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Amended at Dec meeting Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 6:00 PM
Boise Gun Club



Directors: Lahoma Hooft, Leonard, Norm Foster, Marvin Voss, John Booth,  Jim Truillo, Dale Hurd, Abe Wilson
Others present:N/A
Absent: Russ Westerberg

  1. The meeting was called to Order at 18:00 by President Lahoma Hooft
  2. Craig Scar, BSU shooting team gave a presentation on their new shooting team and wanted to see what the gun club could do for them and what they could do for the gun club.  Everyone agreed that it could be a good relationship.
  3. Secretary Report – Wehking
  4. Notes were read by Wehking with the following outstanding action items from the previous month;
    1. John Booth and Kent Harris still working on true cost of throwing a target
    2. The Gate is being moved
    3. Committee  approved to work with Wayne Faude on NRA grants.  Booth, Truillo and Hurd on committee.  They have tabled until January
    • A motion was made and seconded that the October minutes be approved with no corrections.  Unanimously approved.
  5. Treasurer’s Report- John Booth for the month of October
    1. US Bank Balance: $20,678.17  with a monthly net loss of $69.42.
    2. Perpetual’s Balance: $2530.18?
    3. Steve Young Perpetuals: $2296.00? (amended)
    • A motion was made and seconded that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as presented. Unanimously approved.
  6. Discussion:  Completed Old Business
  7. SOP- Wehking handed out copies of SOP framework.  Will Discuss at December meeting.
  8. Target Inventory program- Dale Hurd show his new spread sheet with estimated amount of lead included.  Nice Job!!!
  9. Tree planting- Jim Truillio completed down by the skeet field.  Well done!!!
  10. New windows for the club house- done!  They look great1
  11. Commercial printer purchase- Thanks John Booth!!
  12. Meat prizes for Turkey Shoot-  Abe has 750 meat prizes ordered.
  13. BSU team Practice on Saturdays:
    • Discussion:  The BSU team could use the coin op trap so the club wouldn’t have to open. (amended from SCTP)
    • Action:  When this happens a director will show up (in advance) to ensure the gate is open, targets are loaded and solve any problems with the coin op.  Coins should be purchased by the shooters before hand.  Again, the club house should not open.
  14. League Changes
    • Discussion:  League trophies.  The same teams always win.  How to even the playing field and keep interest up.
    • A motion was made by Dale Hurd (and seconded) to going to a Lewis class.  All were in favor.
    • A Second motion was made to have a weekly drawing for a prize (such as a box of shells or shoot ticket.  All were in favor and Sundays will be the draw.
  15. Rodent control:
    • Discussion:  Mice are getting in the club house.
    • Action: Abe will work on patching holes
  16. Skeet issues
    1. Discussion: need more all orange Target
      • Action:  Abe Ordered  (amended)
  17. Light bulb needs on skeet field
    • Action:  Abe will check on changing all  (amended to complete in spring)
  18. Hut windows like on skeet 1
    • Action:  Leonard and Jim will build




Respectfully submitted by Leonard Wehking, Secretary Boise Gun Club