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Sunday, August 27th, 2017
300 Targets
Cross Registration Available

Cheap Targets
Cheap Trophies
Marathon Targets available (Time Permitting>


This is the last chance for ATA registered targets for the 2017 Target Year. Do you need a few more for the State Team? Do you need one last chance to help your average? Do you want to shoot registered targets for near practice prices plus registration fees? Well, this is your chance!

Why is it called the Peanut Shoot? Because it cost only peanuts and the trophies are just that,
a bag of peanuts! This shoot is more about having fun with registered targets. Share your trophy with friends and a cold drink afterwards. We have 4 classes in Singles and Doubles, and 3 Yardage groups in Handicap. (Yes we still have special categories)

Upon request Marathon targets will be available at the end of three events time permitted. Each 100 bird event must have at least 3 registered shooters. So if you are interested in shooting marathon targets, you will be responsible for ensuring you have enough shooters for each 100 targets. You can shoot any or all three types (Singles, Doubles, or Handicap).

No Trophies will be given for marathon targets. Cost will be $20.00 per one hundred targets.

General Information
Registration and Classification – Starts at 8am. You will be handicapped and classified according to your ATA cards and/or your known ability.

Shells – Are available for purchase, if available. Legal reloads are permitted. If you want your empties, catch them. No one will be allowed to pick up empty hulls.

Awards – No shooter may win more than one trophy per event. you must notify the handicapper if you are shooting Lady, Vet, Junior, or Rookie classes. No minimum number of shooters required for trophies.

Shoot-Off’s – All ties for trophies will be shot off, be available or forfeit. All ties on option money will be split.

Lewis – Pay 3 classes 60/40

Kitchen – Will be open for this shoot.

Conduct – The Boise Gun Club reserves the right to refuse entry or withdraw any contestant who in any way interfere with the harmony and enjoyment of the shoot.

Practice Trap – One practice trap will be open before and during the shoot. You can purchase practice tickets at the cashier’s window for the price of member tickets.

The Boise Gun Club reserves the right to change or alter any portion of this program ant any time prior to or during this shoot.

This certifies that the boise gun club has been authorized to hold a registered ATA Shoot at the Boise Gun Club on August 27, 2017. ATA rules will apply.

Event 1 – 100 Singles

  • ATA Daily Fee = $3
  • Targets and Awards = $22
  • State Target Fee = $3
  • Class Purse (60/40) = $10
  • Trophy’s – Champion, Class A, B, C, D, Lady, Vet, Junior, and Rookie


Event 2 – 100 Handicap

  • Targets and Awards = $22
  • State Target Fee = $3
  • Lewis Option (3 classes – 60/40) = $10
  • Perpetuals = $18
  • Jackpot = $25
  • 25’s pays 100% = $20
  • 50’s pays 50/30/20 = $30
  • Trophy’s – Short (19-21.5), Mid (22-24.5), Long (25-27), Lady, Vet, Junior, and Rookie


Event 3 – 100 Doubles

  • Targets and Awards = $22
  • State Target Fee = $3
  • Class Purse (60/40) = $10
  • Trophy’s – Champion, Class A, B, C, D, Lady, Vet, Junior, and Rookie


Entry fee for this non-compulsory option is $3 for each 50 targets for a total of $18. Entry fees collected at this shoot will be added to the respective purses for the next BGC shoot. Any two 25 straights wins on-half of the respective purse. Each $18 entry is eligible for one-half of any or all (i.e. 100 straight) of these perpetual purses. All ties divide respective monies.

Boise Gun Club Perpetual Purses

Total Purse for this shoot is: $2742.65

  • Realty Management Association: (Traps 1 & 2) = $402.01
  • Steve & Cory Inouye (Traps 1 & 3) = $956.70
  • Bob Anderson (Traps 1 & 4) = $346.02
  • Lady Trap Shooters (Traps 2 & 3) = $357.00
  • Western Trailers (Traps 2 & 4) = $353.52
  • Ray Miller (Traps 3 & 4) = 309.31