Open Letter To The Membership

Open Letter To The Membership

Hello shooters!!!!  We are about to open!! 

I know it been painful having nice spring weather with no shooting going on but it’s about to change with some stipulations.

First let us all thank Gerry Faude for her many years of dedication and help at the gun club.  She has announced her formal retirement as one of our cashiers.  You’ll still see her at the club when things become safer for general public appearance.  She will finish up some of the winter league issues and SRTA scores but will take care of these items when the club is not open.  If you have some leagues scores to shoot, just turn you sheets into the counter and we will take care of it.

Second item is that many people possibly are not aware that Bobbi broke her ankle severely last January and is still not back to work.  She is going through physical therapy and hopes to be back in June.

So our main issue right now is obtaining a cashier. 

Hailey Turner (yes related to Joe and Lahoma) will help out for a while.  She can only help Wednesday evenings and Sundays.  So until Bobbi comes back or we obtain a more permanent cashier we will be open Wednesday from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM and Sundays from 12:00 -5:00.  Our first day of opening will be this next Wednesday May 6 at 5:00.  We’ll probably start summer hours in June.

With limited help for now there are some other unresolved issues. 

  1.  There will be no May Multiplex
  2. Our next meeting (next week) we will discuss league.  Some proposals would be to combine spring, summer and fall into just two 12-14 week leagues.  More discussion on that later.
  3.  We may limit sales to just shells and targets until the cashier is up to speed on other items such as snacks and drinks.  We’ll see how that goes.
  4. We will start taking orders for components probably by the second week in May.  There will be about 5 catalogs to share.

Some new rules will apply during these earlier phases of back to normal.  Here are some to be aware of.

First the club house will be off limits to lounging and socializing.  The doors will be clearing marked for entrance and exiting.  Enter pay for your shooting and exit.  Please observe the CDC guidelines for social distancing. 

We will have two directors on duty enforcing the rules and wiping down card readers.  Shooters will be responsible for washing their hands after touching a microphone of pull cord.  Avoid gathering in the squading huts.  If the weather is nasty you may have to sit in your car until time to shoot.

Other scheduled events are as follows:

The Spring Fling has been canceled and will be combined with the July shoot for a 2 day shoot

May 17, 2020: PITA Single Marathon

May 30, 2020: NSSA Skeet Shoot, Mini Tater Head 4 x 50

June 10, 2020: Multiplex

June 12-13, 2020: Idaho 4H Clubs Shoot

June 27, 2020: NSSA Skeet Shoot John Bott Memorial

Please be patient with the staff and trap help.  There is a large liability component for a non-profit club and we want to make sure we do everything correctly and safely. This is different than anything we’ve ever had to do and we need your help.  We are learning as we go and may have to tweek things for a while.  Hopefully by July life will be back to normal.

Questions?  Contact one of the Directors.  Have fun and burn some powder.

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