Winter Trap League Starts January 2, 2019.

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Dear Boise Gun Club Directors, Members, Staff, Volunteers and Guests,

Although I was out of town for the largest Thanksgiving turkey shoot EVER held at the Boise Gun Club, I had phone messages, texts and emails regarding how incredible the shoot was.   I couldn’t be prouder of our directors, staff, volunteers and shooters.  We took in about $24,000 in one evening!  Incredible!

To the directors and staff, you did a wonderful job of organizing this event.  Without your efforts the shoot would not take place at all.  The smoothness in which this shoot went is due to your planning and efforts.

To the volunteers that worked that night, I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to you.  Without your time and manpower this shoot can never be successful.  You are the base of this shoot and your efforts are so much appreciated.  I really can’t thank you enough!

To the shooters, you are the heart and soul of this shoot and the reason that we put this event on.  We hope you had a fabulous time with your friends and family and a Happy Thanksgiving.  Thanks for showing up, having a good time and spreading the news about our events.  We look forward to seeing you at Christmas and again next year!  We love, love, love having you.


Lahoma Hooft


Boise Gun Club