Shooters between May 25th and May 28th the club will be closed to the General Public because of the ATA Idaho State Shoot Events. Please feel free to come out and compete with us.

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Snake River Trapshooting Association

Week Nine Results

March 15, 2016

Here are the Boise Gun Club scores for week 10 of the SRTA League.

Wood River Gun Club: Steve Daigh, Jim Kuntz and Zack Sewell, 25; rookie Mike Burrell, 24; total 99; cumulative 953 — winners of the team championship.

Heyburn Dudes: Janet Merrill, Joe Nelson and Layne Rassmussen, 24; rookie Mat Hart, 20; total 92; cumulative 945.

Twin Falls Cliff Hangers: Jeff Wright, 25; Canyon Blakeslee, 24; Jeff Scott and Waylon Klundt, 23; rookie Adan Hansen, 21; total 93; cumulative 937.

Boise Gun Club: David Poseley and Kent Harris, 25; Dale Hurd, 24; rookie Mike Tackett, 20; total 94; cumulative 937.

Twin Falls Rim Runners: Gail Jones and Wade Mason, 25; Steve White, 22; rookie Pat McKenna, 19; total 91; cumulative 874.

Caldwell Gun Club: Roy Williams, 25; Norm Foster, 24; Lyle Feely, 23; no rookie; total 72; cumulative 712.