Boise Gun Club Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – May 3, 2021

Boise Gun Club Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – May 3, 2021

1.         Call to Order:

The BGC Board of Directors meeting was called to order by President Graham at 6:02 pm. 

Board members present:  Hurd, Carter, Grabowski, Keppinger, Voorhis, Stevens, Van Etten.

Duty roster for Director on Duty for May 2021 was circulated.

2.         Secretary’s report:  Minutes of April 2021 were distributed for Board review.  Comment to clarify item 10 regarding the shotgun sports museum.  Keppinger brought this up at April meeting.  With correction, motion to approve by Carter, second by Stevens.  Secretary’s report approved. 

3.         Treasurer’s report:  Carter presented the P&L report for April 2021.  Poor weather reduced revenues for April, as fewer people came out to shoot.  Total income for April was $18,932.65; gross profit was $13,027.70, with $5,904.95 for cost of goods sold.  Total expenses for April amounted to $19,854.45, of which $5,223.38 was payroll.  Net income for the month was -$6,826.75.  Motion by Stevens  to approve treasurer’s report, second by Grabowski.  Approved. 

4.         Monthly Target Report:  Carter presented the target activity report for April.  Change in targets in April was about 46,369 for trap, and about 31,376 for skeet. That was about 1,783 rounds for trap and about 1,207 for skeet.  

5.         Old Business:  Graham is trying to get some information and answers to questions about the shotgun sports museum.  Perhaps Idaho Department of Fish and Game or other entities would be interested in participating. 

6.         New Business:

a.         Summer hours of operation for Saturday and Sunday will change from Noon to 5:00 pm to 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday June 5, 2021, the first weekend after Memorial Day.  Change will remain in effect until the fall.

b.         Grants:  Need to follow up with IDFG regarding grant applications.  Need some information about the FNRA grant process. 

c.         This Friday and Saturday’s youth trap and skeet shoot should be profitable for the club. 

d.         PITA Shoot Logistics: Abe will help arrange for golf carts, portable toilets, ice machine, etc.  Voorhis will assist with RV parking.  The club needs to have 12 traps available, plus one practice trap and one spare.  Eight or so high school kids are expected to assist with pulling and scoring duties.  They would be paid a little more than the current rate of the club’s trap help.  Stevens moved to increase BGC trappers pay for up to $11.00 per hour when outside help is brought in.  Second by Hurd.  Approved.   The club made some money on the practice trap last year.

e.         Old skeet machines:  New Laporte skeet machines are on site to replace the old Beomat machines now in skeet field 3 high and low houses.  It is the sense of the board to sell the old Beomat machines for spare parts.  Twin Falls Gun Club has expressed an interest in buying the Beomat machines.  Carter will follow up on this.

f.          USAYESS State Shoot (Youth Shoot): May 7 and 8.  Sporting clays at Black Dog, trap and skeet at BGC.  Middleton HS girls to do scoring and pulling, BGC trap help will do “hot loading” of trap machines. 

g.         4H Shoot:  State 4H trap and skeet shoot is scheduled for Friday June 11, 2021.  About 50 shooters are expected.  We will need some outside help for pulling and scoring the event, in addition to the BGC trappers.  Shooters would like some traps open Thursday evening for practice.  4H is arranging their own food service. 

h.         Miscellaneous Items:   Voorhis proposed a spring cleanup at the club.  Tabled for now. 

            Graham will do burgers for the May 22 registered skeet shoot.  Discussion about a fund raiser for range and trap/skeet machine maintenance.  Discussion about increasing membership fees by $10 or so to cover increasing costs.  This item will be discussed later.  

Next Board of Directors meeting: Monday June 7, 2021 at 6:00 pm at the BGC.

Adjourn:  Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.  

Respectfully submitted by Stephen Grabowski, Secretary, Boise Gun Club.           

Minutes approved by the Board ___________________________

            ______________________________________________ Secretary

            Stephen Grabowski

            ______________________________________________ President

            Kent Graham

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