Boise Gun Club Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – April 5, 2021

Boise Gun Club Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – April 5, 2021

1.         Call to Order:

The BGC Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Vice-President Hurd at 6:00 pm. 

Board members present:  Hurd, Carter, Grabowski, Keppinger, Voorhis, Stevens, Van Etten.

Board members absent: Graham (away on business).

Duty roster for Director on Duty for April 2021 was circulated.

2.         Election of new 2nd Vice-President.  Carter moved to elect Larry Bezemer as new 2nd Vice-President to replace Moormeister, second by Voorhis.  Approved.

3.         Secretary’s report:  Minutes of March 2021 were distributed for Board review.  Motion to approve by Van Etten, second by Bezemer.  Secretary’s report approved. 

4.         Treasurer’s report:  Carter presented the P&L report for March 2021.  Total income for March was $22,392.70; gross profit was $13,006.97, with $9,385.73 for cost of goods sold.  Total expenses for March amounted to $11,861.97, of which $2,157.64 was payroll.  Net income for the month was

$1,289.10.  US Bank account totals $38,974.42.  Total BGC assets are $130,016.56.  Motion by Bezemer to approve treasurer’s report, second by Van Etten.  Approved. 

5.         Monthly Target Report:  Bezemer reported the club has about 62,000 targets on hand.

6.         Old Business:

a.         Wiring up of P-2:   Hurd is working to connect P-2 to the skeet 1 card reader.  Once done , 3 machines will be able to handle coins as well as cards: P-2 (skeet 1), P-1 and trap 6.  Dedicate trap 3 to  doubles, and trap 2 to wobble.  Consider getting 2 new machines via a grant; rebuild SW machine into a G machine.  G machines have improved electronics and other features over the old SW machines.  Need consistent wiring throughout.

b.         ACEC corporate shoot:  Tentatively scheduled for Thursday 16 September 2021. They provide their own food service.

7.         New Business:

a.         Registered skeet shoot 10 April:  BGC will cashier and provide needed services such as pulling and scoring.  Van Etten has contacted NSSA regarding aspects of this shoot.  Graham will grill burgers for lunch.

b.         Radar gun:  Keppinger moved and Bezemer seconded buying a new radar gun for the club.  Approved by board.  Bezemer will look into buying a good unit and report back to the board. 

c.         Multiplex and league:  Both will be shooting this Wednesday.  Voorhis, Stevens and Bezemer will be available Wednesday.    

8.         PITA State Shoot 25-27 June 2021:  Lots needs to be organized for this shoot.  All board members should participate.  Abe Wilson has helped out a lot in the past with this event and Voorhis will ask Wilson what he can do for this shoot.  Wilson in the past arranged for the three golf carts, port-a-potties, etc.  Radios need to be working. Carter and Hurd will handle electronics.  Trap help is needed for pulling, scoring, filling trap machines, etc.  Jennie will be asked to provide food service for this shoot as well as the 25 April 2021 ATA shoot.  The club may need to reimburse her for meals for trap help.  Work needs to be done around the club.  Keppinger has sprayed for weeds, Bezemer moved to spray for whitetop, seconded by Van Etten, which might cost about $2,800.  Approved. 

9.         May Youth Shoot:  Van Etten is coordinating a youth trap, skeet and sporting clays shoot for 7-8 May 2021.  The trap and skeet events will be shot at BGC, sporting clays at Black Dog Clays.  Trap will be shot on Friday, with skeet on Saturday.  (Later  revised to skeet on Friday and trap on Saturday.)

A credit union fun shoot is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday 28 April 2021 at 1:00 pm.  Voorhis will help.   

10.       Kent Harris project: Shotgun Sports Museum:  Board needs more information about the project before it can make an informed decision.  Who will be responsible for this 2, 5, 10 years down the line? The board needs some direct  interaction with this group.    

            Primers:  Crow Distributing is trying to get a quantity of Cheddite primers.  The club ordered thousands for club members who put in an order, as well as several thousand additional primers for sale to club members who didn’t get a chance to order early. 

            Skeet Camp: Not in the near future. 

            Club Championship Shoot, Election of New Board Members, and Steak Fry:   Tentatively scheduled for Sunday 8 August 2021. 

Next Board of Directors meeting: Monday May 3, 2021 at 6:00 pm at the BGC.

Adjourn:  Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.  

Respectfully submitted by Stephen Grabowski, Secretary, Boise Gun Club.           

Minutes approved by the Board ___________________________

            ______________________________________________ Secretary

            Stephen Grabowski

            ______________________________________________ President

            Kent Graham

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