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42nd Annual Members’s Meeting & Club Championship Shoot

SUNDAY – August 21st, 2011



Over 60 club members competed for buckles and gift certificates over the five-event shoot held under very nice shooting conditions.  Elections for club directors for 2011-2012 were held and members and their guests also enjoyed a great steak dinner by Chef Dale Ham and a potluck to start out the new club membership year.

Ed VanEtten captured the coveted H-O-A club championship buckle with a score of 234 X 250 on the five events while Jeff DuPuis won the trap H-A-A award in a shoot-off with a score of 143 and a two round shoot-off win over doubles champion Chester Carter.  Rich Hahn was the combined skeet-continental

H-A-A champ with a 97 X 100 while Roy Dahl won the skeet championship with a lone 49.  DuPuis won twice more with a win in a five-way shoot-off for the Continental championship and also won  a shoot-off for handicap long yardage.  Vaughn Kelly topped Wayne Faude in a shoot-off of 50 straights to take the singles championship and Gene Hunt had the only 49 to top the handicap event.


Club Champion (combined score for 5 events) Ed VanEtten 234 X 250
H-A-A Trap Champion (combined score for 3 events) Jeff DuPuis 143 X 150 (55 in s.o.)
Chester Carter 143 X 150 (53 in s.o.)
Jim Ripley 143 X 150 (took Vet)
H-A-A Continental/Skeet Champion Rich Hahn 97 X 100

Trap Singles.  49 Entries.

Champ Vaughn Kelly 50 (25 in s.o.)
Class A Wayne Faude 50 (23 in s.o.)
Class B Ed VanEtten 49 (won s.o.)
Terry Reininger 49
Class C Gene Hunt 48
Class D  Derek Whipple 48


Trap Doubles.  34 Entries.

Champ Chester Carter 49
Class A Shon Ashley 48 (20 in s.o.)
Jim Ripley 48 (16 in s.o.)
Russ Westerberg 48 (19 in s.o.)
Class B Taylor Westerberg 48
Class C Chuck Terry 46
Class D Virgil Perry 47


Trap Handicap.  43 Entries.

Champ Gene Hunt 49
Short yardage Roger Seiber 48
Mid yardage Norm Foster 48
Long yardage Jeff DuPuis 48 (won s.o.)
Don Moormeister 48

Continental.  39 Entries.

Champion Jeff DuPuis 50 (won s.o. with 25)
Derek Whipple 50
Rich Bell 50
Dave Poseley 50
Kent Harris 50
Class A Derek Whipple 50
Class B Sue Hahn 47
Class C Chuck Terry 45
Class D Paul Watson 42

Skeet.  31 Entries.

Champion Roy Dahl 49
Class A Rich Hahn 48
Class B Dave Poseley 43
Class C Jeff DuPuis 40
Class D Doug Posely 38


Special Category Winners. (Total of Best 3 Events).

Lady LaHoma DuPuis 136
Rookie Doug Poseley 128
Junior Derek Whipple 145
Veteran Jim Ripley 146