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The History & Story of the Boise Gun Club

“We’ve been shooting pigeons in the Treasure Valley since 1892”

Welcome to Boise Gun Club! We’re thrilled to be Idaho’s premier venue for the shotgun sports of Trap and Skeet. Our club, deeply rooted in the valley, has a rich history stretching over 120 years, making us one of the state’s most established clubs. As far back as 1892, our love for shotgun shooting and bird hunting shaped the Boise community, leading to our official formation in 1898.

From humble beginnings in Hulls Gulch with a small but dedicated membership, we’ve weathered location changes and era shifts, all while proudly hosting countless state shoots. In 1942, we planted our flag off Federal Way. This location bore witness to many milestones, including the first installation of electric trap machines in 1954, a significant clubhouse and grounds expansion in 1963, and our last ATA state shoot held on four traps in 1967.

The late 1960s sparked change for the better. With a desire to expand, we set our sights on a new location south of the state prison on Kuna-Mora Road. This expansive and sometimes gusty location just added to the thrill of the competition, challenging our shooters to up their game. The wind may test our aim but only enhances the sporting spirit. Our first registered shoot was held here in September 1972 and has since been the home of many thrilling moments in Idaho’s shooting sports history.

Throughout the years, Boise Gun Club has been a hub for community gatherings, hosting events and exhibitions that captivated large crowds. Some of the most notable were exhibitions by shooting legends Ad Topperwein and Plinky Topperwein in the 1920s and the famed ‘Showman Shooter,’ Herb Parsons, in the 1950s.

So, come join us at Boise Gun Club, where history, community, and the thrill of competition meet. Experience the joy of shotgun sports in a place where even the winds conspire to make you a better shooter!

The Boise Gun Club's Current Directorship

The directors are chosen yearly through a vote held by members at the Annual Club Dinner/BGC Championship (Generally the First Sunday of August)

The Boise Gun Club's Benefits

All these benefits and more can be had at the Boise Gun Club. We welcome everyone and anyone.

Excellent Facilities

We have an excellent clubhouse with a kitchen and all the essentials. Perfect for hanging out on a cold day or renting for your own private shoot.

Helpful Hands

The BGC prides itself on being a welcoming and helpful organization. Feel free to ask if you have questions or need help with any aspect of our favorite sport.

Part-Time Employment

The BGC offers part-time employment on the day's we are open. Teens and younger folks are encouraged to apply.

Event Hosting

If you'd like to rent the club for your own event, we would be happy to have you. Call the club or send us an email to schedule. It costs $500 per day.

Community Oriented

The Boise Gun Club is all about its community — it wouldn't be here without it. Whether you're a member or not, the BGC welcomes everyone.

Yearly Competitions

Every year at the BGC, multiple shoots and competitions are held. Keep up to date on what's coming up next by visiting the calendar section of this website.

GUN CLUB HOURS: Wednesdays: Noon to 8 PM — Sunday: Noon to 5 PM   |   PHONE: 1 (208) 342-0892   |   EMAIL: info@boisegunclub.com

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