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Issue #3 – March 2011



Greetings from the President
Hi everyone!  As this is my first note to the membership as President, I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me to the gun club.  I really look forward to coming out to shoot when time allows and I have really enjoyed all of the new friends I have made.  I wish I had started this decades ago, live and learn I guess.  I also would like to thank everyone who has helped with improvements that we either have made or are trying to make.  We have completed the wiring project on the west half of the trap line and we will be starting on the east half sometime this spring.  We have changed the lighting on the skeet fields and went to all orange targets for night skeet shooting.  Unfortunately we had no idea how many of the all orange targets we would go through and we ran out.  Again, we live and learn.  These improvements have been a lot of work and a lot of members have put in a lot of their own time, skill and money into making them.  Give ’em a pat on the back.


I thought you might want to know what the board has been up to.  We are currently taking bids for a replacement roof.  If any of you have looked at our current roof you know it is in bad shape.  We will be replacing one of our printers with a new laser printer with the idea that it will save time and cut our newsletter, program, and notices printing costs.  In order to help cut our target breakage cost we are looking into a card/coin operated practice system.  We also are looking at hosting some charity shoots this summer and we will be hosting the 2011 ATA Idaho State Trapshoot over Memorial Day weekend.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you that come out to shoot, especially this last year.  I’m sure that you noticed that the weather has not been our friend!  You might want to know that most of the reason we are able to make the needed capital improvements is because you come out to shoot.  The money that we are using is coming from the sale of the shot we mined this last year.

Thanks everyone and bust’em all,

Dale Hurd – President, Boise Gun Club

Message from the Treasurer

Currently, the financial condition of the Boise Gun Club would appear to be very strong.  This is due largely to the mining, reclamation and sale of the lead shot.

Normally the shot is mined on a five year rotation basis with a sixty-forty split between the processor, Northwest Shot Mfg. Inc., and the Boise Gun Club respectively.  Due to unfavorable wet weather conditions In neighboring states, the business of shot mining was limited.  Northwest Shot Mfg. Inc. approached the Boise Gun Club directors with an offer to mine the range this year instead of next with fifty, instead of the usual forty percent of the proceeds going to the Boise Gun Club.  The board accepted the offer.  The Boise Gun Club received $35,654 in cash plus $26,000 from the sale of our share to club members.

We currently have a little over $56,000 in the general operating account and $4,388 in a business money market account.  The difference between the cash on hand in the operating account and the income from the shot mining is largely due to the $6,541 payment for the annual liability insurance.  So it appears as far as general routine operation of the Club, we are realistically on a break even basis.

The business money market account represents money donated and paid into the Boise Gun Club trap handicap perpetual purses and the Steve Young Memorial trap handicap perpetual purses.  The amount in the business money market account is less than what it should be because the dollars paid to play the perpetual purse options at registered trap shoots have been deposited, with the regular proceeds of registered trap shoots, into the Boise Gun Club general operating account.  We have the correct numbers for the perpetual purses and appropriate adjustments are in progress.

So, with the current financial condition of the Boise Gun Club, the Board of Directors is considering capital improvements to the Club while maintaining a prudent cash balance in the operating account.  We are considering re-roofing the Clubhouse and have solicited bids.  One bid has been received and we anticipate three more shortly.  We are also planning to rewire the East half of the shooting fields.  Fields one through six were rewired last year.  We are also investigating and discussing coin or card operating shooting systems in lieu of our present practice ticket system.

Representatives of the various coin and card operating system companies boast of saving labor costs and better target usage control.

If you have other suggestions for club improvements please let the directors know.

Wayne Faude – Treasurer



Practice Shoot Tickets

In March of 2010, the club went to color coded consecutively numbered practice shoot tickets.  Skeet tickets are some shade or orange and trap tickets are some shade of green.  To date (03-09-1011) we have sold 3919 skeet tickets and 6942 trap tickets.  Having them color coded and consecutively numbered provides a snapshot of shooting activity and provides a greater degree of accountability.  The number of every ticket and the person who purchased it is recorded in a journal and in a computer data base.  When the tickets are used they are again recorded and cross referenced in the computer data base.  Boise Gun Club secretary, Kent Harris collects the cards after each day of shooting and calculates the number of targets those tickets represent.  That number in addition to league ticket targets, registered shoot targerts, and fun shoot targets are compared with the total target inventory each month.  Yes, he physically goes out to the Club at the end of every month and counts the cases of targets in the shed and all the targets in the trap and skeet houses and machines.  He provides a written report on the results at each monthly board meeting.  Frankly we are showing more breakage (shrinkage) than we believe we should.  In other words, it appears that we are going through more targets than the collected tickets justify (even allowing for a generous breakage figure of 10%).  One plausible explanation is that the trap help may not be remembering to turn in all the practice tickets.  And if that’s the case, where those tickets might end up is anyone’s guess, especially those without a name.

One of the interesting phenomenon that came to light in one of Kent’s reports was that when there were registered trap shoots during a month the percentage or shrinkage was considerably less.  Why.?  When we have registered shoots we throw a significantly greater number of targets under very, very controlled conditions.

Our practice ticket procedure, while convenient, does have some accountability limitations.  As a result of our recording of the consecutively numbered tickets and the purchasers we have found that on more than one occasion the same ticket has been used a second time, and not by the buyer.  The opportunity for that situation is enhanced when the trap help is delinquent in collecting the shoot tickets in a timely manner.

While I do not have firsthand knowledge, I have been told that used, unsigned tickets in the past have been resold by employees at reduced prices.  Money that never made it to the Gun Club coffers.

How can we all help?  Simply putting your name on your tickets (ink helps prevent erasures) will help.  There is resistance from some for the minor inconvenience of putting their name on the ticket, especially when shooters buy blocks of tickets.  Putting your name on the ticket is appreciated by our liability insurance underwriter because of the waiver on the reverse side of the ticket.  And if you misplaced your tickets, a fellow member/shooter would know who they belonged to and could return them rather than use them to shoot.  Your name, in ink, on the ticket will discourage unethical use or misuse of your tickets and protect the bottom line of the Boise Gun Club.

The message, lacking broad specific evidence, is not pointing a finger at any individual.  It is just intended to inform and alert you of the potential for abuse of the honor system employed by the Boise Gun Club.

Members it’s your Club.  Please help improve our accountability and bottom line.  Please put your name on your practice tickets!

Wayne Faude – Treasurer


Well, now that you have been brought up to speed by Dale and Wayne on the financial condition of the club and past and upcoming capital improvements we are making, let’s see what has been going on shooting-wise (and social-wise) at the club since the last newsletter.


Fall League – Winners and League Party.  The Fall League party was held on December 15th with awards, dinner, shooting and a Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament. Art Voorhis was the big gun as he won the H-O-A award with a fine score of 478 X 500.  Voorhis and John Booth tied for high singles shooter with Booth taking the award with 245 X 250.  Dave Poseley and Voorhis were tied for high handicap shooter with scores of 233 X 250 with Poseley taking that award.

In the team races the A & E team of Randy and Codey Brixey, Virgil Perry, Terry Reininger and Voorhis won the AA division and the Early Birds team of Chuck Terry, Don Moormeister, Charlie Whipple, Duane Carley and Larry Wetzel won the A division.

The Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament ended in a tie for first place as Jim Gemplerand the mysterious Canadian chopped the pot.

Steve and Trish did their usual fine job providing the league party dinner for shooters and their guests.


Multiplex Shoots – December, January and February.  Club shooters had a lot of fun and many won cash prizes. Some because they shot very well (skill) and some because of the Lewis class (luck).  Over 300 shooters from 30 clubs throughout the Northwest took part in the Multiplex this year.  December 5th.  Boise winners in the singles event were Kent Harris , Jay Frasier, Codey Brixey, Terry Reininger, and John Workman.  Jay Frasier had a big win with the only 50 straight in doubles.  January 2nd.  John Booth and Wayne Faude had 50’s in the singles and Jeff Poseley won cash with a 49 in handicap and 48 in doubles.  February 6th.  Art Voorhis, Abe Wilson, Virgil Perry and Levi Veatch hit Lewis classes in the singles.  In the biggest event in the two year history of the Multiplex (358), Boise Gun Club members Wayne Faude and Levi Veatch topped them all with the only 49’s of the day in the handicap event.  Randy Brixey also hit a handicap Lewis.  Voorhis and Veatch hit Lewis pay-offs in the doubles.  Special congratulations to Levi as he won the PITA H-O-A Champion’s pin for the entire February 6th Multiplex with a score of 145 X 150.  Plan to shoot the Multiplex next year. It is a fun diversion from the winter blahs of November, December, January and February.  The Lewis Class pay-offs give everyone a chance to win!


Christmas Meat Shoot.  December 19th.  We thought we might finally catch a weather break for one of our meat shoots as the day started cloudy but dry. However, in just a short time the rain began and it was steady, cold, and wet.  In spite of the weather we gave out 156 meat prizes for the day.  The ten splatterboard winners were:  K. Watters, Erin Fox, Dale Ham, Abe Wilson, Gerry Faude, John Booth, Arlie ?, Patricia Deweese, Darron Ackerland and Ashley Helm.


Superbowl Fun Shoot and Party – February 6th.  It was a wonderful day for having fun shooting and eating great food.  There was also a beverage

exchange (dominated by that “lucky” Jim Gempler) and a Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament that was a fund raiser for the Boise Rescue Mission.


Besides the Multiplex shooting (see above), there were meat shoots and fun shoots available.

Dave Poseley dominated the fun shoot events as he won the H-O-A with 227 X 250, the singles with 49, the handicap with 47 and the oscillating doubles with 45.  Jon Whipple took the Continental trophy with 49 and Roy Dahl led the scoring in the skeet event with 42.

The Texas Hold ‘Em Fundraiser was able to turn in $250 as a donation from the Boise Gun Club.

To the Boise Rescue Mission.  Liz Harris and Tracy Dursteler split first and second and Jim Gempler took third.  Ken Vandensmeele had the first boat and first trips.  Dennis Dursteler had the first flush and Sonja Whipple the first straight.  Players who were able to win with 7-2 (the worst hand) were Vandensmeele and Max Breidfjord.

We had a big crowd and there was plenty of food for all, thanks to Dale Ham cooking the turkeys for the main course and all of the food brought by people who attended.

The club would like to give a special thanks to Elli Kohlbecker for her help with the food and Potluck, Gerry Faude for her cleaning of the clubhouse and helping to cashier the fun shoot events,  and Liz Harris for organizing the beverage exchange and the Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament.  Plan to attend next year!!


Skeet Light Project.  A big thanks to those who spent considerable time and effort in sometimes inclement weather upgrading the skeet field lights.  The Northwest Lineman College provided equipment and personnel to lower the poles and lights so the lights could be replaced.  BGC Life Member John Huddleston provided a fork lift, bucket, and personnel to erect the poles after the new lights had been installed.

In the interim, a few Club members spent considerable time welding, replacing lights, and assisting with the revamping.  These members included John Keppinger, Abe Wilson, Charlie Woodruff, and Wayne Faude.  Also a thank you to Ric Thomas, a new member, who provided steel for cross-member supports.


Firewood.  A second and grateful thanks to the Northwest Lineman College for the obsolete utility poles they donated to the Boise Gun Club for firewood. The poles make excellent firewood to warm the Clubhouse.  We obtained two large trailer loads, nearly five cords,  Club members involved in the sawing  and transporting of the firewood included Abe Wilson, Charlie Woodruff, Jim Gempler, Dale Ham and Wayne Faude.  Thanks to everyone who helped on this project.  In appreciation the Club made a contribution to the Northwest Lineman College scholarship fund.


D.S.T.  Don’t forget that by the time you receive this newsletter we will have gone onto Daylight Savings Time which will give us more daylight to shoot at the club on Wednesday evenings.  Take advantage of the shooting activities being planned for this spring.


Free Wednesday Evening Custer.  As many of you know the club has been offering a free Custer shoot at 6:30 p.m. each Wednesday evening at the club since December 15th.  The meat prize and the targets are provided by the club.  This will continue at least through May and perhaps longer.  With D.S.T. we can now shoot it in the daylight!  Winners so far include:

December 15th – Dave Poseley,

December 22nd – the BSU Bowl Game,

December 29th – Marty Anderson,

January 5th – Ed Van Etten,

January 12th, Randy Brixey,

January 19th – Ed VanEtten,

January 26th – winner missing,

February2nd – Steve Wright,

February 9th – Stuart Welton,

February 16th – Ed VanEtten,

February 23 – Dave Poseley,

February 30 – Dave Poseley,

March 2nd – Dave Poseley.


It looks as if we need to muster up more firepower to keep these guys from Mountain Home and Grandview (not mentioning any names, Ed and Dave) from dominating this event.  Bring a few extra shells and shoot it for free!!


Sporting Clays Winners.  Club members John Huddleston and Jerry Inouye were both winners at the Vale Sporting clays shoot on January 19th.  John won the H-O-A on a tie-breaker and Jerry took AA1 class honors.


Buckmaster Memorial Trapshoot.  February 20th.  The shoot was held in honor of the memory of our shooting friends who passed away in 2010.  We finally didn’t have to shoot in the rain (it snowed almost all day).  In spite of the weather (again) we had a good crowd of over 40 shooters attend and shoot over 10,000 targets.  Club members who had wins included:  Kent Harris, Ed VanEtten, Dale Hurd, Wayne Faude, Richard Wehren, Phillip Barrus, Terry Reininger, Joe Buresh, Levi Veatch, Russ Westerberg, Ric Thomas, Gene Hunt, and John Booth.


Next Texas Hold ‘Em Night.  We will play again on Wednesday evening March 23rd (probably starting around 7 p.m.).  This will be in conjunction with the Winter League dinner and awards ceremony.  Everyone is welcome to play!

Come out and learn how and have fun with us!!



Final numbers are in for the 2010 target year.  The Boise Gun Club threw a total of 633,264 targets.  This included:  Trap practice = 163,175. Skeet practice = 78,975.  Registered trap = 273,815.  Trap league = 79,325. Fun shoot targets = 38,469.  Keep in mind that 2010 was not a typical year as we hosted both the ATA and PITA state trapshoots.


Buy – Sell – Trade – Give Away.

I know a guy who was loading Gold Medal hulls with one ounce wads but they were sinking way down so he figured he would use a different wad and bought a bag of ounce and 1/8th wads to solve the problem (guess what happened).  He used two wads before he saw the error of his ways, so if anyone would like 498 purple (pink) 12 gauge 1 – 1/8 ounce claybuster wads call Kent at 345-0711.  Also to give away are about 8-10 small bags of assorted 410 wads.  Anyone that could use these call the same number.