Boise Gun Club Board of Directors Minutes – October 4, 2021

Boise Gun Club Board of Directors Minutes – October 4, 2021

Meeting was called to order by President Kent Graham at 6:07 PM. 

Directors present were: Kent Graham, Chester Carter, Brian Francisco, Calvin Kidney, Leonard Wehking, Abe Wilson and Rick Robles.  Absent were: Don McFarland and Ed Van Etten.

Guests present Leonard Vanscoy

Minutes for the 6 September 2021 dire tors meeting were presented by Secretary Calvin Kidney.

Leonard Wehking moved to approve the minutes as presented. Chester Carter seconded the motion.  Motion was approved.

Treasurer, Chester Carter, discussed the 3 October PITA shoot and stated that the club made about $1545. 

The State Skeet Shoot made about $916.

Chester stated that there was $31700 in the bank and that all bills were current.  He also stated that there was a load of targets ordered and that the cost would be about $20000 that would have to be paid for within the next month.

Leonard Wehking moved to accept the Treasurers report.  Abe Wilson seconded the motion.  Motion was approved.

Kent Graham presented the monthly target activity report. Discussion about breakage and how it related to the report was had.  Chester Carter moved to accept the target report.  Leonard Wehking seconded the motion.  Motion was approved.

Leonard Wehking started discussion on the phone system that we currently have and the prospect of changing over to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) because our current land line provider is stopping service as of 1 December 2021.  Guest Leonard Vanscoy from Ooma made a presentation for the VOIP service.  The cost of the service would be about $55 per month.   The discussion showed that there would be a problem if we converted to the VOIP, in that the credit card system and the alarm system need a land line to function.

Kent Graham started discussion as to the standardization of target setting for registered shoots.  It was determined that the targets would be set using the radar gun at the back of the trap house and would be 43 mph on a straight away target for singles and handicap.  39 mph for the right hand target for doubles would be used.

Kent Graham stated that because we have sold the three wireless voice call systems that they will need to be replaced prior to the Idaho State ATA state shoot.  Chester Carter mentioned that since we have excess speakers that we may not need to purchase an entire system, that me may only need to purchase control boxes.  Chester Carter and Abe Wilson were to follow up with what will be needed.

Kent Graham started discussion about the Thanksgiving meat shoot.  The Shoot will be on the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving and will be from 10 AM until dark.   Wayne Faude has volunteered to procure the meat for the shoots.  Because we do not know the cost of the meat at this time the price for the shoot events will be established later.  Kent Graham and Leonard Wehking will be working on mailers, advertising and public event notifications for the shoot.

There will be a skeet shoot 16 October, there will be a need for on or two employees to help with this shoot.

Leonard Wehking stated that it was getting close to the deadline, 3 December 2021, for submitting our grant request to Idaho Fish and Game.  Several ideas were put forth for grant requests such and upgrading the power and water to your RV line and painting of the skeet field fences.  Because of the need for exact amounts for the grants it felt that we may not be able to apply for grants for this year.

Leonard Wehking reported that he was in the process of getting a pat-trap ready for shipping to the company for rebuilding under the current Grant.

Discussion was had as to the pricing of the primers that were extra from the 350000 received.  It was the consensus that the price would be approximately 10% over cost.

Abe Wilson was to find a company to spray for insect control around all of the buildings.

Leonard Wehking was to work with Ada County on weed control spraying.

Leonard Wehking is to work with Art Voorhies and Abe Wilson on winterizing the water lines for the sprinkler system and the RV line.

Calvin Kidney at the request of Richard Bennett proposed a continental league that would be for a period of one year.  Shooters would have to shoot their scores on the day prescribed by the league rules and be able to as many scores as that want and take their 10 top scores.  The league fee would be $25.

Kent Graham will follow up with Richard to establish more details for the league.

Calvin Kidney brought up the issue of awards for the summer league some members that shot the league felt that it was weighted to heavily for the individual winners.  Kent Graham stated that he did the awards alone and that he will put before the board for approval for the fall league.

It was decided that Boise Gun Club would sell to the Caldwell Gun Club 95 boxes of pitch targets for their October shoot.

Kent Graham mentioned that 2022 was the 50 year anniversary of the Boise Gun Club and that it would be a good idea if we were to have some fun shoots to promote shotgun shooting sport.  Brian Francisco mentioned that maybe we have a vintage shotgun event.  Further discussion was tabled.

With no other business presented Calvin Kidney moved that the meeting be adjourned.  Leonard Wehking seconded the motion.  Motion was approved meeting was adjourned at 7:53 PM.

Respectfully Submitted

Calvin Kidney

Secretary, Boise Gun Club.

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