Winter Trap League Starts January 2, 2019.

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With the nicer weather coming so are the trap and skeet leagues; We have 17 league teams and I can’t be more excited.  It is fun to see everyone enjoying the nice weather, having fun hanging out and enjoying the sunshine and shooting with their pals.  This means we are looking forward to a fabulous league party so stay tuned….I am thinking BBQ and continental custers, maybe a buddy shoot or two.  If you have an idea for the league party please let me know….I am in the business of entertaining your ideas and this is your club and it’s your party.

I am dying to say this so here goes, “HAVE YOU SEEN THE CLUBHOUSE?”  Thanks to the directors and volunteers for helping our clubhouse get a much needed facelift.  Countless hours have been put into painting, re-hanging, organizing, watering and tidying up getting ready for three state shoots at our facility.  If you haven’t stopped by since the meat shoots, please come out and see the updates that have happened over the last few months.  There are plenty more upgrades to come,  so stop by often and witness the changes.  We love seeing you.

So about those three state shoots; first the youth Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCPT) shoot May 17-18 held collaboratively with Black Dog and the Boise Gun Club.  The kids will be shooting on Friday at Black Dog and Saturday at the BGC.  Come and support the kids and watch our sport’s future compete in sporting clays, trap, and skeet.  After that we will host the ATA state Shoot held May 24-27 and then the PITA state shoot will follow on June 28-20.

Many of us at the gun club would like to support your talents and or businesses.  I am asking that if you have a talent, hobby or business that you let us know about it so we can ask you first when we are in need of help on the many projects that go on out here behind the scenes.  Drop off your business card or let me or any of the other directors know what your trade or talents are and you will be the first we call when the opportunity arises for help, supplies, or services.  We rely on you to keep our business going so we would like to patronize your businesses and/or utilize your skills in return.

Happy Spring everyone!



Well, it has been a busy three months since the last BGC newsletter and, as Lahoma mentioned, it gets even busier as we move into the summer and the three state shoots.  Let’s get you caught up on some of the club activities during the winter and early spring.

January 6th.  Multiplex.  On a cold day to shoot, seven Boise shooters took part and Gene Hunt, Chester Carter, and Wayne Faude managed to hit Lewis class pay-offs. Bob Murphey was the $20 draw winner this time.

February 3rd.  Multiplex.  The Multiplex continues to grow.  This one was the biggest ever with 389 shooters participating, and 32 different gun clubs shooting the event.  Boise had 13 shooters and seven of them  hit the Lewis class pay-offs.  Skillful (or lucky) winners were:  Murphey, Carter, Faude, Jay Fraiser, Ed VanEtten, Rich Wehren, and Kent Harris. Ric Thomas won the $20 bill on the luck of the draw. The next Multiplex shoots will be the summer mid-week shoots in June, July, and August.  Look for them.

February 3rd.  Super Bowl Fun Shoot and Potluck.  Over 30 shooters and their guests enjoyed a day of shooting and eating at the club.  Jon Whipple won the Continental event with a perfect 50.  He was followed by Jay Frazier with 46 and VanEtten with 45.  Bill Adair topped the Singles event with 48 and right behind were Frazier with 47 and Van Etten with 46.  VanEtten fired the top score of 44 in the skeet event with Ricky Johnson second with 42 and Dyke Jones third with 40.  The top HOA score for the three event total was 135 X 150 and VanEtten took that honor.

Several fun shoots were also held with Bill Adair and Gene Hunt winning the first Custer, Adair again winning the second Custer, and Collin Goulding and Ric Thomas the winners of the third Custer.  On the food side of the day, there was more good food than people could eat, and in a spirited Chili Cook-off contest Elaine Littrell was voted the winner.  After the shooting and eating, a group stayed and watched the Super Bowl game on the club’s television.  A fun day all around!

Buckmaster Memorial Trapshoot.  February 17th.  John Booth was the star of the day as he fired an almost perfect 99 in the singles event and also won the HOA championship.  The shoot was held in memory of our shooting friends who passed away in 2012.

March 6th.  Happy birthday to Les Kreller!!  A (very) long-time member of the Boise Gun Club, Les Kreller had his 100th birthday on March 6th and a birthday party on March 9th that was attended by several BGC members.  Les was looking and feeling well and sent his best wishes out to everyone at the club.  (The cake was really good – ask Virgil).

March 16th.  Painting Work Party at the Gun Club.  Lahoma mentioned in her President’s message that the gun club has a new “spruced up” look.  Most of that was accomplished by club members and directors who spent lots of hours getting the club interior ready to be painted, getting the painting done, and then putting things back together after the paint was on.  Leonard Wehking spent a great amount of time filling in holes, cracks, and various wall damage before the painting was started.  Steve Eichenberger repaired our ceiling with some help from John Booth and Abe Wilson and things were finally ready to be painted on Saturday, March 16th.  It was an all-day job for most of those that showed up, but boy did it look good at the end of the day.  (By the way, it was easy to tell that women were involved in the planning for the paint job because the clubhouse is no longer just one color inside).

The painting crew consisted of:  President Lahoma, Booth, Bobbi Oldfield, Norm Foster, Wehking,  Harris, Wilson, Duncan Goundry, Andy Ritter, and Dale Hurd.  After the painting was completed, Booth, Wehking, and Wilson put up new bulletin boards that really look nice with the paint job.  The remodel job was a lot of work for a lot of members but the results were worth it. (And we’re not done yet).

March 17th.  Saint Patrick’s Day SCTP Youth Shoot.  23 eager young shooters from Horseshoe Bend, Mountain Home, and Boise competed for trophies and honors on a very windy St. Patrick’s Day.  They shot both trap and skeet and trophies were awarded Lewis Class system.  Shooters were also divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced groups.  Special thanks to the trap help who worked under very difficult conditions, all of the coaches, our special ladies who did a super job in the kitchen, and everyone who donated trophies, chili, pins, and other items to make the shoot activities and events fun for the kids and helped the shoot run smoothly.  The next SCTP youth activity at the BGC will be the trap and skeet events of the Idaho SCTP state shoot on Saturday, May 18th.

Winner’s List – Trap Event.  Beginners – 1st – Tanner Holmquist – 25 (won s.o.).  2nd – Madison Trujillo – 25.  3rd – GregTraubel – 23.  Intermediate – 1st – Mason Hershey – 33.  2nd – Noah Barnes – 29.  3rd – Bodie Brownlee – 28 (won s.o.).   Advanced – 1st – Steven James – 43 – (won s.o.).  2nd – Austin Northrup – 43.  3rd – Luke borden – 39.

Winner’s List – Skeet Event.  Beginners –1st – Bodie Brownlee – 29 (won s.o.).  2nd – David Doxey – 29.  3rd – Jake Hagerty – 28.  Intermediate – Luke Borden – 37.  2nd – Steven James – 35 (won s.o.).  3rd – Jared McMorrow – 35.

Team Winners – Trap Event.  1st – Squad 4 – 153.  Tanner H.  Michael G.  Austin N.  Andrew G.  2nd – Squad 5 – 137.  Skyler R.  Matthew H.  Luke B.  Bodie B.  3rd – Mt. Home – 125.  Greg T.  Jared S.  Steven J.  Mason H.

Team Winners – Skeet Event.  1st – 97.  Jared M.  Dalton J.  Jake H.  2nd – 95.  Luke B.  David D.  Brodie B.

3rd – 85 – Mt. Home.  Steven J.  Jared S.  Mason H.



HELP!  HELP!  HELP!  We are in dire need of volunteers to help with the SCTP youth state shoot to be held on May 17th and 18th.  Sporting Clays event on Friday, May 17th at the Black Dog club and the Trap and Skeet events to be held at the Boise Gun Club on Saturday, May 18th.   This is a big event and we want the young shooters to have a great experience.  If you can help one or both days, please contact Gerry Faude at 888-6033.




May 18th – SCPT State Shoot



 May 19th –  20th Annual Treasure Valley PITA Singles Marathon in honor of Chuck Terry (Mr. 10,000).  Programs at the club or call 345-0711.

May 24-27 – ATA State Shoot.  Programs at the club or call 345-0711.

June 28 – 30 PITA State Shoot.  Programs at the club in a couple of weeks or call 345-0711.

End of June – Start of the Summer League.

July 4th – ATA Registered Shoot.

August 3rd and 4th – ATA Registered Shoot.

August 18th – Nonregistered Club Championship Shoot and election of directors.

November 3rd – Young Family PITA Registered Shoot.


Club member kudos:  Shelby Birr – signed an athletic letter of intent to attend college in Arizona on a trapshooting scholarship.  Jim and June Gempler were honored and recognized at the Scooter’s Youth Hunting Camp on May 4th for their years of hard work and volunteering for the camp.

THE RUMOR IS:  We now have (or soon will have)  WI FI at the club.  Check with Bobbi the Great to see if this is truth or fiction.

Well, out of space for now.  Next club newsletter will be in July.