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The Boise Gun Club Member’s Championship Shoot was originally set for Sunday, August 22nd but had to be rescheduled because a fierce windstorm the evening before had blown down power poles and cut off electrical power to the club and it was not restored until Monday.  This was the first time in 39 years at that location that a planned shooting event had to be rescheduled.  In spite of no power, a free breakfast was served by Steve and Trish Deweese as they were able to cook on the gas grill at the club.  Members also held their annual membership meeting and elected the 2010-2011 board of directors on the 22nd.

When the shooting finally did take place, Bob Kelly captured the coveted club champion’s buckle with a score of 233 X 250 on the five 50 bird events.  He also won the handicap championship with 47 and tied for high in the Continental event with 50 straight.  Kent Harris was the H-O-A winner on the three trap events with 145 and he also topped the singles event with 50 and the doubles with 48.  Ron Wright captured the H-O-A buckle for the combined score on the Continental and Skeet events with a 94 and a shoot-off win over Taylor Westerberg.  Pat Fulghum won the Continental event with 50 straight and a shoot-off over Kelly, and Westerberg led all shooters in the Skeet event with 48.

Club members were also treated to a steak dinner upon completion of their shooting for the day.

Winner’s List.

Event 1 – 50 Trap Singles

Champion                           Kent Harris – 50

John Kelner – 50 (took B Class)

A Class                                  Dave Poseley – 48 (won s.o.)

Bob Kelly

Kirk Bork

Jeff DuPuis

John Booth (FF)

B Class                                  John Kelner – 50

C Class                                  Helen Keppinger _ 46 (won s.o.)

Charlie Whipple – 46

D Class                                  Shelby Birr – 36


Event 2 – 50 Doubles.

Champion                           Kent Harris – 48

Class A                                  Pat Fulgum – 46

John Booth – 46 (FF)

Class B                                  Gary Wright – 47 (won s.o.)

Jon Whipple – 47

Class C                                  John Kelner – 43

Class D                                  Duane Carley – 41

Event 3 – 50 Trap Handicap

Champion                           Bob Kelly – 47 (won s.o.)

Kent Harris – 47

Short Yardage                    Shelby Birr – 46 (won s.o.)

Charlie whipple – 46

Mid Yardage                       Kent Harris – 47

Long Yardage                     Kirk Bork – 46 (won s.o.)

Dave Poseley – 46

Virgil Perry – 46

Event 4 – 50 Continental

Champion                           Pat Fulghum – 50 (won s.o.)

Bob Kelly – 50

Class A                                  Bob Kelly – 50

Class B                                  Duane Carley – 48

Class C                                  Taylor Westerberg – 46

John Booth – 46 (FF)

Class D                                  Jeff Hertel – 42

Event 5 – 50 Skeet

Champion                           Taylor Westerberg – 48

Class A                                  Doug Fisher – 47

Class B                                  John Booth – 44 (won on reverse long run)

Gary Wright – 44

Dave Poseley – 44

Dell Hartley – 44

Class C                                  Jeff Hertel – 41

Class D                                  Kirk Bork – 36

Club Champion – Based on the total of all five events.  Bob Kelly – 233 X 250

H-O-A Trap Champ – Based on the total of three trap events.  Kent Harris – 145 X 150

H-O-A Continental & Skeet Champ.  Based on the two events.  Ron Wright – 94 X 100

Special Category Winners.  Based on their best three event scores.

Lady                       Helen Keppinger – 129

Junior                    Shelby Birr – 121

Veteran                               Richard Wehren – 138