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The Boise Gun Club kicked off the 2014 target year with a 350 target program with a good crowd of 54 shooters taking part in the day’s activities.  This included eight young shooters from the Ontario, Oregon Youth shooting program.  After an extended absence from registered shooting because of health problems, Jeff Poseley picked up right where he had left off and won the handicap championship buckle by 5 targets with a 95.  He also captured the H-O-A championship by 3 birds while his brother David fired the only perfect score of the day to top the singles with his 100 straight.  Jim Fultz was the high shooter in doubles with his 94 and Richard Wehren won the Super High-Over-All buckle with a score of 58 X 60. Silas Littrell won the special 50 bird rookie singles event.

Contestants shot at 10,950 registered targets and enjoyed three cakes – one in memory of Steve Young, one in memory of Don and Henrietta Young, and a birthday cake for John Booth.  Club director Dale Hurd earned his Idaho PITA 75 straight pin with his 99 which won B class in singles.

After a week of nice weather with above average temperatures, the first registered shoot of the year was met with the first snowfall as snow flurries and breezes came off and on during the day.  Constant changes in light because of clouds coming and going added a degree of difficulty to the shooting.





Event 1 – Henrietta Young Memorial Singles.  40 Entries.


Class AA               David Poseley                    100

A             Ron Stoletenberg              97

B             Dale Hurd                              99

C             Gary Miller                            93

D             Helen Keppinger                82

Lady                       Leisa Bunce                          92

Veteran                               Johnny Keppinger             98

Sr. Veteran         Jim Fultz                                 97

Junior                    Ethan Smith                          74

Rookie                  Patrick Hrnjak                      79


Event 2 – Steve Young Memorial Doubles.  28 Entries.


Class   AA             Jim Fultz                               94

A             Randy Adams                    89

B             Brian Lancaster                 90

C             Layne Rasmussen            88

D             Jerry Kaster                        71

Lady                       Lahoma Hooft                   77

Veteran                               John Booth                         89

Sr. Veteran         Gail Jones                            91

Junior                    None

Rookie                  None



Event 3 – Don Young Memorial Handicap.  36 Entries.


Champion           Jeff Poseley                       95

19-21 Yd.              Gary Miller                          90

22-24 Yd.              Richard Wehren               88 (won s.o.)

  Leisa Bunch                        88

25-26 Yd               John Fulghum                    85

27 Yd                     Jim Fultz                               83

Lady                       Leisa Bunce                        88

Veteran                               John Booth                         86

Sr. Veteran         Ron Stoltenberg               82

Junior                    None

Rookie                  Patrick Hrnjak                    79 (won s.o. and flip)

  John Hrnjak                        79



Event 4 – 50 Bird Rookie Singles.  11 Entries.


Winner                 Silas Littrell                          46

R-U                        Patrick Hrnjak                    41



H-O-A Winners.


Champion           Jeff Poseley                       277

AA          Jim Fultz                               274

A             Brian Lancaster                 269

B             Richard Wehren               259

C             Ron Veatch                         252

D             None



Super H-O-A Shoot-Off Winner


Champion           Richard Wehren               58 X 60

R-U                        Jim Fultz                               56 X 60