Shooters between May 25th and May 28th the club will be closed to the General Public because of the ATA Idaho State Shoot Events. Please feel free to come out and compete with us.

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PITA Multiplex – Final Summer Shoot

August 3RD, 2011


Congratulations to Wayne Faude for winning the H-O-A pin for Idaho Shooters on the summer multiplex.

Well, thanks to everyone who shot the summer Multiplex.  Take a break and watch for the winner multiplex series which is tentativley, scheduled ofr October, November, December January, and February.

Dates, Details, and Information in a month or so.

Idaho Winners
DENNIS VEATCH          43          $52.33
VIRGIL PERRY          45          $13.39
RON VEATCH          45          $13.39
KENT HARRIS          43          $44.00
RON VEATCH          44          $22.00
WAYNE FAUDE          40          $15.71