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With no rain, no snow, and clear skies, 53 shooters took part in the Boise Gun Club Spring shoot and fired at 11,600 registered targets.  The day started with a cold breeze blowing during the singles.  By the time the doubles were shot the temperature had become more pleasant, but the breeze stayed around all day holding scores down below normal for this time of year.

The singles event was topped by Levi Veatch and Kent Harris with 98’s to win their respective classes.  Bob Kelly fired a great 97 to lead the doubles event by five birds.  Harris broke 91 to win the handicap event as he edged Veatch by two birds.  Phillip Barrus took home three trophies for three events as he was high junior twice and long yardage handicap winner.  Terry Reininger won two rookie trophies and Angela Pitman won two of the three ladies awards.

Winner’s List

Event 1 – 100 Singles.  43 Entries.

AA         Kent Harris                          98

A             Thor Fin-Kelson                 97

B             Levi Veatch                          98

C             Josh Forsyth                       94

D             Carmel Gonzales                83

Lady       Sandra Anthony              87

Junior    Phillip Barrus                   91

Rookie  Terry Reininger                93

Vet         Robert Murphey              96


Event 2 – 100 Doubles.  31 Entries.


AA          Bob Kelly                             97

A             Jay Frasier                          88

Dave Aschenbrener    88 (ff)

B             Thor Fin-Kelson                87

C             LaHoma DuPuis                84

D             Jay Pitman                         76

Lady       Angela Pitman                 68

Junior    Phillip Barrus                   73

Rookie  Ric Thomas                        79

Vet         Juan Goitiandia                82


Event 3 – 100 Handicap.  43 Entries.


Champion           Kent Harris             91

18-21                     Levi Veatch            89

22-24                     Jon Whipple          87

25-27                     Phillip Barrus      88

Lady                       Angela Pitman     82

Junior                    Colton Kelly         77

Rookie                  Terry Reininger   83

Vet                         Wayne Faude        76