Board of Director Minutes – February 5th, 2020

Board of Director Minutes – February 5th, 2020

1.         Call to Order:

The BGC Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President Keppinger at 6:00 pm. 

Board members present:  Faude, Hurd, Van Etten, Eads, Wehking, Turner

Board members absent: Graham, Bezemer

Members/Guests: Kent Harris, Guy Johnson

Duty roster for Director on Duty for February 2020 was circulated.

2.         Secretary’s report:  Minutes of 8 January 2020 were distributed for board approval Wehking motioned and Eads seconded to approve the minutes as written.  Secretary’s report was approved.

3.         Treasurer’s report:  The January 2020 Profit and Loss (P&L) was presented by Wehking.  Total income was $9,080.70.  Minus Cost of Goods Sold ($4,206.69), Gross Profit was $4,874.01.  Total expenses were $5,455.34.  Major expenses were $2,473.38 for labor.  Net ordinary income was ($-581.33).  Net income was ($-507.33).  Wehking commented that historically that losses in the month of January are not uncommon.  There is about $46,882 in the bank.  Turner moved to accept treasurer’s report, seconded by Hurd.  Treasurer’s report approved.  OF NOTE:  Wehking informed the board that the BGC debit card number was stolen and a potential purchase of about $700 was attempted at a Walmart in Arkansas.  The purchase was declined, the bank called Leonard, the debit card was cancelled and a new card was issued. The gun club did not lose any money in this credit card number theft. 

4.         Monthly Target Report: As of 1 February 2020, there were 792 cases of targets on hand, compared to 992 cases on 1 January 2020.  Total target activity amounted to an unknown number of targets.  Breakage for the month is unknown.  Due to lack of information for skeet and trap practice rounds breakage is unable to be calculated.

5.         Old Business:

a.         Super BowlShoot:  Attendance was down.   FOR FUTURE: all meat shoot information should be nailed down prior to the Thanksgiving shoot to decrease paper, printing and mailing costs, not to mention director man hours to make three different flyers and three sets of labels. For all future meat shoots, the board recommends having a schedule that includes rotation and breaks for volunteers.  Too many volunteers are working long hours in the cold without

Accounting Firm: Wehking met with Corey Smith.  Payroll, monthly, quarterly and specialty taxes are a concern when the office manager is out.  Wehking will get pricing for two companies to take on these important tasks.

c.         Rebricking Wood Stove:  This has been completed.

d.         Target Order: Wehking will order a load of targets mid-February

e.         ID F&G Grant:  AD HOC Meeting results:  We were asked to bring a match to obtain the skeet traps with a grant which would allow us to obtain another set of skeet traps for $2K.  Skeet 1-3 would then be equipped with all new traps.  Discussion presented that with the sale of the old traps we are attempting to take no less than $2K or more so this would end up being zero cost to the club. The ad hoc board passed the motion to purchase the third set of skeet traps. 

6.         New business:

a.         ISSM:  Kent Harris and Guy Johnson came to present some challenges with putting a building on BGC property.  The first challenge is where the highway district can put a road, which is right up to the fence line requiring relocation of fence and gate.  There is a 50’ requirement away from the road that a building can be placed.  Second challenge is the septic.  It has not been inspected for the last four years which by the county rules is labeled abandoned.  This could lead to increased cost to put the septic up to code however, Abe has been maintaining the septic tank.  ISSM board will go out and try to find other options for a building that will not jeopardize the BGC status with the county.

b.         Trap rebuild:  The ISTA state shoot is being held at the BGC this year and the board believes that at least two of the traps should be rebuilt in order to have a successful shoot.  Eads submitted a grant for two new traps or to rebuild two traps.  We are awaiting grant approval to see if we can order new traps or crate our old traps and get them sent of in order for us to have them in play for the state shoot in May 2020. 

c.         Trap Issues:  Trap 6 is leaking oil. Wehking and Abe Wilson are on task to fix.  It was also brought up to flip some lids on some of the worst traps and also painting the traps green before the ISTA state shoot.  Boise Buckshots are willing to do the work–tabled. 

d.         Target chips: Keppinger would like to fill the east end traps with target chips and Turner also suggested to spread some throughout the parking lot to decrease dust and mud in the clubhouse.  Keppinger will talk to Chester or will rent a tractor to do this.

e.         4-H State Youth Shoot Contract is signed and filed in the minutes book.  $0.20/target and $15/night RV space rental

f.          Defibrillator:  We had a member go down in the clubhouse and other members inquired about having a defibrillator on site.  Our interpretation of the Idaho statute leads this board to believe that it would more of a liability to have one onsite.  A copy of the statute is also filed in the minutes binder with these minutes.

7.         Upcoming events:   

a.         March 4, 2020:   Multiplex

b.         March 8, 2020:   PITA Buckmaster Memorial

c.         April 3-4, 2020:  NSSA Level 1 Instructor Class

d.         April 8, 2020:     Multiplex

e.         April 18, 2020:   BSU High Desert Duel

f.          April 25, 2020:   NSSA Skeet Shoot Spring Thaw

g.         April 26, 20520: ATA Spring Fling

8.         Round Table Discussion:

a.         Nothing to report

9.         Suggestion Box:  Nothing this month.

10.       Next Board of Directors meeting: Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 6:00 pm at the BGC clubhouse.

11.       Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn meeting by Turner, seconded Hurd.  Meeting adjourned at 7:26 pm.  

Respectfully submitted, Lahoma Turner, Secretary, Boise Gun Club.

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