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Idaho Hall of Fame Inductee – John Keppinger

John was first introduced to trapshooting in 1956 at the age of ten years old by his father. The Indian Valley Gun Club, Indian Valley was their trapshooting home. He was hooked on the sport and started shooting registered birds in the late 60’s. During his younger years John worked the farm his grandfather homesteaded in 1903. The farm produced hay, wheat, and cattle. During the continuous improvements of  the farm, John built 40 wildlife ponds and planted over 20,000 trees for the area’s wildlife. John sold the farm in 1995 and moved to Ontario, Oregon to become

manager for Heinz foods in the potato storage services division. He and his wife Helen moved to Meridian, Idaho in 2009 to be closer to their grandchildren. He and Helen just celebrated their 32nd anniversary. What makes the year 2011 so special was they won the husband and wife singles title at the Camas Prairie shoot in Walla Walla, Washington.

While John has won many trophies in his shooting career, here are the ATA of the

• 99.13 singles average in 1993
• 98.00 singles average in 2009
• Won Camas Prairie singles in 1978, 1992, 2011
• Idaho State singles champion 1981, Runner-up 1983
• Camas Prairie Handicap Runner-up 1970
• Camas Prairie Doubles Class C Winner 1968 (First ATA Trophy)
• Camas Prairie all star team four times between 1981-1995
• Oregon State Shoot, Doubles A Champion 2009
• Spanish Fork Singles A Champion 299×300 2010

PITA Highlights:

• President’s Handicap, Won in Reno, Nevada 1970
• Won O.N. Ford Memorial Handicap, Reno, Nevada 1970
• Idaho State High Overall Winner 1970
• Idaho State Singles and Doubles Champion 1971
• Idaho State Singles Runner-up 1989, 2010
• Idaho State Doubles A Winner 1991

During John’s years of shooting he has registered over 80 one hundred straights with the first 100 shot at Lewiston, Idaho in 1971. Due to an accident on his farm, there were many years John was unable to shoot any trap. John’s persistence and dedication to trapshooting kept him going. Trying lighter loads, low recoiling guns, and equipment to make shooting easier, he has found a way to remain competitive. His wife Helen is a huge supporter of his and you will find them traveling together to trapshoots throughout the western states.

John is currently the President of the Boise Gun Club. He is past president of the Weiser Trap Club (1970), Council Trap Club (1975), and the past President and Treasurer of the Indian Valley Trap Club (1978-1992).

John has a granddaughter, Shelby Birr, who shoots regularly at registered events. John not only supports her shooting but, being the current President of the Boise Gun Club, he spends a great deal of time and energy constantly improving the club for all the shooters whether practice, league, or registered shoots.

John’s legacy will surely be the love of trapshooting and the people involved. You can always ask him for help or suggestions to improve the club or your shooting. He is always available. Helen and John have shot at over 35 gun clubs and have met and become friends with shooters throughout the Pacific Northwest. Say hello to John. He is a huge asset to our sport whether shooting or helping the club.