Winter Trap League Starts January 2, 2019.

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The meeting was called to order by First Vice-President Dale Hurd at 1800 hrs. at the Boise Gun Club.  Directors present were: Hurd, Wayne Faude, Abe Wilson, Dale Ham, John Keppinger, Stan Ruston, Pat Fulghum, and Kent Harris.  Absent was Damon Black.


Minutes of the November 2nd meeting were read.  Hurd made a motion they be approved.  Seconded by Wilson and passed by unanimous vote.


Shon Rae with First Story, discussed holding a fund raising event at the gun club.  We would provide the grounds and throw the targets and her group would market the event.  Shon will meet with the board again in February to update the board on the status of the fundraiser and go over details.  Tentative time of year for the event would be June.


A fund raising project for the Boise Rescue Mission was discussed.  It was decided to donate 20 turkeys and coordinate a fund raiser with the ATA state shoot at the end of May.


The current board configuration was discussed. Harris made a motion that First Vice-President Hurd be elected as President and that director John Keppinger be elected First Vice-President.  Faude seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous vote.


The Skeet field lights were discussed.  Faude has been in contact with the lineman’s college to get the poles taken down and put back up after we add the new lights.  They are coming tomorrow to discuss the project.  Wilson added that we now have the all-orange targets to shoot at night on the Skeet fields.


Faude then presented the Treasurer’s report.  Our General account has a balance of $43,081.76 and we have outstanding bills of $13,145.16.  This leaves $29,936.60 after all bills are paid.  He also reported that the perpetual amounts need to be adjusted as it looks as though a few payments to the perpetuals were deposited in the general account instead of the perpetual account after registered shoots.  Faude  gave the board an update on the accountant’s progress and the reconstructing of our bookkeeping system.  He also went over the accountability forms for opening and closing the till and for making deposits.


Harris presented the target activity and inventory report for the month.  Target inventory as of December 1st was 2174 cases.  In November we shot 12,625 practice trap, skeet, and league targets and 20,675 Event targets (Steve Young Registered shoot and the Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot).  Items for a member newsletter and notices for the Christmas meat shoot, the Winter League and the SRTA Leagues were discussed and will be mailed out soon.


Information on the club shot sale was presented.  We have a little under a ton of shot left and after discussion Harris made a motion that the remaining shot be sold to members who have not yet purchased their maximum 20 bag allotment.  Seconded by Keppinger and passed by unanimous vote.


An information sheet was presented on the Thanksgiving Meat shoot showing that we gave out 427 meat prizes.  A combined P &L on all three meat shoots will be presented after the Christmas shoot.

The P & L report on the Steve Young Registered shoot showed  we had a profit of $737.50


Details for the Christmas meat shoot were discussed.  The board decided to have the Super Bowl Fun Shoot again and Harris suggested we add a trap for meat and fun shoots.  The Buckmaster shoot on February 20th is being organized and the board was given a copy of a letter sent to ISTA President Jim Ripley in response to the ISTA offer of the 2011 ATA state shoot to the Boise Gun Club.


Prizes and the league party for the Fall league were discussed as well as the start of the Winter league.


Hurd and Wilson discussed ordering of parts and the repairs needed for our voice calls.  Keppinger reported that Twin Falls has installed a coin operated unit on their Skeet field and suggested we research a Briley unit for cost, etc.


Harris collected items for a director’s “workshop” to be scheduled after the first of the year and also pointed out the need for increasing shooting activity at the club on Wednesday evenings to help generate more lunch counter business.  Fulghum suggested a “free” fun or meat shoot each Wednesday  and after discussion Keppinger made a motion that the club provide free targets and a meat prize for the first fun shoot each Wednesday evening.  It will be at 1830 hrs.  Motion seconded by Faude and passed by unanimous vote.


The December duty roster was passed out to the directors.  No immediate scheduling conflicts were noted.


Faude made a motion that the board go into executive session to discuss employee compensation.  Rushton seconded the motion and it passed by unanimous vote.


After the executive session was adjourned, President Hurd called the regular meeting back to order.


A motion was made by Keppinger and seconded by Faude authorizing the executive committee to adjust employee compensation as appropriate.  Motion passed by unanimous vote.


The next meeting was set for Tuesday, January 4th at 1800 hrs.


There being no other business, Fulghum made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Wilson and passed by unanimous vote.  The meeting was adjourned at 2100 hrs.








Kent Harris – Secretary, Boise Gun Club.








Month Total Targets Trap Practice Skeet Practice Registered Trap Trap League Fun Shoots
January 20,040 7,950 3,700 1,850 6,900 0
February 42,835 12,400 5,275 13,710 6,850 4,600
March 31,650 18,100 8,600 0 4,950 0
April 29,200 12,425 6,475 0 10,300 0
May 190,430 21,050 6,300 153,305 10,050 0
June 91,775 19,575 7,700 55,300 9,200 0
July 41,825 14,425 7,750 10,700 8,950 0
August 61,340 15,100 8,100 26,700 9,200 2,100
September 49,325 17,450 9,475 0 5,000 17,400
October 22,600 10,075 7,425 0 4,700 400
November 33,700 6,100 4,275 10,800 2,250 10,275
December 18,544 8,525 3,900 1,450 975 3,694




  • TOTAL TARGETS = 633,264
  • TRAP PRACTICE = 163,175 (26%)
  • SKEET PRACTICE = 78,975 (12%)
  • REGISTERED TRAP = 273,815 (43%)
  • TRAP LEAGUE = 79,325 (13%)
  • FUN SHOOT TARGETS = 38,469 (6%)






  • Target Inventory at the start of the month = 2174 Cases
  • Target Inventory at the end of the month = 2012 Cases
  • Decrease in target inventory =162 Cases.









  • 18,544 plus 8 % breakage = 20,028 or 148 Cases.
  • 18,544 plus 10 % breakage = 20,398 or 151 Cases.











  • At 8% breakage target inventory is short about 14 Cases.  (About 9% of inventory reduction)
  • At 10% breakage target inventory is short about 11 Cases. (About 7% of inventory reduction)














Month Targets Thrown Breakage Inventory (+/-)
January 20,040 N/A N/A
February 42,835 N/A N/A
March 31,650 10% = 3165 (23 cases) – 20 cases (5%)
April 29,200 10% = 2920 (22 cases) – 24 cases (10%)
May 190,430 10% = 19,043 (141 cases) + 10 cases (1%)
June 91,775 10% = 9,178 (68 cases) – 7 cases (1%)
July 41,825 10% = 4,183 (31 cases) – 19 cases (5%)
August 61,340 10% = 6,134 (45 cases) – 5 cases (1%)
September 49, 325 10% = 4,933 (37 cases) – 9 cases (2%)
October 22,600 10% = 2,260 (17 cases) – 20 cases (10%)
November 33,700 10% = 3,370 (25 cases) – 23 cases (8%)
December 18, 544 10% = 1,854 (14 cases) – 11 cases (7%)


  • Charged to breakage = 423 cases
  • Inventory Short = 128 cases
  • 128 x 5 rounds x $5 = $3,200