Winter Trap League Starts January 2, 2019.

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The bad weather that has plagued Southern Idaho trapshoots all year continued to strike the Boise Gun Club.  After a week of beautiful weather in the valley, Sunday dawned with a deep overcast and a prediction for rain starting in the late afternoon.  Instead, the rain began before shooting started and continued all day until the handicap was almost over.  Total rainfall for the day set an all-time record for that date in Boise.

Despite the weather conditions, 44 shooters shot 10,500 registered targets and turned in some nice scores.  Jeff DuPuis and Kody Klundt topped the 16’s with 99’s, All-Americans Shawn Cahoon and Stuart Welton paced the doubles with 97’s and Randy Brixey took the handicap champion’s buckle by three targets with a lone 98.  Cahoon edged Welton by one bird for the H-O-A with 285 and then again topped Welton by one in the Super High-Over-All buckle shoot-off where the champion and class winners shoot for a buckle and birds are added in singles and doubles for the B, C, and D class winners.  Cahoon broke 59 X 60 to win with the highest scratch ever recorded in this event.

Don Young donated $150 for two draw scores in the handicap.  Scores of 84 and 56 were drawn and Kent Harris took the $100 bill and Ric Thomas won the $50.

Five new members were signed up and 24 of the shooters took part in the PITA Multiplex also.  Father and son Randy and Codey Brixey each earned their first 25 and 50 Idaho PITA straight pins, Sherm Mullins earned his 50 pin, and Jim Cahoon, Terry Reininger, and Lorenzo Delcurto got their 25 straight pins.  In the Super H-O-A shoot-off for the first time ever, all five shooters ran the 20 singles.

Event 1.  100 Singles.  40 Entries.

Class AA               Jeff DuPuis                         99

A             Kody Klundt                       99

B             Scott Abo                            98 (won coin toss)

Randy Brixey                      98

Terry Reininger                 98 (took rookie)

C             John Workman                 96

D             Ron Veatch                         90

Vet                         Jim Fultz                               98

Sr. Vet                  Abe Wilson                         98

Lady                       Lois Delcurto                      88

Junior                    Phillip Barrus                      96

Rookie                  Terry Reininger                 98

Event 2.  100 Doubles.  27 Entries.

Class AA               Stuart Welton                    97

Shawn Cahoon                  97 (took Junior)

A             John Booth                         85

B             Jeff DuPuis                         92

C             Brad Thomas                      87

D             Mike March                        82

Vet                         Jim Fultz                               94

Sr. Vet                  Abe Wilson                         85

Lady                       LaHoma DuPuis                 70

Junior                    Shawn Cahoon                  97

Rookie                  Ric Thomas                         76

Event 3.  100 Handicap.  36 Entries.

Champion                           Randy Brixey                      98

18-21 yards                         Codey Brixey                     95

22-24 yards                         Scott Abo                            95

25-26 yards                         John Booth                         91

27 yards                               Shawn Cahoon                  93

Vet                                         Jim Fultz                               80

Sr. Vet                                  Bob Murphey                    89

Lady                                       LaHoma DuPuis                 83

Junior                                    Phillip Barrus                      85

Rookie                                  Terry Reininger                 85

Event 4.  50 Singles – Rookies Only.  4 Entries.

Winner                                 Ric Thomas                         43

R/U                                        June Gempler                   42

H-O-A Winners.

Champion                           Shawn Cahoon                  285

AA                                          Stuart Welton                    284

A                                             John Booth                         272

B                                             Scott Abo                            277

C                                             Carmel Gonzales              254

D                                             Ron Veatch                         253

Super H-O-A Shoot-Off.

Winner                                 Shawn Cahoon                  59 X 60

Stuart Welton                    58 X 60

Scott Abo                            56 X 60

Carmel Gonzales              54 X 60

Ron Veatch                         52 X 60