Winter Trap League Starts January 2, 2019.

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The Primer

Boise Gun Club Newsletter

2014, Issue #1 – January 2014

A Note from the President…

Brrrrr… might have noticed that winter is here.  Winter league starts soon so get your team together and come out and have some fun on Wednesdays and Sundays.   We will run the league Lewis class and have draw scores so everyone has a chance to win.  We will also make an effort to have meat shoots on Wednesday nights if the shooting membership is interested.  Please ask at the desk if you want to start a Custer or shoot some buddy shoots for meat prizes.  Prices to play are subject to change according to the number of people shooting and what types of games we want to play.

It is this time each year that I take pause and think about the past year.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I want to take this time to thank you all for your help in volunteering for our increasing number of events that we hold out here at your club.  I do need to take a minute to single out some people for their extra efforts.

Thank you, Nancy Goulding and Ellie Littrell for taking on the kitchen while we try to remodel and update our cooking area. You have made lots of people very happy that our kitchen is open for special events.  These ladies have a special reason to hang out at the club because Nancy’s sons and Ellie’s grandsons shoot on our SCTP team, coached by Jim Trujillo and assisted by Gerry Faude.  Thanks so much to the many volunteers who make our youth a priority at our gun club.

Rocky Mountain High School has formed a marksmanship club and it is headed by Jeff Blaser.  Mr. Blaser brings his students out periodically for friendly competition amongst themselves and the parents.  They are also considering shooting a future league.  On a side note, some of those kids and their families worked the Thanksgiving Turkey shoot for a $300 donation to their club.  We look forward to seeing them on a regular basis.

BSU continues to bring their shooting club on site to shoot.  Please watch for them and take the time to support them in any way you can.  I can’t express enough how fortunate we are to have our younger generation shooting on a regular basis.  Some of the BSU shooters volunteered their time at the turkey shoots as well.

Kathy Connerley and Spud Storey’s son, Connor, stayed at the gun club while he went to the Lineman school in Kuna.  In turn, they donated two trees and planted them on the west side of the gun club.  It is my hope that we will eventually have trees going down both sides of the trap line to allow some shade during the summer months while we shoot.

For the second year in a row, I will close with one last HUGE thank you to our volunteers for the Thanksgiving and Christmas shoots.  Without you these shoots would not be a possibility.  You all donated time and effort and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.   We gave out 691 meat prizes at the Thanksgiving shoot and 247 for the Christmas shoot.  Our shotgun raffle was a huge success, thank you, Jim Gempler, for your extra efforts to sell tickets.  Congratulations, Bret Bell, the winner of the Remington 1100 and case.  This event is such a success that we will do it again next year.

As most of you know, the turkey shoots are no small feat for sure, so to all you volunteers accept my handshake, hug and huge thanks.  You are the reason that I love coming here and working for you.  To anyone I have missed thanking in person, please know that I appreciate all you do for this club.  The directors and staff at the gun club can’t do it without you!

Housekeeping Items:

The gun club is looking for a cook so please give them the gun club’s number listed below if you know of anyone that might be interested in cooking for us on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Also, if you want to rent the facility for your special event or gathering, I am interested in talking to you as well.  This club is for you to utilize and we enjoy seeing you and celebrating with you.  We have done special shoots, bachelor parties, and fund raisers but we are open to suggestions if you want to hold your event here.

I wish you a joyous 2014 Lahoma Hooft, President

Hi everyone!  Well, it has been a while since the last newsletter came out so let’s take a look at some of the activities and accomplishments that have taken place out at the club since then.

May 18th – SCTP Youth State Shoot.  The Sporting Clays portion of the State shoot was held at Black Dogs the previous day with the trap and skeet portions shot at the Boise Gun Club.  We had a very large turn-out of young shooters and even with the wind they had a great time. Thanks to everyone who helped!  There was also an SCTP Youth Fun shoot held at the club on October 6th with 5 teams and 27 enthusiastic young shooters.  It was a fun and exciting day for the kids.

May 19th – The 20th Annual Treasure Valley Singles Marathon was held in honor of club member Charles Terry who became the only shooter to fire at all 10,000 targets over the twenty year period.  Hot shooter for the day was club member Levi Veatch who won the H-O-A and fired the only 100 straight of the day.  Yep, the wind was still there from the previous day.

May 24th-27th – The ATA state trapshoot was held with 900 registered targets being shot and with shooters from many different states in attendance.  We had our usual Memorial Day weekend weather with some rain several times but the shoot ran smoothly.

June 28th-30th – The PITA State trapshoot was held during record hot temperatures but shooters held up pretty well and scores were high. Stuart Welton dominated by winning three championships.

Multiplex Shoots – Summer Multiplex shoots were held in June, July, and August and Winter Multiplex shoots have been held in October, November, December, and January with the last Winter Multiplex to be held on February 2nd.  Attendance has been good except for the December Multiplex when the temperature was -10 degrees wind chill at shooting time.  Only one shooter shot it that day.


Spring, Fall, and Winter League Winners.  Trap and Skeet Leagues continue to be an important part of the activities at the club. We had a very large Spring League with 17 teams.

Spring League:

  • Skeet League High Shooter = Mark Johnson – 451
  • Skeet League Draw Score = Kevin Ruston
  • Trap League HOA = Jeff DuPuis – 471
  • Trap League Singles = Joe Poseley – 245
  • Trap League Handicap = John Fulghum – 234
  • Trap League High Lady = June Gempler – 399
  • Trap League High Rookie = Dennis Geis – 394
  • Trap League Draw Prize = Kurt Kuester, Jeff Raymond, Dustin Kuester, Chester Carter, Dale Hurd, Dave Poseley, and Bob Birch
  • Trap League Team Winners:
    • First Place: Ashley Glass – 2258
      • John Fulghum, Shon Ashley, Richard Bell, Cliff Gassert, and Jeff DuPuis
    • First Lewis Team: No Names – 2075
      • Chad Nelson, Kevin Romero, Cheryl Miller, Lahoma Hooft, and Mike Miller
    • Second Lewis Team: Lady and the Tramps – 2011
      • George Sanders, Triffie Ransom, Norman Foster, David Hangartner, and Larry Cantrell
    • Third Lewis Team: Magic Valley Outlaws – 1745
      • Larry Satterwhite, Grant Simonds, Frank Muguira, Steve Browning, and Greg Hine

Summer League:

  • Trap League HOA = Dave Poseley – 473
  • Trap League Singles = Shon Ashley – 246
  • Trap League Handicap = Leonard Wehking – 228
  • Trap League Draw Prize = Tim Ault, Guy Johnson, Don Moormeister, Steven James, and John Hrnjak
  • Trap League Team Winners:
    • First Place: Get-A-Life – 2289
      • John Fulghum, Shon Ashley, Bill Hatch, Richard Bell, and Jeff DuPuis
    • First Lewis Team: Blue Cup Boys – 2108
      • Abe Wilson, Dale Ham, Jim Wilson, John Booth, and Chester Carter
    • Second Lewis Team: Early Birds – 1558
      • Chuck Terry, Larry Wetzel, Chuck Whipple, and Wayne Pickerill

Fall League:

  • Trap League HOA = Kent Harris – 464
  • Trap League Singles = John Booth – 241
  • Trap League Handicap = Norm Foster – 225
  • Trap League Draw Prize = Carter, Terry, and Larry Wetzel
  • Trap League Team Winners:
    • First Place: High Life – 2171
      • John Fulghum, Dave Poseley, Steven James, Don Moormeister, and Richard Wehren
    • First Lewis Team: Lady and the Tramps – 2011
      • Larry Cantrell, David Hangartner, Norman Foster, Triffie Ransom, George Sanders
    • Second Lewis Team: Hard Triggers – 1840
      • Kent Harris, Pat Hrnjak, John Hrnjak, Ron Stoltenberg, and Dave Mackey


The Winter League is set to start with Reserve Night on January 8th.  Come out and shoot it.  Don’t sit inside your house all winter waiting for Spring.  The stove at the club is warm, and the targets are waiting to be broken

Registered Trapshoots – The club held several tournaments during the summer and fall including the ATA Silver Shoot in August and the PITA Young Family Memorial shoot in November.  The registered shoot schedule for 2014 for Southern Idaho is out.  Ask Bobbi for one at the club.

Club Championship – The Annual Club shoot, banquet, and election were held on August 18th.

  • Big winners were:
    • Shon Ashley – Club champion – 233 X 250
    • Trap HOA – Dave Poseley – 141 X 150
    • Skeet and Continental HOA – Ed Van Etten – 94 X100.
    • Club directors elected for 2013 – 2014 were:
      • Lahoma Hooft
      • George Stevens
      • Duncan Goundry
      • Leonard Wehking
      • Dale Hurd
      • John Booth
      • Abe Wilson
      • Wayne Faude
      • Gerry Faude


Weather Station – Thanks to Richard Wehren for his donation of a weather station for the club.  It is fun to see how warm (or cold) it really is, how hard the wind is really blowing, or what the wind chill is as you bundle up to go out and shoot on these winter days.

Kudos – Former club member, director, and club champion Ron Meyers was selected by Institutional Investor, a premier investment trade journal, as the 2013 Small Corporate Pension Fund Manager of the Year.  Ron is employed by Idaho Power.

Congratulations to club member Lonnie Eads for his big win at the Skeet Nationals in Texas


Upcoming Events:

As we head toward spring, don’t forget that there will be a lot going on at the club this winter.

Winter League starts January 8th

Super Bowl Fun Shoot (and chili cook-off) is on February 2nd

Final Multiplex of the winter season will be February 2nd

The Buckmaster Memorial PITA Trapshoot will be February 16th

ATA Trapshoot will be held on March 9th

The Spring League will begin around the first of April

Get involved and be a part of the fun out at your gun club!

That’s it for now.  Stay Warm and have Fun!