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Here is another installment of Today in Boise Gun Club History.

The Spokesman Review (January 21, 1941)

Jubilee Trap Shoot Rolls Close with 29 Clubs, Equaling Best Record

BOISE IS FINAL BODY TO ENTER – Work begins on Drafting Schedule for 10-week event.

The Jubilee Roll

  • Inland Empire Gun Club
  • Pullman Gun Club
  • Spokane Gun Club (Two Teams)
  • Missoula Rod and Gun Club
  • St. Johns Gun Club
  • Garfield Gun Club
  • Colville Gun Club
  • Newport Gun Club
  • Metaline Falls Gun Club
  • Odessa Gun Club
  • Sprague Gun Club
  • Lewistion Gun Club
  • Pasco Gun Club
  • Walla Walla Gun Club
  • Coeur d’Alene Skeet Club
  • Oroville Gun Club
  • Colfax Gun Club
  • Endicott Gun Club
  • Rosealla Gun Club
  • Sandpoint Gun Club
  • Bonners Ferry Gun Club
  • Winchester Gun Club
  • Orofino Gun Club
  • Wallace-Kellogg Gun Club
  • Dayton Gun Club
  • Wenatchee Gun Club
  • Yakima Gun Club
  • Boise Gun Club

The Boise Gun Club shot an airmail letter to The Spokesman Review Sunday night and became the 29th club to enter the 25th annual Inland Empire telegraphic trapshoot for The Spokesman-Review trophy.

Postmaked at Boise before midnight Sunday, the letter put the club just under the deadline for entries.  Yakima was next to the last, sending their entry by wire.

22 Teams Enter

With the list closed it was found that 29 clubs will shoot as 22 teams which means every Sunday will see at least two matches per club and some Sunday’s three.  The schedule will be drawn immediately and published in th Spokesman – Review on Friday.

In the meantime telephone officials are busy getting the times for the reports by the clubs straightened out.  Club governors are the contact men between The Spokesman-Review sports desk and their clubs.  It is essential they be on hand at the time allotted, for the mechanics of a shoot the size of this one calls for smooth running.

Committee is Named

The governing committee, which will be the one to pass upon any protests which may be filed, has been selected.  To date this committee has always bee an honorary one and has never had a real protest to consider.  Here are the members of the Silver Jubilee Body:

  • C. P. Harly – Wenatchee Gun Club
  • W. B. Scott – Bonners Ferry Gun Club
  • J. M. Farnsworth – Wallace-Kellogg Gun Club
  • C. E. Reed – St. Johns Gun Club
  • C. L. Booth – Pasco Gun Club
  • Win Coultas, Spokane Gun Club
  • Charles R. Stark Jr. Sports Editor – The Spokesman-Review.