1.         Call to Order:

The BGC Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President Keppinger at 6:15 pm. 

Board members present:  Faude, Hurd, VanEtten, Eads, Wehking, Turner, Bezemer

Board members absent: Graham

Members/Guests: None

Duty roster for Director on Duty for March 2020 was circulated.

2.         Secretary’s report:  Minutes of 8 January 2020 were distributed for board approval Hurd motioned and Bezemer seconded to approve the minutes as written.  Secretary’s report was approved.

3.         Treasurer’s report:  The February 2020 Profit and Loss (P&L) was presented by Wehking.  Total income was $10,763.78.  Minus Cost of Goods Sold ($4,840.38), Gross Profit was $5923.40.  Total expenses were $8279.25.  Major expenses were $2,159.16 for labor and $2187.62 for freight on targets.  Net ordinary income was ($-2355.85).  Net income was ($-2252.85).  We would have have come close to zero net loss but target freight costs were the difference.  There is about $30,000 in the bank.  Turner moved to accept treasurer’s report, seconded by Hurd.  Treasurer’s report approved. 

4.         Monthly Target Report: As of 1 February 2020, there were 1994 cases of targets on hand, compared to 792 cases on 1 February 2020.  Total target activity amounted to an unknown number of targets.  Breakage for the month is unknown.  Due to lack of information for skeet and trap practice rounds breakage is unable to be calculated. We received a load of targets in late February. Actual target count will be filed with these minutes.

5.         Old Business:

a.         Buy 10 get one free option:  This ended February 29.  This board decided that this is a good option to run from December 1 through the last day of February to keep money coming in. 

b.         1/2 price memberships: this board decided to run 1/2 price memberships to NEW MEMBERS ONLY from March 1 to July 31.

c.         Friends of NRA grant: We anticipate we will get the friends of NRA grant and if we do, we will send two traps to Pat Trap to be rebuilt around the 1st of April.

d.         Practice Traps for State Shoot: We are going to make traps 7 & 8 practice traps and put up the coin boxes so we can sell coins for 10 targets for $2 to move people through the practice traps.  We will also not need to staff the practice traps full time during the shoot.  Will need to have them refilled only.   Hurd will take this project on.

6.         New business:

a.         Spring Fling Shoot: Program order will be doubles, singles, handicap.  Graham to add $500 for handicap cash trophies.  Turner to do program and email out for approval by BOD.

b.         BGC Work Day:  April 11, 2020, 9-4 is work day or the gun club.  All directors and members encouraged to attend to clean up club to ready it for the state shoot and shooting season.  Bathrooms, trash barrels, numbers on trap pads need painted, windows need washed in club house, floors and tables and chairs need washed in club house.  Kitchen needs bleached and sanitized.  Squading board needs rebuilt or replaced and a board member will approach Del Hartley to see if he is interested in helping with this. 

c.         Sportsman’s Show at the Expo: Ed VanEtten is taking lead on this and so far the shifts are semi-covered. Volunteers that have signed up to work are: Ed VanEtten, Leonard Wehking, Dale Hurd, Tom Barbee, Larry Bezemer, and Wayne Faude.    

d.         Lap Top computer issues: Bezemer to fix the laptop computer and add printer.  Hurd to hook up back up drive on regular computers. 

e.         Paychex: Wehking to meet with ths company to discuss payroll and monthly and quarterly taxes and bring pricing back to next BOD meeting in April. Bobbie continues to come in after hours to help out when she can.

f.          Mailing Lists:  Gerry Faude has consolidated the mailing lists for the club.

g.         First Shots Program:  First shots is going to be held at the Boise Gun Club however the coaching rules have changed and only current certified coaches can do the program.  They will be held 1x/month for 3-4 months and have an am and pm program.  Eads to head this program up.

7.         Upcoming Events:

a.         April 3-4, 2020:  NSSA Level 1 Instructor Class

b.         April 8, 2020:     Multiplex

c.         April 18, 2020:   BSU High Desert Duel

d.         April 25, 2020:   NSSA Skeet Shoot Spring Thaw

e.         April 26, 20520: ATA Spring Fling

8.         Round Table Discussion:

a.         Wayne offered up the Friends of NRA banquet tickets and encourage participation as we have received a lot of money from that organization through the years.  Enough members bought tickets for the BGC to have a table.

9.         Suggestion Box:  None

10.       Next Board of Directors meeting: Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 6:00 pm at the BGC clubhouse.

11.       Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn meeting by Turner, seconded Hurd.  Meeting adjourned at 7:23 pm.   Respectfully submitted, Lahoma Turner, Secretary, Boise Gun Club

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