Winter Trap League Starts January 2, 2019.

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Hello Boise Gun Club Members!

Happy New Year and a quick update!!

Well, so far we have had a good start to our fiscal year.  We have had several successful shoots in both Trap and Skeet.  Our Annual Thanksgiving shoot was our largest ever.  We had nearly a thousand shooters!!!!  No, that’s not a typo.  Our Christmas shoot also went very well and we gave out all the prizes plus cash back.  Our Super Bowl shoot is coming up on February 4th and will be done before the game starts.  For this shoot we are staying away from turkeys, and giving out various other meats.  So far we have gotten some hams and are looking for a variety of other meat prizes. We’d really love to have some volunteer help from some of the club members.

I hope we have a better winter weather wise than last year.  We purchased a snow blower recently so we are ready for small jobs that don’t require Chester Carter’s tractor or any commercial services. We continue to get a few more trappers so we are getting more help in that area.

Boise Buckshots Youth Shooting Team will begin 2018 Season Feb 11 at 1PM with short meeting followed by practice at Boise Gun Club. Interested Parents and Youth please contact Bill Goulding (208)810-0716 for additional information. The Teams first competition will be in Logan, Utah on March 3rd.

We will be hosting the ATA State Shoot this year, (May 25-28) along with various ATA and PITA trapshoots.  We are also scheduling several ISSA skeet shoots this year.  With 4 skeet fields we are one of the bigger skeet clubs between Spokane and Salt Lake City and we are attracting quite a few interested shooters. Speaking of skeet, after considerable debate we are making skeet and trap practice ticket prices the same.  We are also applying for grants for upgrading skeet and trap equipment.

Also….during the winter months (Dec-Feb) we have changed our hours on Wednesdays to close at 8:00 pm in the evening, but we are also offering “buy 10 get one free” trap and skeet practice tickets during the winter.

I’d like to remind shooters some of the benefits of being a member.  Besides discounts on shooting you can get reloading components and shells cheaper than locally.  As mentioned in our fall letter, we put in a massive “pre-order” where members could order supplies at our cost plus sales tax.  I was impressed and a little overwhelmed at how this trial purchase ended up.  We ordered one pallet of shells, 61 kegs of powder (that’s 488 pounds!), 225,000 primers and about 20 thousand wads.  The total order was over $17,000 with probably a 25% saving to club shooters.  Now remember, the BGC made no money on this.  This was done for the benefit of club members.  Any additional components we have on hand will have a 10% markup for the club.  This is still cheaper than the local stores.  We learned a lot on this order and will try to do another one this spring with better rules and price sheets.  I hope people take advantage of this offer.  Even if you don’t reload, buying brand name shells this way is way less expensive.

We plan on mining lead sometime this summer.  I’m guessing that by the time we get it done and re-dropped, it will be around September.  If anyone needs lead now, we can get Remington STS lead for about $39 a bag with tax.  I can’t get much but some.  There is a possibility of doing a run to Oregon and getting Northwest shot at about $36 but we would need to get several tons.  Please don’t ask us for just a bag or two.  If interested let us know at the front counter.

As I keep repeating, volunteers are the life of this club.  Please let us know how you can help.  Also consider being a director.  Yes, it takes a little time, but if you are a shooter, you’ll already be out at the gun club so it doesn’t take up that much.  I have found that I’m shooting more.  Plus when members come up and personally thank you, it all becomes worth it.  Please consider it this fall.

I hope everyone is having a great New Year and come to the Super Bowl Shoot!


Leonard Wehking

President Boise Gun Club