Boise Gun Club Board of Directors Meeting Minutes June 3, 2020

Boise Gun Club Board of Directors Meeting Minutes June 3, 2020

1.         Call to Order:

The BGC Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President Keppnger at 5:56 pm. 

Board members present:  Faude, Hurd, VanEtten, Eads, Turner, Bezemer, Graham, Keppinger

Absent: Wehking

Completed duty roster for Director on Duty for June 2020 was distributed.

2.         Secretary’s report:  Minutes of 6 May 2020 were distributed for board approval Bezemer motioned and Hurd seconded to approve the minutes as written.  Secretary’s report was approved.

3.         Treasurer’s report:  Turner presented the treasurer’s report in Wehkings absence.  Three P&L’s were printed for reference: May 2020, April/May 2020 and January-May 2020. Bank account is $18,296. There is a $5K check ready for deposit and FNRA grand money of $8900 has still not arrived due to COVID.   Treasurer’s report approved. 

4.         Monthly Target Report: 558 were used in April and May.  We have 1174 cases in inventory as of June 1, 2020.

5.         Old Business:

a.         Target Order: Keppinger ordered a load of targets today.  Concern over rioting causing the factory to close down led to the ordering prior to the meeting today.

b.         Components/Reloading order:  2020 Crow Shooting Supply catalogues arrived, and component orders are being taken.  The plan is to order components in early July with plans to have the supplies prior to the ISTA state shoot.  

c.         Rescheduled shoots:  Approval has been received for all rescheduled ATA shoots.

5.         New Business:

a.         Thank You: Dale Hurd and Chester Carter have put in a lot of time rewiring and working on the speakers.  Hurd asks that the trap help start rotating the speakers to see what speakers are left that need an overhaul. 

b.         Squad Board: Nick Hill is scheduled to come out and give a bid on a new fabricated squad board.

c.         Trap Pads:  Keppinger has pulled weeds on traps 11-14.  Trap pad 11 needs a concrete section redone.  Bezemer and D. Moormeister will address this spot and redo the concrete.

d.         Summer Hours: Starting June 7, 2020: Sunday hours 10 am -4 pm, Wednesday hours 12-9 pm

e.         Trap Help and Target Breakage: Multiple comments during the Handicap and Singles marathon about the great job the trap help did and the lack of broken targets thrown by the machines.  This brought about discussion that on non-shoot days the trap help are sitting around excessively.  It was suggested that the kids be told that they either stay busy or go home.  Some duties that need attended to are painting the trap numbers and lines, rotate speaker sets to look for faulty speakers.  On league and multiplex days we need a full staff of trap help, otherwise we need to cut staff to reduce unnecessary cost to the club.  A list will be compiled of the trap kids and seniority to determine who goes home on slow days.

f.          Independence Day Trophies: Keppinger will get enough silver for trophies and Turner will order engraved plates from Mason’s.

g.         Combined Spring/Summer League:  Discussion was had around having A/B class for league.  Turner moved and Hurd seconded that if we have more than six full teams we will divide them up into A and B class to allow for some of the more inexperience shooters to have a chance at winning.  Motion was passed.

h.         Tools:  Hurd asked that the BGC purchase some good quality tools, a cart, voltmeter and butane solderer.  Turner moved/VanEtten seconded that Hurd get a $500 budget to purchase some necessary tools.

7.         Upcoming Events:

a.         June 10, 2020:             Multiplex

b.         June 12-13, 2020:       Idaho 4H Clubs Shoot

c.         June 27, 2020:             NSSA Skeet Shoot John Bott Memorial

d.         July 4-5, 2020:            ATA Independence Day Shoot

e.         July 8, 2020:               Multiplex

f.          July 17-18, 2020:        NSSA Youth Skeet Camp

g.         July 25, 2020:             NSSA Skeet Shoot It’s a Dry Heat

8.         Round Table Discussion:  None

9.         Suggestion Box: 

            a. Shooters allowed to have keys to shoot early: Much discussion ensued regarding this request and it was voted to stay within normal business hours UNLESS there is prior board approval and two board members are available to be here.

            b. Club Dog: All member and non-member dogs are considered “club” dogs.  We love our fur friends as long as they are on a leash and the owners clean up after them.

10.       Next Board of Directors meeting: Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 6:00 pm at the BGC.

11.       Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn meeting by Hurd, seconded by Faude.  Meeting adjourned at 6:53 pm.  

Respectfully submitted, Lahoma Turner, Secretary, Boise Gun Club.

Minutes approved by the Board ___________________________

            ______________________________________________ Secretary

            Lahoma Turner

            ______________________________________________ President

            John Keppinger

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