Winter Trap League Starts January 2, 2019.

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The shoot was dedicated to Chuck Terry, the only shooter to have attended  this  shoot every shoot for 20 years and shot at every target for all 20 shoots.  Awards were buckles to class winners and runner-ups based on your best 300 bird total of the 500 bird marathon.  There was also a personalized buckle given to the High-Over-All Champion and PITA trophy pins to the class winners based on your total 500 bird score.

The winds that have plagued Idaho shooters all spring were in full evidence this day as the weather forecast was for 20 mph winds, but it gusted all day to almost double that prediction.  As you might expect, the participation was affected with many shooters getting to the club and then deciding not to shoot.

20 shooters participated in at least part of the events and 13 hardy souls lasted all day and earned their personalized “I Shot It All” plaques which are awarded each year.  9,000 registered targets were shot.

Shooters firing at all 500 birds were:  Chuck Terry (naturally), Levi Veatch, Gail Jones, Kent Harris, Sherm Mullins, Leonard Wehking, Juan Goitiandia, Jeff Wright, Cody Hindman, Ron Stoltenberg, Shad Boyd, Shara Hindman, and Jerry Kaster.

High scores were hard to come by as a 96 by Jones and 95 by Harris topped the first hundred.  Jones led on the second hundred with a 98 followed by Veatch and Harris with 97’s.  Mullins and Veatch had 96’s for the high scores on the third hundred while Veatch posted the only perfect score of the day with 100 straight on the fourth hundred and he was followed by Jones with 96.  Jones led again on the last event of the day as he posted another 98 while Goitiandia and Harris had 97’s.

Windy days with a lot of targets usually spread the scores out quite a bit, one year the winner won by an amazing 24 targets.  It was surprising how close the total scores were at the top this year with just two birds separating three shooters.  Veatch captured his first Treasure Valley singles championship with 481 which topped Jones by one and Harris by two.

Shooters and their guests enjoyed both white and chocolate cake in celebrations of Chuck’s accomplishment and the 20th Anniversary of this shoot.

Shara Hindman earned her Idaho PITA 25 straight pin at the shoot.


Winner’s List.

Best 300 Total Score.

AA                          Gail Jones                            292

Kent Harris                          289

A                             Leonard Wehking            285

John Keppinger                                269

B                             Sherm Mullings                 286

Jeff Wright                          278

C                             Cody Hindman                  279

Ric Thomas                         244

D                             Shad Boyd                           263

Jerry Caster                        263 (ff)

Lady                       Shara Hindman                 268

Veteran                Juan Goitiandia                 286

Junior                    Shelby Birr                          242

Rookie                  None shooting



H-O-A Winners.  Based on Total 500 Targets.


Champion           Levi Veatch                         481         Wins  personalized champion’s buckle and trophy pin.

AA                          Gail Jones                            480

Kent Harris                          479

A                             Leonard Wehking            469

Juan Goitiandia                 466

B                             Sherm Mullins                   472

Jeff Wright                          450

C                             Cody Hindman                  449

D                             Shad Boyd                           435

Shara Hindman                 431