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9-11 Tenth Anniversary Memorial ATA  Shoot

September 3rd and 4th, 2011


Over 50 shooters started the new ATA target year by taking part in a shoot that honored the memories of the heroes who gave their lives on 9-11 and those that continue to do so today.  They shot for $2,500 in added money that was donated by Boise Gun Club registered shooters and for 43 memorable and distinctive trophies.

There was a free steak dinner for shooters on Saturday evening and everyone enjoyed birthday cake on Sunday in honor of the birthdays of four club members – Don Young, Joe Barnhill, Virgil Perry, and Doug Rae who were all born on 9-11.

Shooters enjoyed beautiful shooting weather and fired at 21,200 registered targets for the weekend and scores were good.  Randy Brixey fired his first 100 straight ever to lead the singles on Sunday and current Camas Prairie singles champion John Keppinger led all shooters in the Saturday singles with the lone 100.  Mike Miller topped the doubles event by two birds with his 96.  Handicap champions were Teresa Kohn on Saturday with a lone 96 and Levi Veatch on Sunday with a 98 and a coin flip win over Tom VanBelle.  Kohn also was the high lady in both singles events and the Sunday handicap.  Veatch used his 98 to earn his 27 yard ATA pin for the first time.  He also captured a four-way shoot-off for AA singles on Saturday and won long yardage in the Saturday handicap.

Event 1.  9-11 Responder’s Memorial Singles.  43 Entries
Class AA Levi Veatch 98 (won s.o.)
Greg Panter 98
Thor Fin-Kelson 98
Chester Carter 98
Class A John Keppinger 98
Class B John Workman 99
Class C Dell Hartley 97
Class D Harley Lekvold 95
Veteran Virgil Perry 99
Lady Teresa Kohn 98
Junior N/A
Rookie N/A
Event 2.  9-11 Flight 93 and Aorline victim’s Memorial Doubles.  33 Entries
Class AA Mike Miller 96
Class A Greg Panter 94
Class B Brad Thomas 93 (co-winner)
Ron Veatch 93 (co-winner)
Class C Dave Poseley 89 (won s.o.)
John Kelner 89
Class D LaHoma DuPuis 92
Lady June Gempler 74
Veteran Thor Fin-Kelson 93
Junior N/A
Rookie N/A
Event 3.  9-11 Twin Towers Victim’s Memorial Handicap.  43 Entries
Champion Teresa Kohn 96
Short Yardage Ric Thomas 91
Mid Yardage Norm Foster 95 (won s.o.)
LaHoma DuPuis 95
Long Yardage Levi Veatch 94
Lady LaHoma DuPuis 95
Veteran Don Nicely 93
Junior N/A
Rookie N/A
Event 4.  9-11 Pentagon Victim’s Memorial Singles.  47 Entries
Class AA Mike Miller 99
Class A Vaughn Kelley 99
Class B Randy Brixey 100
Class C Harley Lekvold 94
Class D Mark Hartley 91
Veteran Thor Fin-Kelson 98 (won s.o.)
Rich Wehren 98
Doug Rae 98 (Forfeit)
Lady Teresa Kohn 97
Junior Shelby Birr 81
Rookie N/A
Event 5.  9-11 Military Responder’s (Past & Present) Memorial Handicap.  46 Entries
Champion Levi Veatch 98 (won coin toss)
Tom VanBelle 98
Short Yardage Ric Thomas 91
Mid Yardage Sherm Mullins 91
Long Yardage Tom VanBelle 98
Veteran Thor Fin-Kelson 92
Lady Teresa Kohn 94
Junior Shelby Birr 83
Rookie N/A