Boise Gun Club Board of Directors Meeting Minutes August 5, 2020

Boise Gun Club Board of Directors Meeting Minutes August 5, 2020

1.         Call to Order:

The BGC Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President Keppnger at 5:57 pm. 

Board members present:  Faude, Hurd, Turner, Bezemer, Graham, Keppinger

Absent: VanEtten, Eads

Completed duty roster for Director on Duty for August 2020 was distributed.

2.         Secretary’s report:  Minutes of 1July 2020 were distributed for board approval Bezemer motioned and Wehking seconded to approve the minutes.  Secretary’s report was approved. 

3.         Treasurer’s report:  Bank account is $45,038.26.  We have about $31,000 in expenses to be paid (targets, trap help, state shoot expenses). After those are paid, we are looking to have about $13K in the bank.  We have turned the corner and started making a profit for the year. Turner moved/Bezemer seconded to approve treasurers report. Treasurer’s report approved. 

4.         Monthly Target Report: Approximately 190,000 targets thrown in the month of July. No P&Ls presented for July 4/5th shoot or state shoot. Bezemer motioned/Faude seconded to approve target report.

5.         Old Business:

a.         ISTA State shoot initial recap:

  • State shoot ran smoothly despite last minutes changes in trap help.
  • Trap machines worked great–2 boxes of targets broken otherwise no real broken target issues—thanks Hurd and Chester Carter.
  • New “on deck” board worked great.  Nick Hill has been paid.  Thanks to Nick Hill for the outstanding design, it worked great
  • Graham did a great job working the shoot and many directors stepped up to make that shoot successful.  Many thanks to the volunteers especially Steve Grabowski who did a fabulous job running score sheets and water.
  • Traps will be returned to the shed sometime in September after we hear that all shoots will go on as planned and none will be rescheduled to Boise.
  • The $2.00, 10-target practice tickets will take a little time to get off the ground but we through over 10,000 practice targets during the ISTA state shoot.

b.         Club Shoot and Annual Meeting

  • Dale Ham will cook steaks
    • Wehking will bring watermelon
    • Faude will obtain potato, macaroni and green salad along with salad dressing and condiments and dinner rolls and butter.  Drinks will be sold at the counter.
    • Turner’s will cashier shoot.
    • Two groups of three volunteers will be identified to count ballots at the shoot.  Faude will be in charge of finding those people.  Some current members were identified to approach for ballot count. Rules:  If ballot is not embossed=not counted, if more than 9 members are voted for=not counted
    • Trap assignments:  Traps 1&2=singles, Trap 3=Continental, Trap 4-Doubles, Traps 5&6=Handicap, Trap P1=Practice, Skeet 1&2=Skeet Singles, Skeet 3=Skeet doubles, Skeet 4=Open to the public
    • Possibility of holding a couple of meat shoots at club shoot if there is interest.

6.         New Business:

a.         ACEC Shoot:  Contract has been signed and this will be held September 17, 2020.  One of the largest fundraisers the BGC has every year.

b.         Caldwell Veteran’s Sporting Clays Shoot:  The board will contact them and tell them yes, we would like to host the shoot.  The Caldwell Veterans do all setup and cleanup for the shoot.   This is scheduled for September 12, 2020

c.         Bookkeeper:  Wehking brought up hiring a bookkeeper again as he and Turner are not returning to the board next year and they are having trouble keeping up and our books become a mess in an instant.  He has a lead for a bookkeeping company and will also ask our accountant and club member Cory Smith for a referral.  The entire board agrees that with Bobbie done in September, we need to move forward with this request even though it will be at an additional expense.

d.         Card Box for Trap 2: Mike Strong is considering bringing his team of youth shooters to the Boise Gun Club but would like them to have a dedicated trap for their practice.  BGC agrees that this is doable and if this becomes a permanent thing, the BGC should and would consider adding a new card box to accommodate and add ease of use for the club. A motion was made by Turner and seconded by Bezemer to obtain this new card box but was retracted after discussion and time to gain a commitment from M. Strong before moving forward.  Graham and Keppinger will continue to build relationship with M. Strong to see if we can make this happen and possibly obtain a grant rather than the club paying for the coin box in order for the kids to have their own dedicated trap.

e.         Silver Shoot:  Keppinger to obtain silver for the silver shoot.  Graham brought up idea of obtaining ads at $500/year and those that purchase that will have their ad in every BGC registered shoot for the year. 

f.          Banned Gun Club Member:  Previous board member XX has resurfaced trying to purchase a previous years membership with voting privileges and was refused.  He (XX), choose not to become a member for the current year and his money ($40.00) was refunded.

f. (1) Turner moved and Wehking seconded that we obtain a letter from either Ron Howell or Jim Hovren for a formal letter to be drafted and formally sent via registered mail to this member outlining that he is no longer welcome or allowed on the premises due to past indiscretions and the avoidance of future ones.   The board unanimously agreed that we should move forward with this. 

7.         Upcoming Events:

a.         August 2, 2020            ATA Season Finale (Cancelled via email vote)

b.         August 5. 2020            Multiplex

c.         August 9, 2020            Club Shoot

d.         August 22, 2020          NSSA Skeet Warm Up

e.         September 9, 2020      Multiplex

f.          September 12, 2020    Caldwell Veteran’s Sporting Clays shoot

g.         September 17, 2020    ACEC shoot

h.         September 20, 2020    ATA Silver Shoot

8.         Round Table Discussion:  

                        a.  Wehking wants on the record that Eads was extremely divisive by sending the letter to select registered skeet shooters about who to vote for for the upcoming BGC board and feels that it should be on record that this was unacceptable behavior.

                        b.  Faude thanked Turner for her service on the board this year and that it was a pleasure working with her.  Graham thanked Wehking for his service and all board members acknowledged a job well done.

SECRETARY’S NOTE:  I would like to take a moment and say that it has been a pleasure serving the Boise Gun Club members as secretary of this board. Many good things have been done this year and there are still many improvements to be made, most importantly in my opinion, in uniting this board not as a trap vs skeet board but as a shotgun sports board.  It is my opinion that once this is achieved permanently anything is possible for this club and it shall flourish like it never has before.  Nevertheless, it is my desire to serve as a volunteer and continue to do the Multiplex and Camas shoots like I have done for years and to serve in any capacity that I am able.  Thank you for entrusting me with this office for the past year.  Lahoma Turner

9.         Suggestion Box:   None

10.       Next Board of Directors meeting: Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at 6:00 pm at the BGC.

11.       Adjourn:  Meeting adjourned at 7:22 pm.  

Respectfully submitted by Lahoma Turner, Secretary, Boise Gun Club.      

Minutes approved by the Board ___________________________

            ______________________________________________ Secretary

            Lahoma Turner

            ______________________________________________ President

            John Keppinger

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