steve Tillery came to the meeting to present a fundraising opportunity.

i)        Consider Spring 2012, 1st Annual Kickoff fundraiser.

ii)       Bill and Steve to come in February to discuss dates and specifics


11)   Kitchen

a)      Kitchen will close after the league dinner.

b)      Frozen dinners and pizza will be kept in the freezer and can be purchased at the cashier window.

 Booth moved and Weiking seconded that we look at other options for the kitchen.  Unanimously approved.


12)   Forklift

a)      A used Toyota forklift was found for $6000 and $1000 trade it for a total of $5000 total cost.

 Booth moved and Faude seconded that we purchase the forklift.  Unanimously approved.


13)   Asphalt Cracks

a)      Discussion about filling the cracks in the asphalt.  Issue tabled until April.


14)   Liability Insurance

a)      Wayne Faude to get 2 bids for liability insurance and we will discuss at January meeting.


15)   Duty rosters were passed and filled out.


Booth moved/Faude seconded that meeting be adjourned. Unanimously approved.  

Meeting adjourned at 20:15. 

 Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 3, 2012, at 1800 at the Boise Gun Club.

Respectfully Submitted by Lahoma Dupuis, Secretary Boise Gun Club