Spring notes for Shotgun Shooters

Spring notes for Shotgun Shooters

(aka notes from the Boise Gun Club)

Well spring is finally here and I’d like to give a few updates about Boise Gun Club. 

We are starting to enjoy some warmer weather and even some days with hardly any winds (well less severe winds!)  We just had our first registered Skeet shoot and our first registered trap shoot of the calendar year.  Between the two shoots we threw over 25,000 targets in one weekend!!

For those that are wishing to purchase a membership (not required to shoot here) we are now selling memberships at half price.  The annual membership goes from August 1st until July 31.  Membership offers reduced prices for shooting but is not required.

Spring league is starting up and it is not too late to join.  We will help get anyone on a team and participate!  The cost is $25 to join.  Part of the money goes to trophies and part goes to a dinner at the end of ten weeks.  After joining, you shoot 2 rounds a week for ten weeks.  No shells?  We have it covered for now.  We have been fortunate enough to obtain some ammo to support league shooters.  If you have your own ammo so much the better but we are trying our best to support participation.  Please call the gun club for any information on the leagues.

In addition to the regular league we are supporting the Boise Buck Shots (part of the USA YESS  Youth Education in Shooting Sports), Mountain Home team (SCTP Scholastic Clay Target Program) Mike Strong’s team, members of the AIM (Academics, Integrity, Marksmanship) and Ambrose School, (members of USA Clay Target League.)

So you can see we are very busy.

We also have quite a few shoots coming up, both Skeet and Trap.  We have a registered Skeet Shoot every month through October.  Those dates are April 23, May 21, June 24-26, July 23, August 19-21, Sept 9-11 and October 8.  We also have registered Trapshoots from May through September.  Those are May 27-30, (ATA State Shoot), June 18-19, July 9-10, August, 27-28 and September 18.

For those members who are hoping for components for reloading or individual shell orders, I still don’t have any real encouraging news except that there are some items appearing out there in the public.  We just haven’t been able to get anything other than the limit shells mentioned above.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get larger shipments of shells for individual orders but for now we are trying to provide for day to day shooting and league.

On a final note, we still have quite a few frozen turkeys left over.  We are selling them for $20 apiece (valued at about $26).  Many folks are buying these for donations to places like Idaho Food Bank.  It’s a great way to help less fortunate families and people are greatly appreciative.

That’s all for now.  Please come out and enjoy spring with us!

BGC Directors

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