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2015, ISSUE #1.  JANUARY, 2015

A Note from the President…


It is turkey shoot time!  It is this time each year that I take pause and think about the past year.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I want to take this time to thank you all for your help in volunteering for the increasing number of events that we hold here at your club.  We have had a wonderful outpouring of volunteers and I am humbled and proud to be the president of this wonderful shooting community that YOU have built.  Keep up the good work because the Boise Gun club cannot continue to hold the amount of private shoots and functions we do without your help.  Thank you, thank you,thank you!

If you have not seen our club house, please come to the club and check it out.  It looks FANTASTIC!  We have nice tables and chairs that are ready for you to use.  If you want to consider hosting an event at our facility, I am interested in speaking to you.   Our kitchen equipment has been updated and is ready for a cook.  If you know someone who would be interested, I am interested in talking to them also.  This is high priority for us to get a reliable person to cook for you and to have a nice meal on Wednesday’s so please send all serious inquiries my way.  I can be reached at the numbers below.

Rocky Mountain High School and the BSU Sporting Arms Club continue to shoot here regularly.  Please watch for them and take the time to support them in any way you can.  Our SCTP group is also going strong and in May of 2015 Boise will be the host site for the SCTP state shoot.  Again, I can’t express enough how fortunate we are to have our younger generation shooting on a regular basis.  Our future shooters are right here at our club so please make them feel welcome and show and tell them how much we love our sport and why.

Brian Johnson, our webmaster, has created a new look for the Boise Gun Club website.  If you have not recently been on the website, please check it out at www. and give us your comments.  This is a fantastic tool to use to find out about upcoming shoots, league scores and events.  We do our best to keep this updated but if you have something you want to see and it is not there, let me know and I will pass the message on.

For the third year in a row, I will close with one last HUGE thank you to our volunteers!  As most of you know, the turkey shoots are no small feat for sure so to all you volunteers accept my handshake, hug and huge thanks.  You are the reason that I love coming here and working for you.  To anyone I have missed thanking in person, please know that I appreciate all you do for this club.  The directors and staff at the gun club can’t do it without you!

Lahoma Hooft.  President – Boise Gun Club.


Financial Condition of the Boise Gun Club     by Wayne Faude, Treasurer

 At the present time, I think it is safe to say that the financial status of the club is on firm ground.  I can think of a couple of instances in years past when that perhaps wasn’t the case.  In one instance there was concern that the balance in the club operating account was sufficient to meet payroll expenses.  In another, I can recall when the club was unable to pay for a truck load of targets until the club received payment from the State Trap Shooting Association for conducting the ATA State Trapshooting championship.

Looking back a few years and considering the reinvestments or improvements put back into the club and the current bank account balances, I think is indicative of the financial health of the club.  In the spring of 2011 the several layers of old roofing were removed and replaced with a much needed metal roof that will last a lifetime at a cost of $14,634.  In the fall of 2012, all club house windows were replaced by Ashley Glass at a very low bid of $3,145 (Thanks BGC member Shon Ashley).  In the current year we replaced the cruddy snack bar refrigerator and gas range (who some said was dangerous to light and were afraid to use it) with a commercial grade refer and gas grill to meet health standards at a cost of $5,314. In June we added a train car type storage container at a cost of $3,650.  In August, the screechy retro bowling alley style molded fiberglass chairs and tables were replaced with used but very clean and sturdy metal matching chairs and tables at accost of $2,539. With the profit from the recent fund raising Thanksgiving meat shoot the club is solvent.

Financial accountability is a key to the financial health of any institution including those run by volunteers.  Several checks and balances are in place and followed at the Boise Gun Club. For example opening cash register till amounts are counted by the cashier and verified by the duty director and both sign the form.  The same goes for the closing till amount.  Work day receipts are counted by the cashier and compared with the Quick Books accounting system reports. A hand written Boise Gun Club deposit report form is prepared and signed by the cashier then verified and signed by the duty director. A third person, normally the treasurer, reviews the Quick Books report and the deposit report, signs the deposit form, and prepares the bank deposit ticket and deposits the money. A copy of the bank deposit ticket and the bank deposit receipt are attached to the gun club deposit report form and filed in the gun club filing cabinet. So, financial actions at the Boise Gun Club require two and sometimes three signatures to ensure financial integrity.


Friends of NRA Foundation Grant

 The National Rifle Association of America has three components. They are the association itself composed of annual members and life members, the NRA Institute for Legislative Action(ILA) which is the political lobbying arm, and the Friends of NRA Foundation which is organized as a 501c(3) non-profit. The Friends of NRA is a non-political fund raising entity.  Various volunteer committees in each state organize fund raising events.  Last year $600,000 plus was raised in Idaho.  Half of the funds go to the national association and half of the funds remained in Idaho.  The $300,000 that remained in Idaho was divided out to several gun clubs and shooting activities through a grant application process.

For the very first time the Boise Gun Club submitted a grant request last year and was awarded $15,400 to purchase two new Pat traps.  These additional traps enable the gun club to provide all trap fields with automatic traps instead of utilizing some hand set traps for large shoots such as registered state championship shoots.  Thanks go to members Dale Hurd, Gerry Faude, and Wayne Faude who did the bulk of the work compiling all the material and getting the grant application submitted.

Again this year a grant application was submitted for consideration.  Priorities as discussed by the Boise Gun Club directors for this year boiled down to repair or replacement of the main walkway behind the trap and skeet fields and improving the skeet field structures.  Unfortunately the bid for the skeet field improvements was not provided in time to meet the grant application submission deadline.  The directors will revisit the bid which was done in an incremental fashion for further consideration.

The following information regarding the Friends of NRA is taken directly from the National Rifle Association’s “American Rifleman” magazine.

“Whether you’re a hunter, competitive shooter or just a proud gun owner, Friends of NRA has something for everyone.  The format is simple – food, fun, family, and fundraising.  At every Friends of NRA banquet you’ll have the opportunity to participate in games, raffles, live and silent auctions, and more.  You’ll also find many unique items including limited edition firearms, wildlife art, jewelry and outdoor gear.  These items are only available at Friends of NRA events.”  The next Friends of NRA Treasure Valley Chapter fundraising event and banquet will be held March 7, 2015 at the Nampa Civic Center.  To learn more about events in your area, visit, or contact your local field representative – ID – Steve Vreeland,


Boise Gun Club Drinking Water Notice

The Boise Gun Club is required to submit an annual water quality sample for nitrates in accordance with the “Idaho Rules for Public Drinking Water Systems”.  The Central District Health Department notified the Boise Gun Club of a violation in March 2014. Any public water system entity that fails to perform the required monitoring must notify consumers of the system of such failure by using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. The Boise Gun Club inadvertently failed to submit a sample in 2013 and therefore cannot be sure of the quality of our drinking water during that time. This failure to monitor for nitrates represents the first time that this has occurred during the past three years and resulted in guidance from the Central District Health Department rather than more formal enforcement or monetary penalties.


A water quality sample was collected in March 2014 and submitted for nitrate analysis. The March 24, 2014 analysis determined the Boise Gun Club drinking water met water quality standards for nitrates. Even though these were not emergencies, as our customers, you have a right to know what happened and what we did to comply with this situation. In compliance with the EPA guidelines the Boise Gun Club posted a notice next to the drinking water fountain and volunteered to include a notice in the next newsletter.


Short Order Cook Needed.

 The Boise Gun Club board of directors is in need of and searching for someone to operate the club kitchen. We have had some casual inquiries but so far the directors have been unsuccessful in finding a serious interest.  Arrangements can be negotiated.  If anyone receiving this newsletter knows of anyone who might be interested, have them contact the club on Wednesdays, noon to 9:00pm or Sundays, noon to 5:00pm at (208) 342-0892.



SCTP Clays Fun Shoot Nov. 23, 2014

 Special THANKS to the shooters, coaches & parents. Here are the results:

  •  1st Place Squad – 244 – Cody Ottaway, Hunter Mitchell (Mt. Home) & Josh McMurran (Boise Buckshots)
  • 2nd Place Squad – 242 – Carter Howell, Collin Goulding & Dylan Runyan (Boise Buckshots)
  • 3rd Place Squad – 223 – Mike Carberry, Canyon Blakeslee & Ben Hamblin (Hot Shots, Twin Falls)
  • High Lady: Madison Trijullo – 58 (Boise Buckshots)
  • High Male: Cody Ottaway – 90 (Mt. Home)

Other shooters:  Aleia Blakeslee, Fletcher Hamblin, Logan Lee, Jack Nelson, & Sam Nelson (Hot Shots, Twin Falls), Mike Goulding, Madison Trujillo, Jared McMorrow, Kevin Chase, Ryan Dobi, Dalton Runyan & Dylan Runyan (Boise Buck Shots)

All other shooters received participation awards.  Thank you for a great day!

Gerry & Jim



Boise Gun Club Youth Shooting Program.

The Boise Gun Club welcomes youth shooters and encourages them to shoot trap or skeet by offering reduced rates of $3.50 per 25 targets for young shooters 18 and under.  Shooting is a family activity and parents and other family members are encouraged to participate.  The gun club has experienced adult shooters that can coach and guide new shooters.

Shooting opportunities for shooters 5th grade through college (and even younger in some cases) are provided by the gun club through their Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP).  This program includes coaching and guiding young shooters who wish to shoot competitively.

The SCTP program introduces young shooters to a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime and one that offers all family members the chance to learn safe and responsible handling and use of firearms.  The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation is the national governing body for SCTP and is sponsored by the Midway Foundation with the endowment monies for participating teams throughout the United States.

SCTP offers participation in the American Shooting disciplines of Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays and the Olympic disciplines of Bunker Trap, Wobble Trap, and International Skeet. The Scholastic Clay Target Program is a team-based program focusing on youth development.  Participation should be fun and there is no place for a “win at all costs” attitude.

If you or someone you know, would like to participate, has questions, or needs more information, please call Gerry Faude @ 208-888-6033



It was a very busy shooting year at the club.  Along with our normal practice shooting hours on Wednesdays and Sundays, there were many special shooting events during the year.

Trap Leagues2014 Winter League Winners.  HOA – Mark Brinkoetter – 474.  Handicap – Jeff Dupuis – 218.  Singles – John Booth – 243.  High Lady – Lahoma Hooft – 423.  First Place Team – Four Guys and a Chick – 2234.  Sandy and Cal Wilson, Shon Ashley, Mark Brinkoetter and Jeff Dupuis.  Draw Score winning team – Team 2.  Ron Stoltenberg, Harry Buckmaster, Bob Birch, Dale Hurd, and Kent Harris.  Individual draw prize winners – Preston Shaw and Steve Wright.

2014 Spring League.  HOA – Mark Brinkoetter 471.  Handicap – Kevin Romero – 226.  Singles – Jeff Poseley – 245.  High Lady – Lahoma Hooft – 426.  First Place Team – Did U See A Chip – 2239.  Mark Brinkoetter, Cal and Sandy Wilson, Shon Ashley, Jeff Dupuis.  Division Two team winner – 1 Straights.  Ron Stoltenberg, John Hrnjak, Bob Birch, Dave Mackey and Kent Harris.  Division Three Team Winners – No Names.  Kurt Kuester, Dustin Kuester, Jeff Raymond, Josh Talkington, Chase Hodgson.  Draw Team Winner – Morning Mist Kennels.  Wayne Faude, Tim Ault, Ron Phillips, Joe Turner and Guy Johnson.  Gift Card Draw Winners – Clyde Steinbach, Dale Hurd, and Bobbi Oldfield.  Practice ticket draw winners – Larry Wetzel and George Ross.

2014 Summer League.  HOA – Nick Hill – 472  Handicap – Chuck Terry – 229.  High Singles – Rich Bell – 247.  High Lady – Terri Kuntz – 397.  First Place Team – Aschenbrenner LLC – 2254.  Nick Hill, Dave Aschenbrenner, Tim Hill, Art Voorhis, and Joe Turner  Draw Team Winners – Nomads.  Individual Draw Winners – John Fulghum and Dale Hurd.

2014 Fall League.  HOA – Jeff Poseley – 467.  Handicap – John Fulghum – 221.  Singles – Kent Harris – 247.  High Lady – Gerry Faude – 357.  First Place Team – High Lifers – 2279.  John Fulghum, Dave Poseley, Richard Bell, Jeff Poseley, Shon Ashley.  Draw Team Winners – Lady and the Tramps and the Blue Cup Boys.  Individual Draw winner – Chuck Terry and Derek Smith.

Super Bowl Fun Shoot.  Was held on February 2nd.  Many people wanted to shoot meat shoots and the board has decided to continue the Super Bowl Fun Shoot for 2015 (February 1st) but to make it a meat shoot format.  Look for times and information soon.

Registered Trapshoots.  The club held a number of PITA and ATA sanctioned registered shoots during the year.  PITA shoots were held in February, May, and November.  Multiplex shoots were held in January, February, June, July, August, October, November, and December.  ATA shoots were held in March, April, May (State Shoot), July, and September.  Thanks go out to all those who helped put these events on.

Club Championships.  The Club Championship shoot and annual member’s meeting was held on August 17.   Winning the club champion buckles were:  Rich Bell, Rich Wehren, Ed Van Etten, Jay Frasier, Spud Storey, Dave Poseley and Shon Ashley. Club directors elected included:

Lahoma Hooft, Leonard Wehking, Duncan Goundry, Gerry Faude, Abe Wilson, George Stevens, Wayne Faude, Joe Turner, and John Booth (later replaced by Terri Kuntz).


Suggestion Box.  There will soon be a suggestion box at the club and one of the things the directors would like is member suggestions on what to do with the profit from the club shoot (as we had this year).  Would you like more prizes, eliminate the pot-luck requirement and put it toward the food cost, etc.  All other suggestions are also welcome.

Club Improvements.  Several of these were mentioned in earlier sections of this newsletter but we were busy inside the clubhouse and on the club grounds to improve the operation and enjoyment of the club.  One giant improvement was the new gates with room for a person to park off the road while opening them (much safer).  The new storage container and a  newer vehicle will make storage and movement of targets and equipment much easier for the staff and club volunteers during the year. The two new PAT traps will give us more flexibility and back-up during our registered shoots for years to come.  New tables, chairs, and kitchen equipment have improved the look and feel inside the clubhouse.



One of the first shooting events at the club in 2015 is the winter league which will start with reserve night on January 7th.  We will be having both a trap league and a skeet league (trap five shooter teams – skeet three shooter teams. 50 targets each week).  You can shoot your league on Wednesday or Sunday and can also shoot ahead or catch up.  If you don’t have a team to shoot on, contact Bobbi at the club (342-0892) for trap and Jon Whipple at 401-6092 for skeet and we’ll get you on a team.  This is a great reason to get out of the house for a few hours each week during the dreary winter months.  Come on out and enjoy the fire in the stove and the company of other shooters (and perhaps even break a few clay birds).  The Snake River Trapshooting Association will also be having its league at the same time (January, February, and March) with the Championships to be held in Twin Falls in April.  You can use your Boise Gun Club league scores to count as your SRTA league scores and shoot two for the price of one.

Trap league will consist of 25 singles and 25 handicap (based on your singles score) each week and the skeet league will consist of a regular first round with the second round handicapped with extra doubles based on your first round score.  Again – questions or need info? Contact Bobbi or Jon.

Other shooting events early in the year include:  Multiplex registered shoot January 4th.  50 bird events for singles, doubles, and handicap – shoot any or all.  Prizes – Lewis Class cash payoffs. Noon to 5.

Super Bowl Meat and Fun Shoot February 1st from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Shoot for meat prizes and cash if we run out of meat.

Multiplex shoot on February 8th. (same as January above)

Buckmaster Memorial Trapshoot.  Registered.  300 PITA Targets.  February 22nd.  Registration 8:30 a.m. and shooting starts at 9:30 a.m.

Some of the other shooting events scheduled for 2015 at the Boise Gun Club include:

  •  Spring League, Fall League, Winter League. 
  • SCTP Youth State shoot – May
  • 22nd Annual Treasure Valley Singles Marathon in May.
  •  Multiplex shoots.   Mid week (Wed.)  June, July, and August.
  • ATA Fourth of July registered shoot.  July 4th and 5th.
  •  Club Championships and Annual member’s meeting (election of directors).  August 9th.
  •  Multiplex shoots – Sunday of the first full weekend of the month.  October, November, December
  •  Young Family Memorial Registered shoot.  November 1st.


Well, that’s it for another newsletter.  As you can see there is something for everyone in 2015 so blow the dust out of that gun barrel and come out and get shooting.

We would like to close by giving a very special thanks and a wish for a great 2015 to our staff (Bobbi, Trampas, Mike, and all the other trap help throughout the year) and to the club volunteers who make it possible to accomplish all that we do at the Boise Gun Club.  It is impressive