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Camas Prairie Trap Shoot

Week One Results

January 10, 2016

White Bird, Culdesac share first-week lead.

The first week of the annual camas Prairie Trap shoot is sometimes rough on the defending champion, and that held true Sunday. Nezperce, the winner of last year’s 10-week competition, opened in seventh place in the 63rd edition of the event with a score of 74, while White Bird and Culdesac assumed the lead with perfect 75’s. Culdesac is looking for its first title since back –to-back championships in 2010-11.

The expanded field includes teams from Boise, Moses Lake and Hermiston, Ore. As always, the competition is staged at various gun clubs in the region, with team scores based on the best individual scores out of 25.

Overall Team Scores

  1. White Bird – 75.00
  2. Culdesac – 75.00
  3. Pomeroy – 74.40
  4. Troy-Deary – 74.14
  5. Grangeville – 74.14
  6. Colton – 74.00
  7. Nezperce – 74.00
  8. Cottonwood – 73.50
  9. Hermiston-73.00
  10. Boise-73.00
  11. Orofino-Pierce – 72.75
  12. Malden-Pine-72.75
  13. Garfield – 72.00
  14. Moses Lake-72.00
  15. Kamiah – 72.00
  16. Wallace/Kellogg – 72.00
  17. St. Maries – 70.00
  18. Indian Valley – 69.00
  19. Winchester – 69.00
  20. Endicott – 64.00
  21. Walla Walla- No Score
  22. Spokane-No Score

Club Details for Week One

Club Name:
Club Score:
Club Details:
Club High Shooters:
Boise 73 14 Shooters; Cold/Overcast 25-Abe Wilson
24-Chester Carter, Lahoma Turner, Clyde Proctor, Darell Durland
Colton 74 120 Shooters; Overcast 25-Brien DeAtley, Sean Lewis, Terry Leinweber, Guy Olson, Chuck Randle, Jason Reisenauer, Dave Scharnhorst, Rich Villa
24-Steve Bremer, Bill Christian, Andy Harmon, Kyle Hinrichs, Robert “Hunk”Leonard, Aaron Olson, Bruce Petty, Les Ruhs, Skyler Schluter, Dan Warner, Kyle Wommack, Kyle Zakarison, Joe Rigney
Cottonwood 73.50 31 Shooters; Sunny/Cold 25–Andy Uhlorn, Dereck Arnzen
24-Scott Jungert, Darrel Uhlorn, Brent Uhlorn.
Culdesac 75.00 77 shooters; Overcast/Cold 25–Will Anderson, Margie Kinzel, David Caddell, Brian Ferry, Brian Heinzerling, Kirby Meshishnek, Spud Storey, Mark Swanson, Riley Swanson.
Endicott 64.00 14 Shooters; Slight breeze/Clear 23-Jim Pelissier, Ed Schultz, Connor Pelissier
Garfield 72.00 55 Shooters; Calm/ Cloudy 25–Rod Hubner, Daniel Broeckel
24-Terry Blair, Larry Blair
23-Sam Brink, Steve Brink, Jerry Hibbard, Tom Hodges, Annie Larson, Eric Slocum, Joe Vasquez
Grangeville 74.14 64 Shooters; Sunny, Calm 25–Josh Brandsford, Brad Baker, Pepper Harman, Daryl Mullinex, Andy Abbott
24-Brian Lorentz, Roy Schumacher, Tom Felkel, Mike Lerandeau, Howard Jordan, Lynn Smith, Nick Slichter, Jeff Ferris, Jeremy Harris
Hermiston 73.00 26 Shooters; Cold/Slight Wind 25-Marty Meads
24-Harvey Childers, B.J Alley
Indian Valley 69.00 25 shooters; Sunny 23-Vaughn Kelley, George Manessis, Mike Cunningham.
Kamiah 72.00 16 Shooters; Sunny 24-Don Jay, Jerry Roberts, Dave Woods, Brandon Davis
Malden-Pine 72.75 33 Shooters; Overcast 25-Chris Melhus
24-Mike Koppel, Ed Hayes, Ben Naught
Moses Lake 72.00 20 Shooters; Cold 24-TJ Main, Jared Fisher, Jim Schell
Nez Perce 74.00 19 Shooters; Clear/Sunny 25-Dan Thompson, Roy Hill
24-Doug Goin, Kurtis Braun, Rod Sheets, Tom Berry, Michael Brannan, Ray Inglet
Orofino-Pierce 72.75 32 Shooters; Cloudy/Calm 25–Ormal Ward
24-Eric Freeth, Mike Lacey, Tom Martress, Dave Powers, Donita Powers
Pomeroy 74.40 48 Shooters; Pleasant weather 25-Kenny Bott, Mike Hastings, Ben Keller, Jeff Wade
24-Travis Ledgerwood, Terry John
Troy-Deary 74.14 67 Shooters; Overcast 25–Tracy Arvas, Keith Blatner, Ralph Kenny, Steve Kirkland, Phil Schultz
24-Robert Barkley, Greg Bassler, Earl Dorsey, Cameron Golighltley, Mel Gray, Rod Kenworthy, Deb Kirkland, Casey Strong
Walla Walla No Score Reported
Wallace-Kellogg 72.00 24 Shooters; Overcast/ Cold 24-John Schroeder, Jeremy Groves, Garrett Williams, Darin Jones
White Bird 75.00 21 Shooters; Cold/Sunny 25-Wade Sickels, Don Sickels, Steve Duerkson
Winchester 69.00 19 Shooters; Sunny/Clear 24-Cole Riggers; 23-Roger Riggers; 22-Bryce Stigum, Todd Ott, Rylan Gehring, Hunter Droegmiller

Juniors (Overall Team scores)

  1. Cottonwood – 70
  2. Colton – 70
  3. Troy-Deary – 69
  4. Wallace-Kellogg – 68
  5. Pomeroy – 67
  6. Hermiston – 67
  7. Winchester – 66
  8. Culdesac – 60
  9. Grangeville – 60
  10. Malden-Pine – 55
  11. Endicott – 53
  12. Garfield – 50
  13. Orofino-Pierce – 43
  14. Indian Valley – 43
  15. St. Maries – 34
  16. Nez Perce – 24
  17. Kamiah – No JR Shooters
  18. Walla Walla – No JR Shooters
  19. Moses Lake – No JR Shooters
  20. Boise – No JR Shooters
  21. White Bird – No JR Shooters
  22. Spokane – No JR Shooters
Club Name:
Club Score:
Club Junior High Shooters:
No Junior Shooters
24-Joe Rigney, Kyle Zakarison
22-Brady Chadwick
25-Dereck Arnzen
23-Philip Spencer
22-Devin Bruegeman
22-Colton Dudley
19- Cole Eldredge, Joe Eldredge, PJ Schlangen
18-Clayton Clarkson, Hollice Wolheter
14- Emily Bagott, Ben Schaeffer, Austin Stockart
21-Cathrine Rockwell
20-Micala Ferris
19- Alexandra Rockwell
23-Dylan Hunter
22-Kaden Smith, Tanner Meads
Indian Valley
22-Keaton Lattimer
17- Parker Cornwell
13- Josh Gipe, Reed Thulander
No Junior Shooters
23-Nathan Jeske
18-Callie Jeske
14-Conr Hergert
Nez Perce
24–Ray Inlet
23-Cody Fletcher
20-Alex Province
23–Dylan King
22-Junior Magill, Danner Maves, Tristen Streeby
No Junior Shooters
St. Maries
20–Liam Anderson
13-John Ingersoll
23-Ryan Nelson, Andrew Stone, Isaac Stone
Walla Walla
No Junior Shooters
23–Seth Dechand, Hayley Oertil
22-Layton Gallagher
White Bird
No Junior Shooters
22-Todd Ott, Rylan Gehring, Hunter Droegmiller