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ISSUE # 2 FOR 2010-2011.  DECEMBER.



Well, you’ve heard that old saying “If it wasn’t for bad luck we’d have no luck at all.”  That sure

could apply to the weather we have had at the club for many of our shooting events and lots of

our open practice days this year.  From lousy weather for state shoots in May and June, through

the big windstorm that knocked out our power and postponed the Club Championship Shoot,

the drenching rain at the Halloween Turkey Shoot, the record rainfall on the day of the Steve

Young registered shoot, the below zero temperatures the night of the Thanksgiving Turkey

Shoot, six Sundays in a row with rain or snow, and finally the record snowfall that closed us

down on December 1st,  we have had more than our share of tough shooting conditions.

Thanks to all of the club members who have supported the shooting activities in spite of the

trials and tribulations caused by the weather.  If the law of averages is working we should get

nice weather for the Christmas Meat Shoot on Sunday, December 19th and move into 2011 looking for all that nice weather we missed this year.  Enough griping about what we can’t control, let’s take a look at what’s been going on at the club the last couple of months.


Halloween Meat Shoot.  October 24th.  The rain poured!  Shooters finally resorted to shooting from under the awning by the outside tables.  We gave away 20 turkeys including four splatterboards.  Winners of the lucky BB on these were: Sandy Anthony, Tim Larsen, Melissa ? and Kent Harris.


Steve Young Memorial Registered Trapshoot.  November 7th.  We set a record for this date for rain as we got almost a half inch.  It rained all day until the handicap was almost over.  In spite of the rain we had over 40 shooters and some fine scores were shot.  Club members who had wins included:  Jeff DuPuis, Randy Brixey, Terry Reininger, Ron Veatch, Abe Wilson, Phillip Barrus, John Booth, LaHoma DuPuis, Ric Thomas, Codey Brixey, and June Gempler.  Special thanks to Tim Harris, Larry Wetzel, Don Nicely, Dustin Ferdinand, Nick and Jacki Young, Shelby Birr and everyone else who braved the elements and helped us score and put on the shoot.



PITA Multiplex Shoot.  November 7th.  The Multiplex was held in conjunction with the Steve Young Shoot.  The shooters from Boise competed against over 300 other shooters from 27 clubs and we had a good list of Lewis class money winners led by Randy Brixey who had the only 50 straight in the Multiplex handicap event and also posted a perfect 50 in the singles.  Other Boise winners were: Booth, Barrus, Sherm Mullins, Pete Miller, Carmel Gonzales, Levi Veatch, Mike March, Gene Hunt, Codey Brixey, Cody Klundt, Bob Murphey, Wilson, Jim Cahoon, John Fulghum, Ron Veatch and Richard Wehren.


Thanksgiving Meat Shoot.  November 24thIt was cold!! We had a good crowd and shot from 3 P.M. to about midnight and gave away 427 meat prizes of turkeys and hams (including one to pseudo-Fulghum.  We’re still looking for you pal).  The weather was tough on equipment and people and the Burn barrels were very popular behind each trap.  Some shooters brought portable shelters, heaters and other equipment to stay warm.  Liz Harris and Richard Wehren did a great job selling and shooting the Splatterboards and 15 were sold.  Winners included:  Tim Larsen, Rick Worth, Pat Fulghum, Dustin Carlson, Liz Harris, Duane Carley, Clay Grossman, Rob Cloninger, Taylor Clifford, Damon Black and Heather Stuckart.  In the “you wouldn’t believe it if you saw it in a movie” category – Heather had been trying to win on Splatterboards all night and on her last one she gave a “lucky shell” to Rich to shoot it.  Yep!  She won. A very sincere thanks to everyone who worked to make the shoot a big success.  It took a lot of people – both inside the clubhouse and outside to pull it off.


Second PITA Multiplex Shoot. December 5th.  The complete list of winners from Boise will appear in the next newsletter.  But “rumor” has it that Jay Fraiser, fresh back from work in Alaska, showed everyone how it was done with the only 50 straight in the doubles event in the entire Multiplex pool ($$$ coming).  Another winner for sure was Kent Harris who had a 50 straight in the singles.  It was a hectic day at the club as we were digging out from the deep snow and ice that closed the club on December 1st.  We had to clear around the clubhouse, get several traps cleared off, and then try and accommodate everyone wanting to catch up leagues, shoot practice, and shoot the multiplex.  We managed to get the last shooting done just before 5 P.M. as it was getting dark.  Thanks to John Workman who helped shovel snow and to Charlie Woodruff who cleared trap aprons of snow, loaded targets, and scored Multiplex most of the day.


Oh Joy, Oh Joy, We have a President.  You may have heard that the present club directors were  so modest that they all thought someone else should have the “honor” of being President.  True, no doubt, but we now have a full complement of officers and directors.  Dale Hurd “bit the bullet” and is the President.  First Vice-President – John Keppinger.  Second Vice-President – Stan Rushton.  Treasurer – Wayne Faude.  Secretary – Kent Harris.  Directors – Dale Ham, Abe Wilson, Pat Fulghum and Damon Black.  It is a good crew that works hard to do what is best for the club.


Shot Sale. At the board meeting of December 7th, it was decided that what shot is left will be sold to members who have not purchased up to their original limit.  It was felt that many club members would like to purchase a few more bags as finances and circumstances permit.  We are out of 9’s and 7 ½’s but have some 8’s left.


Rewire Project.  Many of you noticed the trenches dug in front of traps 1-6 a short time ago.  This section of our club has been rewired with new and bigger wire and should eliminate some of the problems we have had in the past.  In the Spring we plan to rewire the rest of the trap line and the Skeet fields.


Skeet Lights and All Orange Targets.  To improve the quality of night shooting for Skeet at the club we are in the process of adding more lights to the poles we have.  This project is scheduled for the week of December 20th (may have to miss a Wednesday of night shooting) and we have received some all orange targets with our last shipment.  We hope these two adjustments will make it more fun to shoot at night.


Fall Trap League.  The Fall league will have their league party on Wednesday, December 15th.  Awards and dinner. (Winners will be listed in the next Newsletter)  There will also be a Texas Hold Em’ tournament at the club that evening and fun shooting from 6:30-8:30  (see info on the enclosed flyer about the free shoot each Wednesday ).  Everyone is welcome!


Christmas Meat Shoot.  Noon to 5 on Sunday, December 19th.  Win Christmas or New Year’s dinner! (notice enclosed).  REMEMBER!! SAFETY FIRST!!  GUNS OPEN!!  LOAD ONE SHELL AT A TIME!! ABSOLUTLY NO-NO-NO ALCOHOL BEYOND THE SIDEWALK BEHIND THE TRAPS


Winter Trap League and SRTA.  Reserve night January 5th and first week of the league and the SRTA will be January 12th.  (see enclosed flyer)


Final Multiplex Shoots of the Season.  January 1st at Caldwell, January 2nd at Boise or Burley and February 5th at  Caldwell, February 6th at Boise or Burley.  REMEMBER YOU CAN SHOOT ONLY ONCE EACH WEEKEND.


Super Bowl Fun Shoot. February 6th.  In addition to our regular events and potluck dinner, we will be adding a trap for fun and meat shoots this year.  Shoot early, then enjoy the potluck or head off to the game and your own parties.


Buckmaster Memorial Trapshoot.  February 20th.  Thanks to a generous donation by Bob Price in memory of Ray Miller, there will be a very nice buckle for the handicap champion.  Also Elaine Claiborne will be attending with display items on Dave’s shooting career and one of his guns for sale.  This shoot is our chance to honor all of our shooting friends who passed away in 2010.


Future Projects.  Discussion has begun regarding possible club improvements to be made in the coming year. Things being considered are equipment upgrades, a new roof, improvements on the RV line, a reader board out front, and others.  If you have any suggestions for things you think the club needs, please pass them on to the directors for consideration.


Well, guess that’s all the news for now.  The board of directors thanks all club members for their support of the club in 2010 and wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a great shooting year in 2011!!