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ISSUE # 1 FOR 2010-2011. OCTOBER.

Hi everyone! Welcome to another shooting year at the Boise Gun Club. It’s time to take a look at what has happened at the club over the past couple of months and start looking ahead to all of the activities and shooting scheduled for the upcoming year. BE SURE and save your enclosed notice for the meat shoots scheduled for Sunday, October 24th, Wednesday, November 24th, and Sunday, December 19th. Also check out the activities at the club for Saturday, October 30th.
Club Championship Shoot (first try) – August 22nd.

The shooting had to be cancelled for the day (first time for a scheduled event in the 39 years at this location) because the awful windstorm from the previous evening knocked out the power. Those in attendance were able to enjoy a great breakfast compliments of Steve and Trish Deweese because they were able to cook on their gas grill. We were also able to held the annual membership meeting and made one Bylaw change and approved the Bylaws as amended. The club shoot was also rescheduled to September 19th and the board of directors for 2010-2011 was elected.

Directors elected were: Damon Black, Stan Rushton, Pat Fulghum, John Keppinger, Abe Wilson, Dale Hurd, Dale Ham, Wayne Faude and Kent Harris. The board has held three meetings in the first six weeks of their term as they get organized for the fall shooting events at the club.

August 28-29 ATA Registered Shoot.

Club members dominated the winner’s list as Levi Veatch won six times including the handicap on Sunday, and Rich Wehren also had six wins including the High-Over-All championship. Other club member winners were: Terry Cook, Shelby Birr, Bob and Bobby Kelly, Virgil Perry, Abe Wilson, Rick Veatch, Greg Panter, John Booth, Helen Keppinger, Damon Black, Vaughn Kelly, Dave Poseley, Sandy Anthony, Ernie Richardson, Harley Lekvold and Kent Harris.

Tom Knapp Shooting Show and Fun Shoot – September 11th.

A large crowd was treated to a great display of shotgun shooting from Tom Knapp including “Shotgun Salad” and shooting at nine targets in the air at one time. Tom also signed autographs, took pictures, and talked to people after his show. The hot fun shooter for the day was Pat Fulghum as he won three of five events. Pat topped the 16’s with a perfect 50, the handicap with 49 and the doubles with 49. Dave Poseley captured the Continental event with a 50 straight and Dyke Jones won the skeet event with a 47.

Summer League Winners and Awards – September 15th.

Nine teams competed in the Summer League and held their party on September 15th.

Winners included:

  • C Division – Yanke Dusters. Joe Buresh, Ric Thomas, Jim Gempler, Jim Budofson and Henry Reiman.
  • B Division – Morning Mist Kennels. John Keppinger, Guy Johnson, Wayne Faude, Ron Phillips and Tim Ault.
  • A Division – KB Welding. Tim Hill, Dave Aschenbrener, Art Voorhis, Nick Hill and Matt March.

Individual Winners.

  • High 16’s – Rich Bell – 247.
  • High Handicap – Chuck Terry 231.
  • High-Over-All – Nick Hill 483 x 500.
  • High Lady – Lahoma DuPuis.

There were also drawings for prizes donated by the league, meal tickets donated by Steve and Trish Deweese and a Texas Hold Em’ Tournament. Card Shark winners here included:

  • Gordon Soden – First Flush,
  • John Gross – First Straight,
  • First Full Boat – Max Breidfjord.
  • Fourth Place – Liz the bubble girl
  • Third – John Gross
  • Second – Max Breidfjord
  • First – Russ Babcock.

Boise Rescue Mission Visit. September 17th.

Club directors Damon Black, Wayne Faude and Kent Harris took a tour of City Light Home for Women and Children, River of Life Men’s Shelter (including a floor for Veterans) and the Warehouse. It was an interesting and emotional tour and was conducted for the purpose of gathering information for a partnership fundraiser for the Rescue Mission. Details are being worked on and the event will take place after the first of the year. WATCH FOR IT!! Also don’t forget that you can still donate books at the club to the Idaho Youth Ranch.

Club Championship Shoot – September 19th.

Well, we finally got to shoot it and some good scores were turned in. Bob Kelly won the Club Championship (on the total of the five events) with a score of 233 and he also won the Handicap Championship with 47. Ron Wright won the buckle for the combined scores from the Continental and Skeet events with 94. Taylor Westerberg was the Skeet Champion with 48 and Pat Fulghum had a perfect 50 to win the continental event. Kent Harris topped the 16’s with 50 and the doubles with 48 and won the combined buckle for the trap events with 145. Other club members who had wins or tied for wins included: 16’s – John Kelner, John Booth, Jeff DuPuis, Kirk Bork, Dave Poseley, Helen Keppinger, Charlie Whipple and Shelby Birr. Handicap – Harris, Birr, Whipple, Bork, Poseley and Virgil Perry. Doubles – Booth, Pat Fulghum, Gary Wright, Jon Whipple, Kelner, and Duane Carley. Continental – Kelly, Carley, Booth, Westerberg and Jeff Hertel. Skeet – Doug Fisher, Gary Wright, Booth, Poseley, Dell Hartley, Hertel, and Bork. Special Category Winners. Lady – Helen Keppinger, Junior – Shelby Birr and Veteran – Richard Wehren. Members also enjoyed a good steak dinner after the shooting was over.

ACEC Shoot. September 23rd.

The Fifth Annual ACEC Trap and Skeet shoot was a big success. 140 shooters shot the 50 bird events and there was lots of food and lots of prizes in the raffle. The club would like to thank Rex Hansen, Chris Pomeroy, Gary Wright and everyone else who helped make this event run so well.

Trap Practice Change.

If you have been shooting at the club in the past month you are aware that we have gone back to putting trap practice tickets in the clips out on the line. If you like this system, please help us by putting your names on your tickets and eliminating possible problems.

Shot Mining.

club is currently mining the shot at the gun club. We had intended to wait another year but we got an offer “we couldn’t refuse.” The plan is to return 1/3 of the club’s shot as new shot and it will be sold to the members at a good price. As soon as the mining is completed and we have all the costs and details worked out, we will send a special notice to all current club members.

Meat Shoots.

As mentioned earlier the club has meat shoots scheduled for:

  • Sunday, October 24th
  • Wednesday, November 24th
  • Sunday, December 19th.

Buy-Sell-Trade-Give Away

For Sale:

  • South African Safaris for two hunters. Two Impalas, two Blesboks, one Jackal and one porcupine. Four days and one night of hunting. Other game available.You pay air fare and trophy care and shipping. Good for 2010 and 2011.$600. Call Dell Hartley at 343-8174.

Give Away:

  • Cab top boat carriers. One pair. Five feet long. Call Kent at 345-0711.

(If you want something listed in the next newsletter call Kent. Members only)

Odds and Ends:

Thanks to Charlie Woodruff, Dell Hartley, Gerry Faude, Wayne Pickerill, Rick Veatch and Larry Wetzel for their help scoring at the August 28th and 29th registered shoot. Also to everyone who helped at the Club Shoot and the ACEC shoot with the scoring and other necessary jobs. We will be needing help with the scoring at the three meat shoots and the Steve Young Memorial shoot on November 7th. Remember, if you want to keep the cost of shooting down at the club, this is an easy way you can help accomplish that. If you can even help for one day it saves the club a lot!!.
Tip of the Hat!

Damon Black is one of our newer shooters (he got started about a year ago at the meat shoots). He was watching continental being shot and decided to try it and on the first night he shot it he broke a 25 straight. That is a worthy accomplishment for any shooter – new or experienced. Congratulations Damon!!

Well, out of space, time and news. Still time to come out and shoot the Fall League.
Don’t forget the meat shoots and the Steve Young. Good luck hunters! We’ll see everyone at
the club this Fall. If you have anything for the next newsletter (Dec-Jan) call Kent at 345-0711